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The point of this show is, there is no point. Are you ready to dive into a world where authenticity is king and safe spaces are at a premium? Look no further than Utterly Unscripted, the podcast that's shaking up the game! Host Jesse Veritas has created a one-of-a-kind space where guests can speak their minds without fear of judgment. With no topic off limits, Utterly Unscripted is where you'll find conversations that are real, raw, and downright hilarious. Whether it's discussing the latest pop culture trends or delving into more serious topics, there's something for everyone. So kick back, relax, and get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe even learn a thing or two on Utterly Unscripted - the safe space you never knew you needed! Support us!


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The point of this show is, there is no point. Are you ready to dive into a world where authenticity is king and safe spaces are at a premium? Look no further than Utterly Unscripted, the podcast that's shaking up the game! Host Jesse Veritas has created a one-of-a-kind space where guests can speak their minds without fear of judgment. With no topic off limits, Utterly Unscripted is where you'll find conversations that are real, raw, and downright hilarious. Whether it's discussing the latest pop culture trends or delving into more serious topics, there's something for everyone. So kick back, relax, and get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe even learn a thing or two on Utterly Unscripted - the safe space you never knew you needed! Support us!




Unleashing Digital Frontiers: A Journey into Otherweb with Alex Fink

And after a break, exam prep and all that fun stuff that comes with "real life", I have returned to bring you more awesome Utterly Unscripted episodes! I've missed you! Step into a world where innovation and creativity merge to redefine the very fabric of the internet. Alex Fink, the enigmatic genius behind Otherweb, sits down with our host Jesse Veritas, to unravel the mysteries of this groundbreaking platform and share insights that will leave you awestruck. Otherweb, the brainchild of Alex Fink and his team, is revolutionizing the way we interact with the online landscape. With its cutting-edge technology and unconventional approach, Otherweb is reshaping the boundaries of what's possible in the digital sphere. Join us as Alex takes us on an exhilarating journey, diving deep into the essence of Otherweb's disruptive solutions and unveiling the hidden potential that lies within our screens. From immersive virtual reality experiences to mind-bending augmented reality applications, Otherweb is at the forefront of pushing the limits of human imagination. Alex Fink will reveal the driving forces behind the creation of Otherweb and how it is poised to transform industries ranging from entertainment and gaming to education and beyond. Prepare to have your preconceptions shattered as Alex delves into the power of collaborative creation, the impact of decentralized systems, and the importance of user empowerment. Discover how Otherweb is empowering individuals to shape their online experiences, fostering a new era of digital expression and interaction. Utterly Unscripted Podcast brings you the most fascinating conversations with thought leaders and innovators, and this episode featuring Alex Fink from Otherweb is no exception. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain unique insights into the future of technology, the endless possibilities of the digital realm, and the inspiring vision of Alex Fink. Tune in, open your mind, and get ready to be Utterly Unscripted as we explore the uncharted territories of the digital universe alongside Alex Fink from Otherweb. #OtherwebRevolution #DigitalInnovation #FutureTech #UnscriptedInsights #AlexFinkInterview #BreakingBoundaries #DigitalTransformation #TechVisionaries #ImmersiveExperiences #CollaborativeCreation #EmpoweringUsers #DigitalFrontiers #UnchartedTerritories #UtterlyUnscriptedPodcast Support us!


Exploring Human Consciousness and Psychedelics with Jahan Khamsehzadeh, PhD on Utterly Unscripted

**We are on a break for a few weeks! We can't wait to bring you more awesome content soon!** Thank you for making us a top 5% globally rated podcast! Please keep your 5-star reviews coming, it helps us so much and is so appreciated. "If there was more money to be made, they probably would have never been illegal" Jesse is speaking this time with Jahan Khamsehzadeh, PhD - an expert in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, on Utterly Unscripted this week. Jahan's interest in psychedelics began after a transformative experience with magic mushrooms at a Tool concert. He has impressive academic credentials, including a Master's degree in Consciousness and Transformation and a doctorate in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. We explored the use of psychedelics in therapy and the potential legislation of psilocybin and MDMA in the US and Australia. The stigma surrounding psychedelics was challenged by the growing amount of research from prominent universities. Our conversation touched on the potential legalization of psilocybin and MDMA in the US and Australia, as well as the differences and similarities between various psychedelic compounds and the importance of set and setting in their use. https://psychedelicevolution.org/ Order Jahan's Book: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/690773/the-psilocybin-connection-by-jahan-khamsehzadeh/ Support us!


