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Welcome to Urgency. My name is Moin Syed. My desire is to benefit as many people as possible with my messages. My mission is to encourage, give hope, and instill urgency into as many lives as possible, so that each individual may become the best version of themselves.

Welcome to Urgency. My name is Moin Syed. My desire is to benefit as many people as possible with my messages. My mission is to encourage, give hope, and instill urgency into as many lives as possible, so that each individual may become the best version of themselves.
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Welcome to Urgency. My name is Moin Syed. My desire is to benefit as many people as possible with my messages. My mission is to encourage, give hope, and instill urgency into as many lives as possible, so that each individual may become the best version of themselves.




Nothing To Prove, Everything To Improve, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 15

What would it be worth to you if you could get the traits in yourself like confidence, self-belief, discipline, and grittiness, also, completely transform your life? These are not traits you are born with, but skills you develop. The challenge I have taken up that Andy Frisella created has transformed me physically, but more importantly, mentally. Have a listen to all the changes that took place in my life over the last 75 days and how it can help you achieve the same changes so you can...


Nothing Easy, Funny, Or Cute About Discipline, with Moin Syed (EXPLICIT) – URGENCY 14

DISCIPLINE! That’s the one thing standing in your way of achieving everything you dream of and desire. That’s the only thing! But let me tell you, there is nothing easy, funny, or cute about discipline. Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to improve. We all have it within us, but most people choose comfort. It’s the little things done on a daily basis that will bring those dreams and desires to life. Have a listen. Have a listen if you are tired of talking yourself out of...


Change the dialogue in your mind, with Moin Syed – URGENCY 13

The mind we each have is so powerful. More powerful than we tend to realize. Our mind has to power to help us become the most successful version of ourselves, or it can steer us for a life that is well below average and quite miserable. The conversations we have with ourselves each day determine where we end up in life and how our life turns out. If we cannot control our mind to stop taking the easy road, to give up, to quit when something gets hard, then we will never reach our version of...


ONE thing is killing your happiness, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 12

Are you feeling unhappy? You are doing the best you can, getting the best grades you can, working as hard as you can but you still feel sadness. You still feel that unhappiness that is making your whole life feel unworthy? Well, have a listen. There might only be one thing in life that is making you unhappy unlike the many reasons you feel that you are unhappy. One mindset change will turn your life around and have you living a happy life sooner than you know. I am challenging you,...


College is a SCAM: You DON'T need it, it needs you, with Moin Syed – URGENCY 11

Times are changing. Years ago, college or formal education was a necessity if you wanted a better life. But times are changing, and the fact that you need a college degree is also changing. Many big companies that have high starting salaries are not requiring a college degree to work for them. College education is expensive, mandatory classes seem pointless, scandals constantly are in the news regarding admissions and athletics. The student loan situation is out of hand and is getting worse...


The First Woman I Ever Loved, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 10

The first woman I ever loved. For many people, this is their mother. My mother was the first woman I ever loved. She's made so many scrafices throughout her life and been there for me. Now, it was my turn to be there for her. Follow our story through an extremely difficult week we faced mid-2016. Everything could be going wrong in your life, but it is key to focus on one positive thing. Seek that one positive thing, no matter how small, and let it get you through whatever you are facing....


Homeless To $400 Million, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 9

This is a story. A true story about a guy who did anything and everything to make his dream a reality. He struggled so much in life. No matter what he went through, he always was focused on his dream. He had no choice but to succeed because in his situation, there was no where to go but up. Many of us can learn from the drive this man had. His story can help so many of us achieve our dreams. Intro Music: "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor (No Copyright...


Intentionally Uncomfortable, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 8

Love your comfort zone? You and me both. Who doesn't? But comfort is the thing holding us back from achieving our dreams and goals. In comfort, it is easy to lose sight of where you want to be long term. Comfort causes us to make excuses. But being intentionally uncomfortable, we will find growth. Outside of our comfort zone is where we grow, and consistent growth leads to our dreams and goals. Intro Music: "God's Whisper" by Raury (No Copyright...


Finding Your Purpose, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 7

Have you felt lost in this world? Felt like you are just existing, taking up space, but have no purpose? I'm here to tell you that each and everyone of us have a purpose. It will be a journey to find our purpose. It won't just appear to us. We have to keep growing to even be able to see our purpose. Our gifts, our talents, our excitements, they all revolve around our purpose. Notice them. Be aware. Be patient, but also live with urgency!


Dreaming at Cluck-U-Chicken, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 6

Have you ever felt stuck? Stuck doing something that you knew you did not want to do. Knew that life was not supposed to be this way and you pictured something totally different for yourself? You are not the only one. You have dreams, you have goals, so make them a reality. You have things in this world you want to do, so do them. All it takes is two things to achieve anything and everything you have ever wanted in life. Find out what those two things are in this week's episode. Thank you...


Decisions Decisions Decisions, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 5

Do you find yourself making small decisions that do not benefit you, and months and years go by and you look back at your life and think how you got so far away from what you wanted out of life? This episode will go into that decision making process. We'll learn to recognize what we are doing wrong, and what we can do to turn our mindset around to make those correct decision to get us the life we want. To reach those goals we set for ourselves.


Cluelessly Progressing, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 4

Do you ever look back on life and wish that you had your current knowledge when you were younger? That if your knew what you know now, back then, that your life would be so much better? Have you ever felt lost, confused, or clueless about where you are headed in life? And because of this reason you feel like just quitting on chasing the best version of yourself, because whats the point? Well, let me tell you, you are not alone. This is a lot more common than you think. Even many successful...


Human Trashcan, with Moin Syed - URGENCY 3

Have you ever been so broke that you could not even afford to buy yourself food? Felt such desperation that you would have eaten from the trash? This episode will take you into some stories of my past that have been so difficult to get through, but nonetheless, I got through them. With the worth ethic that my mother instilled in me, the faith, the drive, motivation, and dicipline that I have been blessed with, has all gotten me to this point. To share with you some of the lowest points in my...


Are we ever going to be better than this? - with Moin Syed - URGENCY 2

YES! We are going to be better this; than what we are now. We will improve ourselves each day, to strive to become the best versions of ourselves no matter what anyone thinks or says about us. We have to do it for us! Only we can make the decision to better ourselves, only we can take that step forward for ourselves, only we can step on the other side of fear. We have to be better tomorrow, than we were today! Urgency, live with it!


URGENT TIMES, with Moin Syed - Episode 1

Time is going by faster and faster it seems. Everything around us is moving at a faster pace than every before. Are we doing anything in our lives to move to our goals, our aspirations, our dreams faster? Or are we keeping the same slow, neutral pace? We need to start living life with URGENCY because we do not know how much time we have left. Before we know it, so much time would have passed us by, and we will be left with regrets. Live with urgency! Do not put anything off anymore. Its NOW,...