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We are here for Today’s Dads - all of them (and yes even all the moms). We are building a community of better and stronger dads by working through the big and small issues of our day to day, our successes and our o-so-many failures while having a damn good time along the way. Sound interesting? Who knows, maybe we will turn out better than before, but if not...Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat.

We are here for Today’s Dads - all of them (and yes even all the moms). We are building a community of better and stronger dads by working through the big and small issues of our day to day, our successes and our o-so-many failures while having a damn good time along the way. Sound interesting? Who knows, maybe we will turn out better than before, but if not...Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat.


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We are here for Today’s Dads - all of them (and yes even all the moms). We are building a community of better and stronger dads by working through the big and small issues of our day to day, our successes and our o-so-many failures while having a damn good time along the way. Sound interesting? Who knows, maybe we will turn out better than before, but if not...Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat.






Playing to Your Strengths with Brew Davis

Brew Davis is a dad to two, husband to Jennifer Pharr Davis (if you don’t know about Jennifer be sure to check her out), a musician, business owner, and this week’s guest on the pod! Brew took time to talk with us about his journey as a Today’s Dad, how he and Jennifer support one another’s dreams, his new album Another Scarecrow Learning How to Fly, and how the role of a dad has evolved over the years. We had a great time talking with Brew and know you will love this episode. Be sure to...


Kid Coaching, Role Balancing & Race Directing with Jason Altman

We are joined this week by Jason Altman! Jason is a dad to two, a husband, the director of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, and coaches Cross Country with Palmer at their kids school. Jason’s Today’s Dad definition is all about balance! As the director of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, a work from home dad, and a dad who strives to be involved in his kids life he knows all about how hard finding balance can be! We had a great time talking with Jason about the joy of sharing...


Creating Dad2.0 with Doug French

We are joined this week by Doug French, dad to two, blogger, writer, speaker, and Co-founder of Dad 2.0. Doug delivers a great Today’s Dad Definition that is all about the importance of always “being there”. We had a great conversation with Doug about his journey through dad-hood, especially as a dad who helped to drive the conversation forward about the life and role of a modern dad. Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat. is excited about being a part of Dad 2.0 this year as speakers on the Podcast...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Nick Roberts

We are joined this week by Chef Nick Roberts! Nick is a dad to one, Co-chef and Co-owner of four restaurants in the LA area, and husband to the amazing Top Chef Season 14 winner Brooke Williamson! Nick’s Today’s Dad definition truly sums up his life as a dad. He takes a lot of pride in his role as a dad, and strives to balance the craziness that can be the chef/restaurant owner lifestyle with family life. We had a great time talking with Nick about his dad journey while Brooke was on Top...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Gregg Spiridellis

We are joined this week by 5 time Emmy winner Gregg Spiridellis! Gregg is a dad to 3, the CEO and Co-creator of StoryBots, as well as the Co-founder and former CEO of JibJab....oh and also the voice of Boop! Gregg is a true Today’s Dad and sheds a lot of light on what it’s like raising kids in today’s age while producing the best kids show of all time. He gives us a great Today’s Dad definition that will really leave you thinking about all the changes that occur from generation to...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Scott Stallings

We are joined this week by Scott Stallings for a Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk! Scott is PGA Tour golfer, dad to two, ONNIT athlete, and the definition of driven! Scott had us out to record the episode at his “barn” aka his incredible home gym, it is no wonder that he is one of the fittest, if not THE fittest, golfer on tour! But this hasn’t always been the case. We talked with Scott about his transformation, both physically and mentally, and the moment he realized he needed to make a change. Scott’s...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Steve Tate

Happy New Year! We kick off 2020 with a Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk with Steve Tate. Steve is a dad to 6, husband to Savanna Tate, co-founder of HayesTough Foundation, Instagram and TikTok famous, author, and a Today’s Dad. Steve’s journey is one full of love, laughter, loss, heartache, strength, and honor. We had a great time talking with Steve and know you will enjoy this episode! Be sure to check out the HayesTough Foundation and support them in their mission to help those families affected by...


New Year’s Resolution Special

2020 is the year of Today’s Dad! We are talking about our New Year’s resolution as dads, and also hear from some of our past and future guests about their resolutions for the year. A big thanks to Simon Hall, Josh Crisp, Scott Eidens, and Scott Stallings for joining us for this episode, be sure to check out their Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talks! See you in 2020! Happy New Year! In This Episode: Spindrift Simon Hall’s Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk Josh Crisp’s Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk Scott Eiden’s Dad 2 Dad-Dad...