Financial Expert Richard Friesen on Achieving Financial Success and Money Behaviors.

In this episode of Utterly Unscripted, host Jesse speaks with Richard Friesen, a trader, therapist, and coach with over thirty years of experience in the financial world. Richard's expertise in finance and psychology has allowed him to identify patterns and behaviors that hinder people from achieving financial success. He recently published a book, A Private Conversation with Money, which is available on Amazon and other booksellers. During the conversation, Richard and Jesse discuss topics ranging from the psychology of money management to politics and personal transformation. Support us!


Diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Holly Francis Overcomes Despair to Reclaim Her Life

Holly is an extraordinary woman who, just weeks after giving birth to her daughter, was put on life support due to a rare autoimmune disorder, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Holly has written a memoir about her experience called "Life Support surviving Guillain-Barre Syndrome a Mother’s Story of Hope and Recovery" and her recovery videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times. During the interview, Jesse and Holly discuss Holly’s journey and what it was like to be paralyzed and unable to speak, move, or even hold her newborn daughter. Holly also encourages people to check out her website for more information and resources. https://hollyaftergbs.com https://www.facebook.com/hollyaftergbs/ https://www.instagram.com/hollyaftergbs/ Support us!


Innovative Mathematics & Technology: An Interview With Algorithmist Noah Healy

In this episode of Utterly Unscripted, host Jesse invites Noah Healy to discuss his mission to revolutionize the global financial system with his innovative approach to combining mathematics and technology. Noah is an algorithmist that is committed to developing products ethically with an eye towards protecting the integrity of our civic, political, cultural, and societal systems. Jesse and Noah discuss the potential consequences of unbridled technological progress, and Noah shares his views on how to use game theory and other tools to design products ethically. The conversation is light-hearted, fun, and unpredictable Please remember to subscribe/follow for more! We'd love if you'd leave us a 5-star review and as always, please get in touch! Find Noah online here: https://coordisc.com/ & https://www.linkedin.com/in/noah-healy/ Support us!


Entrepreneur Vikram Deol Talks About The Hard Reality Of Business Ownership

Jesse and Vikram are having a conversation on Utterly Unscripted about Vikram's life and experiences. Vikram is 40-years-old and is interested in health and wellness and longevity, so he takes care of himself in ways that most people view as restrictive. He's been an entrepreneur since he was born and went through a lot of challenges in his 30s. He used to think money was the root of all evil, but after going through therapy and working with Tony Robbins, he realized it was just a lack of knowledge in how to handle himself around money. He now has a good network of people who want to see him win. Connect with Vikram: https://www.facebook.com/vikram.deol.14 / https://www.instagram.com/coachvikramdeol/ Support us!


Conversations with Podcasting Royalty: Static Radio's 24 Years of Success

Jesse is joined by Static Radio host Bob LeMent - he has been co-hosting Static Radio for 24 years! The Static Web Site’s first episode was January 1, 1999 in a vain attempt to make the world hear the off kilter and sophomoric ramblings of Miles Tidal and Bob LeMent. Now 24 years and counting they continue their weekly stream of consciousness dialogues. As you may have discerned from listening, we do no preparation or use any manners or decorum to provide a fully improvised piece of comedy. Enjoy. Find Bob and Static Radio at https://staticradio.com Support us!


Going Dutch: Improv And Stand-Up Comedian Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan is a comedian, improviser, and stand-up comic from the UK who has been living in the Netherlands. I sit down with the multi-talented Steven Morgan, who claims to be a master of every trade he dabbles in, from comedy and storytelling to music and acting. Originally from sunny Wales, Steven now calls Nijmegen in the Netherlands his home, where he performs and teaches with the comedy group easylaughs and hosts the popular LYFAO comedy night. But that's not all – Steven has toured the world, performing in some of the biggest comedy clubs and festivals alongside some of the most celebrated comedians of our time. He's a self-proclaimed pioneer of immersive theatre, a script editor, a musician, and even played the talking clock in a podcast – is there anything this man can't do? So, get ready for a hilarious and insightful conversation as we dive into Steven's eclectic career and find out what it takes to be a jack of all trades (and master of them all). https://www.facebook.com/stevenmorganhero Support us!


Exploring the Joys of Icelandic Culture with Eyvindur Karlsson

Eyvindur Karlsson is a singer-songwriter, actor, director and translator. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, which explains why he likes to work on multiple projects at once. We all know how that goes, right? Eyvindur's main passion is songwriting and he has a songwriting coaching program on his website https://onebadday.is/ for songwriters of all different abilities and experience levels. Support us!


