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#017 - Issac Hopkins

🔶 On Itune: Subscribe, Share & Leave a 5 star review! 🔶 Become a member: https://www.UrbanArtFlow.Club 🔶 Tip Issac: https://www.Paypal.me/Hopkins3D 🔶 Follow me!! 📲Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/IssacHopkins3D/ 📲 Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/IssacHopkins/ ◼️Summary::: On this show I’m covering everything inside the world of; Digital art, 3D design, Tech and Urban art culture as a whole! ..................................................................... 📲Instagram:...


#016 - Issac Hopkins livestream

My second attempt at the video version of the Urban Art Flow podcast episode #016. Talking all things digital art & 3D with some video games, MMA and tech sprinkled in. ▶️ Tip Issac: https://www.Paypal.me/Hopkins3D ▶️ Become a member: www.UrbanArtFlow.Club ▶️ On Itunes: Subscribe, share & leave a 5 start review! .......................................................................................... Stories & links below...


#015 - Issac Hopkins livestream

This is a livestream version of the podcast where I rundown digital art news, then speak with people in the chat about the stories. Afterwards, folks in the chat show me some of their art work and I offer constructive criticism.


#014 - SquishyBrick interns

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with the interns from SquishyBrick; Nick, Nijhere, Nate and RJ. If you’re into videogames, digital art, MMA and tech… then welcome to your new favorite show. These guys help me introduce the new weekly episode of the podcast which will be focused around art news and current events. It’s a fun episode to give people a taste of what I have in store for listeners going forward. The new weekly episode will be in addition to the one-on-one...


#013 - Protige Da Gawd

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Dwight Cobbs aka Protigee Da Gawd. Protigee is a rapper, poet and lyricist based out of Hartford, CT. This is Protigees second appearance on the show and this time around, we dive deep into the mind of an artist who faced many hard times growing up. From self destructive behaviour & homelessness to now finding the path to fulfilling his potential and becoming a successful musician and household name. We cover a lot of ground in this...


#012 - Dani Arranka, Savi Maison & Kyrima

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Dani Arranka, Savi Maison and kyrima. -Arrnaka is an actress, model, and performer -Savi Maison is a musician and performer -Kyrima is digital artist and graphic designer This episode was a lot of fun. We all met up to talk about Arranka’s new song “Get Nasty” and debut her, newest project slash collab with Savi, on the show. We talked about the creation process of Arranka’s new video,the party life-style and the dangers of traveling to...


#011 - Robin Towle-Fecso

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Robin Towle-Fecso She’s a Small business owner, Illustrator, Lover of Typography and Professor of Graphic Design at Asnuntuck college in Connecticut. This episode is filled with nostalgia as Robin and I recall all types of ancient tech that we used to create digital art on. We reflect on Saturday morning cartoons, video games, new passions and more. I had a great time talking with robin and I hope to have her back soon. To find out more...


#010 - Youth Action HUB - Angel & Jammel

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Angel and Jammel from the Youth Action Hub. This conversation starts off random, then we deep dive into the challenges facing groups, designed to solve homelessness for teens and LGBT youth. This podcast was very informative for me as I didn't know much about these programs at all. Hopefully you find it as usefull as I did. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YouthActionHub/# Twitter: @YouthActionHuB Web: https://youthactionhub.org/


#009 - Andre Walker

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Andre Walker. Andre and I have been friends for a long while now and he’s one of the best guys ever. Also, one of the best salesmen I’ve ever seen. He can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Facts! This was a fun one, and Andre will definitely be back soon. Andre is not currently on the social medias! But, I’m trying to change that...


#008 - Prynce Eli

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Prynce Eli. He is a rapper and music producer based in Hartford,CT. We talked about his life, background, inspirations and new projects. It was a great time. Twitter - twitter.com/prynceeli_ Instagram - instagram.com/prynceeli/ SoundCloud- https://soundcloud.com/prynceeli/


#007 - Jon Bristol & Ricky Passmore

This episode of the Urban Art Flow podcast is with Jon Bristol and Ricky Passmore from Elmwood productions. Jon is a film maker and puppeteer & Ricky is an editor and director. This podcast is for sure one of the special ones. We had a ton of fun talking about all types of random topics from film making and production stories to tip drilling. Find out more about these guys and Elmwood productions below. Web- http://elmwoodproductions.com Web- https://elmwood.vhx.tv/ Twitter- Ricky Passmore...


#006 - Dani Aranka

Dani Arranka is a Hartford CT based actress, model, performer and hair stylist. This episode is a prime example of the fun my friends and I would have and then think, DAMN we should have recorded that! Dani is easily one of the best people earth. We had a great time in this one, as we were joined by my occasional host Kyrima and the conversation went all over the place. You’re gonna have a good time with this one. You can find out more about Arranka and her music using the links below....


#005 - Arango

Arango is a Hartford CT based rapper and lyricist. We had a great conversation about his creative process, background and thoughts on music production. Arango is an interesting artist because his level of observation is extremely strong. This is apparent in the way he speaks, thinking deeply before every word and, in his music. He maintains a deep connection to the city that inspires him, and that inspires me. You can find out more about him and his music using the links below. Sound...


#004- kimberly adamski

This episode of the Urban artflow podcast is with Kimberly Adamski. She’s a Hartford CT based seamstress who specializes in women's clothing. We jumped all over the place in this episode, covering fabric types, hypothetical super suits, our love of Halloween, fall and more. Kimberly has some interesting views and I think you're gonna enjoy this one. You can find out more about her and her work using the link below. http://kimberlyadamski.wordpress.com/...


#003 - Twizzy808

Twizzy808 is a Hartford CT based music producer and rapper who specializes in making music that does not allow you to sit still. He produces tracks filled with the energy of an entire generation. In this episode we got into his views on where music is going stylistically, anime, random underwater creatures and more. You can find out more about him and his music using the links below. *Sound cloud - https://soundcloud.com/tyrus-wilson-1 *Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/twiz.wilson...


#002 - David Guthery aka GeeQue

David Guthery aka Gee que is a Hartford CT based rapper / R&B artist. We spoke about his life, musical influences and his thoughts on currently living in a, so called rough area of hartford. He's currently gearing up to release his next album, which I'll be creating the artwork for, so stay tuned for that. You can find out more about him and his music using the links below. *Sound cloud - https://soundcloud.com/718_860 *Twitter - https://twitter.com/_stayonque *Instagram -...


#001 - Protige Da Gawd

Protigee Da Gawd is a rapper, poet and lyricist based out of Hartford, CT. He is currently preparing content for his upcoming project, scheduled to release later this year. You can find out more about him and his music using the links below. *Sound cloud - https://soundcloud.com/sir_protigee-1 *Twitter - https://twitter.com/prothegawd *Instagram - http://instagram.com/prothegawd ----------------------------------------------------------- Also check out his featured artist profile:...