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A podcast with a focus on fashion history

A podcast with a focus on fashion history
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A podcast with a focus on fashion history




69. The History of The Valentine Museum Fashion and Textile Collection with Kristen Stewart

Joy sits down to talk with Kristen E. Stewart, the Nathalie L. Klaus Curator of Costume and Textiles, about the history of the The Valentine Museum in Richmond, VA. The swerve through conversations about: the importance of uplifting voices in fashion history scholarship, how many objects are in the costume and textiles department, and why Kristen is so passionate about telling all the stories Richmond has to tell through dress. Stewart started at The Valentine in the fall of 2014. Stewart...


68. Personal Style of Lindsay Sarazin a.k.a @epicnativedude

Dana interviews Algonquin/Ojibwe photographer & filmmaker Lindsay Sarazin a.k.a @epicnativedude about his personal style and how expresses his Native identity through his clothing. You can find more about Lindsay here: Instagram: @epicnativedude Website: http://wolfeyeproductions.com/ Find us: Website: www.unravelpodcast.com Patreon: www.patreon.com/unravelpodcast PayPal: www.paypal.me/unravelpodcast Instagram: @unravelpodcast Twitter: @unravelpodcast Facebook:...


Reprise: 38. Fashion in Focus: The T-Shirt

Welcome to Unravel's new minisode series: Fashion in Focus. Each FIF will detail the brief history of a garment, accessory or textile. These minisodes will alternate weekly with our full-length episodes. In this Fashion in Focus Jasmine discusses the history of the T-shirt. Find us: Website: www.unravelpodcast.com Patreon: www.patreon.com/unravelpodcast PayPal: www.paypal.me/unravelpodcast Instagram: @unravelpodcast Twitter: @unravelpodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/unravelpodcast/...


67. Fashion in Focus: Claire McCardell's "Monastic Dress"

In this FIF Joy reveals the brief history of Claire McCardell’s Monastic Dress. This is a three part episode that explores the influence of Claire McCardell on key fashion items in both America and Europe. Image: Claire McCardell. Woman's Dress, 1949. Los Angeles County Museum of Art Sources: Deconstructing Claire McCardell Research Spotlight: Claire McCardell and the Ballet Flat Yohannan, Kohle. Claire Mccardell Redefining Modernism. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1998. Find us: Website:...


66. Halloween Extravaganza! The Costumes of Eiko Ishioka: Dracula & The Cell

Welcome to our annual Halloween episode. This year we’re doing something a little different we’re focusing on the costume designer Eiko Ishioka in two films: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 1992) and The Cell (Dir. Tarsem Singh, 2000). We’ve selected a few characters and/or notable costumes in each film to analyze Ishioka’s designs. Spoiler Alert! Timestamps: Dracula (0:00 - 1:00) The Cell (1:01-2:03). Sources: Alexander McQueen S/S RTW 2001, VOSS Eiko Ishioka: Celebrating...


Unravel, After Dark: Interview with Remy Fox (NSFW) Patreon Exclusive

We are so excited to bring you a teaser of our new Patreon Exclusive series Unravel, After Dark which reveals the relationship between fashion and sex. In the first episode, Jasmine has a candid interview with LA chingona icon and stripper Remy Fox about her style, twerking, sex work and so much more. Find Remy fox on Cash App @RemyFox To hear the full episode and listen to all of the future episodes visit our Patreon.At the monthly $10 Fashion Lover level you’ll have access to Unravel,...


Reprise: Episode 2. Costume in Horror Films

The Halloween season is upon us and wanted to give y'all a lil throwback to the episode that started our Halloween series. Enjoy Episode 2. Costume in Horror Films where we discuss the costumes in some of our favorite slasher movies. We analyze the ensembles of the (mostly) masked villains and "last girls" in "The Texas Chaninsaw Massacre," Halloween," "Friday the 13th," and "Nightmare on Elm Street." We get into gory and explicit details so if you're squeamish avert your ears. Website:...


65. Fashion In Focus: Fair Isle Sweater

In this Fashion In Focus, Dana talks about the history of the Fair Isle Sweater. Pour yourself a cup of tea and cozy up with Unravel to welcome sweater weather. Image credit: Rob McDougall / VisitScotland / Today Sources: Demeyere, Gail Jane Merrill, and Keren Ben-Horin. The Sweater: A History. Schiffer Fashion Press: Pennsylvania, 2017. www.amazon.com/Sweater-History-J…ill/dp/076435261X Find Keren Ben-Horin at kerenbenhorin.com/ Website: www.unravelpodcast.comInstagram:...


64. Fashion In Focus: San Marcos Blankets

In this Fashion In Focus, Jasmine talks about the history of the San Marcos blanket and its transformation from home textile to fashion statement. Additionally this FIF, features a Q&A with the designer Brenda Equihua the founder of the L.A. label Equihua. To find Equihua check out: https://www.equihua.us/Instagram: @equihua_official Image: Equihua’s New Classics Collection Sources: https://wearemitu.com/mitu-world/quiz-which-san-marcos-blanket-are-you/...


Exclusive: Unravel at C3Arts Radio

On August 28, Joy and Jasmine were cordially invited to the C3 ARTS RADIO studio at City College by the gracious hosts Phillip Harvey and Winston Brewington. Check out our first live radio appearance! Follow C3 ARTS RADIO at: Tumblr: http://c3artsradio.tumblr.com/ Instagram: @c3artsradio Twitter: @c3artsradio Website: www.unravelpodcast.com Instagram: @unravelpodcast Twitter: @unravelpodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/unravelpodcast/ Pinterest: Unravel: A Fashion Podcast...