My kinds of aphrodisiac

Amy Reiley is best known as an authority on aphrodisiac foods. But she is also a speaker, cookbook author and consultant as well as a freelance wine writer and wine competition judge. Join me as we talk about foods that make you feel good, food that will spice up your life this Valentine's Day and more! Connect with Amy online https://www.eatsomethingsexy.com/ Support us!


Empowering Women of Abuse: A Conversation with Sassy Coach

Identifying Red Flags in Relationships: A Conversation International Advocate for Women Against Abuse and Domestic Violence. Christine is a coach and motivational speaker to help women of abuse get to a better and healthier mindset of “Be, Do, Have SASSI; Where we Ruffle Some Feathers & Blow Some Minds!” I'm joined by Sassi Coach - Christine Malek. We talk about domestic abuse, life in general and of course, the weather in the USA! Christine teaches us how to stay sassi and live our best life, how to teach boys to respect women, and how to teach women to respect themselves and what they should expect as a minimum in relationships. https://sassicoach.com Support us!


Get off your high horse - Emma Davis and Mikko's Choice

Mikko’s Choice is a small, woman-owned, business. It was founded by Emma. Her BLM Wild Mustang, Mikko, is the inspiration for the brand. Emma adopted Mikko from the BLM, but through a series of unfortunate events they were separated and she lost track of him. Miraculously she found him on Craigslist a few years later. He returned to her in bad shape–he was underweight and scared of everything. He had clearly been abused. Hear Emma's story and join us as we chat about CBD for animals, humans and what a peculiar world we live in... https://mikkoschoice.com https://www.facebook.com/Mikkoschoice https://instagram.com/brainkangal Support us!


Banged Up Abroad - 14 days in a China prison

Chancellor K. Jackson is from Smyrna, Georgia, and played football throughout high school and in college at Stetson University. After his football career ended, he was struggling to figure out what to do with his life and so began his journey. This led him to his first opportunity in China teaching English to children. However, his experience was cut short when he was locked up in a Beijing Penitentiary for 14 days. He was confined to a small cell with 15 other people, with no more than a uniform, plastic bowl and plastic spoon. He didn't know how long he would be in there, but he had no choice but to make the best of the situation. Chancellor emphasizes how important it is to not let yourself get stuck in one box due to your degree, and to recognize that your skills can be used in many different ways. With the right attitude and determination, you can find success in any field. Find Chancellor's books on Amazon Support us!


What's a spiritual guy like you doing in law?

Jason is an Attorney licensed to Practice Law in FL, TX, MS, AL, & NJ. He earned his Bachelor or Arts from the University of Tampa, his Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, and an LL.M. (Masters of Law) in International & Comparative Law from Georgetown University. Jason is also a Psychic Medium and he has been providing accurate intuitive advice and guidance within many different social contexts since August 2004. In January 2017, Zuk decided to offer intuitive guidance professionally so that he can further provide clients with a chance to gain insight on matters within their life which require further attention. By working with others to confront existing obstacles and challenges, Jason aspires to provide clarity and reassurance to those seeking advice. Check out Jason's podcast, The Social Psychic Radio Show. Jason is also the Co-Host of the New Show, Psychic Visions with his best friend and Co-Host Megan Kane which is signed with ElectraCast Media and which will debut in the Summer of 2022. Support us!


Ninety Days in the 90s: A Look Back at a Decade of Music, Nostalgia, and Joy

Jesse and Andy discuss Andy's recent travels around America. Andy talks about his experience driving from Chicago to Kansas, and Jesse Veritas talks about his experience driving from Adelaide to Sydney. They discuss the difference in size between America and Australia, and how most Americans don't know what country is south or north of them. The two people in the conversation discuss their thoughts on Darwin, Australia and New Zealand. Darwin is described as being like an oven in a refrigerator, and says that it is a weird place where people go silly if they spend too much time there. Who would rather go to New Zealand than to Paris or Darwin? In the end, Jesse and Andy both agree that New Zealand sounds like a better deal. Andy Frye is a freelance contributor, sports writer, and he writes for Forbes. They have built up a long time ago and have gotten to interview a lot of great athletes such as Shaquille O'Neill, Tom Brady, Megan Rapino, Billy Jean King, and more. Andy used to work in the business world and always wanted to be a writer. He got his start by writing an article for Rolling Stone about an extreme sport called fistball. From there, he just kept going and eventually landed a job with ESPN. He mostly did extreme sports and a little bit of pop culture back then. Andy eventually made some connections and got to write for Rolling Stone. He has written a book about the 90s music scene. He talks about how he got into writing, his love for music, and how the 90s were a special time for him. Andy's book "Ninety Days in the 90's is available on Amazon and other good bookstores! https://90daysinthe90s.com/ Support us!


From the 'big house' with Meryl Klemow

Meryl Klemow and Jesse have been locked up - the pair talk about YouTube bans and arbitrary blocking of content they created in the last season. There's always something to talk about and this episode is no different! Check out Campfire Shit Show everywhere you find awesome podcasts. Beau and Meryl will entertain and delight you with their weekly banter. Don't forget to subscribe and please leave us a 5-star review! Support us!


Sharkey The Amazing Seal - Gary Bohan Jr.

In this Utterly Unscripted episode, host Jesse Veritas talks to Gary Bohan Jr. about his book Sharkey: When Sea Lions Were Stars of Show Business. Gary discusses the history of the Vaudeville theater genre and how it was popular in the USA in the early to mid-1900s. He also talks about some of the notable acts from that time period, including Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, and Imogene Coca. The pair discuss the book The Showman's Legacy and the related lecture. The book is about the history of trained sea lions, and the lecture goes into more detail about the topic. Gary discusses Sharkey the Seal, a seal who starred in a skit on the Admiral Broadway Review. He talks about how funny the skit was, and how Sharkey was a great performer with perfect comedic timing. He also talks about how Sharky had a great resume, with roles on Broadway, in Hollywood movies, and on television. The conversation is a discussion of early television and how it compares to today's programming. There is mention of how early television was heavily influenced by vaudeville and how the entertainment was much more wholesome than much of what we see today in 2022. We also talk about how Elvis Presley's arrival on the scene changed everything and how today's television is full of sexualized content. Support us!


Revelations - Nick Pease

Jesse Veritas and Nick Peas discuss Nick's new book, Revelation. The book is a thriller that explores the idea of life after death as a scientific fact. The conversation covers Nick's inspiration for the book, as well as the challenges he faced in writing it. The conversation is about the book Revelation, which is about a machine that can reveal life after death as a 100% proven scientific fact. Nick, talks about his idea for the book, which came from his own experiences as a spiritual medium. He talks about how the book is a thriller with many thought-provoking questions about what would happen if this machine were to be revealed to the world. The conversation ends with the belief that science will eventually be able to pick up on spirit. In the conversation, the two speakers discuss the potential implications of the discovery of life after death. They discuss how some people might find it a threat, while others would find it uplifting and life-affirming. They also discuss how the discovery could shake up the world and change people's perspectives. Find Nick's Book on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/3pzcrxda Support us!


The Key To Being Free - Sandy J

In the podcast, Sandy J and Jesse discuss Sandy's journey as a podcast guest on other people's shows and her escape from a violent, dangerous relationship that almost cost the lives of her and her children. Sandy has been a guest on close to 60 podcasts, and she enjoys talking to people from all over the world. Sandy and Jesse then discuss what it's like with podcasting these days, and how there are so many podcasts out there that it's hard to keep up with who you're talking to on which one. Sandy talks about how they love that there is a platform for creativity and that not everyone is going to be a great guest. Jesse talks about how some of the people interviewed for his podcast have turned nasty, and how this led him to reduce the number of episodes in the first season from 60 to 45. He explains that he was batch recording the episodes, and that this was a good time management strategy. In this conversation, Sandy discusses how she started her podcast in order to provide support for women who have been impacted by abuse in relationships. She talks about how she herself benefited from listening to audio content when she was going through tough times and how she wanted to create a similar resource for other women. Jesse and Sandy talk about how Utterly Unscripted is totally unscripted and how it provides listeners with content that is rich and full of value. Support us!


Pepper, Pepper, Bo-Bepper... Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman is famous for her role as Pepper, in American Horror Story's Asylum and Freak Show series. With a career that has actually spanned across 30 years, an alum of The Groundlings improv group in Los Angeles, and a passion for Argentina that is forever enshrined in her one-woman show Girl In Argentine Landscape. Naomi was the first ever character in the series to reprise her role in a subsequent season and Pepper was the character that really shone the spotlight on this amazing actress. Successful stage shows around the world, an extremely popular TikTok channel and a personality that shines like gold. She is as beautiful as you'd imagine and is an absolute delight to speak with. Naomi is definitely one of the most down to earth celebrities I have ever encountered. We talk AHS, Pepper, TikTok, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, being a celebrity and dreams of touring Australia Support us!