63. Charles James: Portrait of an Unreasonable Man: Fame, Fashion, Art

Joy gives #fashionnerds an in-depth review of the Rizzoli publication Charles James: Portrait of an Unreasonable Man: Fame, Fashion, Art by Michèle Gerber Klein. Image credit: Book cover of Charles James: Portrait of an Unreasonable Man: Fame, Fashion, Art. Courtesy of Rizzoli. Learn more and buy Charles James: Portrait of an Unreasonable Man at: https://www.rizzoliusa.com/book/9780847861453 https://www.amazon.com/Charles-James-Portrait-Unreasonable-Fashion/dp/0847861457 Website:...


62. Fashion In Focus: The Miniskirt

This is the Unravel Minisode series “Fashion in Focus” where we tell you the brief history of a garment, accessory or textile. In this FIF Dana focuses on the infamous miniskirt. Image credit: Film still from The Avengers Linda Thorson as Tara King/ Agent 69 Website: www.unravelpodcast.com Instagram: @unravelpodcast Twitter: @unravelpodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/unravelpodcast/ Pinterest: Unravel: a fashion podcast www.pinterest.com/afashionpodcast/ Stitcher:...


61. Curves and Catsuits, Policing Bodies & Fashion

In light of Serena William's catsuit being banned at French Open, Joy and Jasmine were inspired to have a roundtable and discuss curves, catsuits and the policing of black women's and women's bodies in fashion. Sources: https://www.theroot.com/let-s-be-real-society-finds-black-women-with-curvy-bod-1790856743 http://www.womensmediacenter.com/fbomb/we-need-to-stop-sexualizing-and-policing-women-who-have-curvy-bodies https://www.dailydot.com/irl/slutwalk-samirah-raheem-jesse-peterson/...


60. "performing fashion: senseless acts of gender" with Theo Tyson

Jasmine talks to avant-garde academic Theo Tyson about her presentation at the Progressive Connexions: Fashion & Photography Conference in Palermo, which focused on her graduate thesis exhibition "performing fashion: senseless acts of gender." Learn more about Theo Tyson and her exhibition at SCAD (Savanah College of Art and Design): performing fashion: senseless acts of gender Twitter: @mstheo_tyson Instagram: @mstheo_tyson Image: Frances Neyra Claudio, B.F.A. photography, "Donnie," detail,...


59. A Model's Life with John-Michael O'Sullivan

In this episode, Joy sits down with John-Michael O'Sullivan to talk about the life of fashion model Barbara Mullen, the modeling industry and post-war fashion. John-Michael O'Sullivan is a writer, working on a biography of fashion model Barbara Mullen. To pre-order ‘The Replacement Girl.’ https://unbound.com/books/the-replacement-girl/ Find John-Michael on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1972projects/ Image: Norman Parkinson, Barbara Mullen in India for Vogue, 1956. Website:...


58. FIF: The Jumpsuit

This the Unravel minisode series “Fashion in Focus” where we tell you the brief history of a garment, accessory, or textile. In this FIF, Jasmine talks about the brief history of the jumpsuit from it's practical yet avant-garde beginnings to it's journey as a chic and stylish main staple in women's wardrobes. Image: Bert Stern, A Courrèges white, sateen bunny jumpsuit with brass polka dots in Vogue, 1969. Condé Nast. Sources:...


57. Korean Beauty Ideals & Colorism with Eunji Choi

Hello #fashionnerds! We are back from our break with all new episodes for you. We are so excited to start this comeback with Dana's fascinating interview with Eunji Choi. They talk about Eunji's M.S. thesis entitled "Korean Fashion Media Beauty Ideals & Colorism: Examining the Prominence of Whiteness between 2013-2017 in Ceci Magazine." Image: Ceci cover, August 2012 To learn more about Eunji's research you can contact her at: eunji7668@gmail.com Website: www.unravelpodcast.com Instagram:...


Reprise: Fashion & the Body in Casta Paintings With Babelito

Reprise episode y'all. Joy and Jasmine talk to Babelito from Latinos Who Lunch about 18th-century Casta paintings, artworks based on the hierarchical system of racial classification in New Spain. In this podcast crossover, Joy, Jasmine and Babelito analyze the depiction of the body and fashion in four Casta paintings from Mexico. Check out our Instagram @unravelpodcast or our website: unravelpodcast.com for images Figure 1. Miguel Cabrera (Mexican, 1695-1768), De español e indio, Mestizo,...


Reprise: Roundtable: Appropriation, What is it Good For? With Regan Loggans

Welcome to the second episode in the Unravel Roundtable Series. In this episode Dana and Jasmine talk to academic activist Regan Loggans about the history of cultural appropriation in fashion. Together they define appropriation and go all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome to cover a range of appropriation cases in fashion to the present. Definitions: Appropriation:”Taking possession of something, or taking something over, without permission.” or the adoption or use of the elements of...


Reprise: Drag History, Kim Chi, & RuPaul’s Drag Race: Interview with Eric Zhang

Joy talks to independent fashion scholar, Eric Zhang chats about the drag and ball culture, the legendary RuPaul, and the presence and presentation of the Korean-American drag queen Kim Chi in season 8 of the TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race. Eric published an article with the Fashion Studies Journal: “Kim Chi and Me” and will be pursuing their PhD in Chicago. This episode contains some history on Drag culture we do not claim to be experts. For more on history of drag check out: George...