Holiday Traditions

Sit back and enjoy our Holiday Special! We discuss our favorite traditions as well as some of our listener's. We are joined by none other than Santa himself, and he gives us the rundown on how it all works. Ever wonder how many calories it takes to get through Christmas night? Please enjoy this episode and the holiday season! In This Episode: Drinks: Basil Hayden’s Old Forrester Listeners favorite holiday traditions: Scott Eidens - Pasta with Lobster sauce Jordan Buriss - Unpacking...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Marcus Hall

Sometimes life gets messy! Marcus Hall, father of two, is the founder of Marc Nelson Denim and can certainly speak to this topic. Recently released from prison, for running an illegal gambeling ring, Marcus is onto his next chapter of life. He is focusing on his business, being a family man to his kids & community, and doing it the only way Marcus knows how; with a damn strong sense of style! Enjoy this Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk with Marcus Hall. Go check out his store & custom denim! In This...


Bonding With Kids Through Hobbies

If you want to discuss the topic of ‘Bonding With Kids Though Hobbies’ you talk to someone that lives and breaths the most nostalgic bonding activity out there, fishing. We sit down with Allen Gillespie, owner & captain of 3 Rivers Angler fly fishing shop in Knoxville, TN. We discuss the importance of hobbies, the fact that we are over hobbying the shit out of our kids, and how ultimately all we want is for our kids to like the same hobbies we like in life…. good luck. This is our first...


Wife Talk

Buckle up! We decided to let the tables be turned for this week's episode, and had our lovely wives interview us! Plenty of PostModern Spirits gin and Wathen's bourbon was consumed for this conversation that covered everything from our journey into dadhood, selective hearing, what we do and don’t tell the moms during their work day, and the all important mystery of why boys (certainly not men) are obsessed with their junk. Our goal was to help let you all learn a little more about us and our...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Darrick “Bozzy” Keller

We travel to Bozzy’s hometown of Morganton NC to sit and talk; his band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, life, music, love and the love of being a new Dad. In true Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat. fashion we have some great laughs and discuss life as we only know how, as rockstars! How did Rainbow Kitten Surprise start? What is it like being a touring musician as a young dad? What is Bozzy's Today's Dad Definition? What does Rainbow Kitten Surprise have in store in the future? All things we discuss in...


Homeschooling Your Kids

Lorien Magnus, co-host of the Setting the Spark Podcast, mom of two, and homeschooling guru joins us to talk about the ins and outs of homeschooling! We covered everything from why folks decide to homeschool, how her podcast supports parents who are new to homeschooling, the numerous resources and philosophies that are available to support homeschoolers, the social “stigmas” surrounding homeschooling, and how it impacts your relationship with your kids just to name a few things! Setting the...


Raising Kids as a Pediatric ER Doc

The guys are joined by Dr. Ryan Redman, who is a dad to two, a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, and the Director of Emergency Medicine at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. His son and Palmer’s daughter, Anderson, (both age 4 at the time) shared their first kiss at Palmer’s wedding-but don’t worry they cover it on the episode. Picture Here The guys dive into what it is like to be a pediatric ER doc and a dad at the same time, how Ryan’s style of medicine and empathy has changed...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Scott Eidens

Co-founder of the Big Life Journal , a company that focuses on developing a growth mindset, Scott Eidens Jeti mind tricks the guys into a state of parenting awesomeness. Growing the company alongside his wife Alexandra, we can all hope to have the advanced growth mindset that Mikey, their 3 year old son, will undoubtedly have! Enjoy the conversation and be sure to give Big Life Journal & their podcast Big Life Kids some love! Scott Eidens: Scott Eidens Alexandra’s Episode - Developing A...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Eddie Reymond

Eddie Reymond is father to three, grandfather to two and the Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat proclaimed ‘father to Knoxville’ in the sports, wellness & nutrition industry in his home of Knoxville Tennessee. Eddie owns Eddie’s Health Shoppe, ZenEvo Chocolate, Knoxville Performance Lab and is the founder of the Knoxville Marathon. Eddie lives and breaths his passions with his kids working alongside of him each and every day. The boys get to sit down with Eddie at his Health Shoppe and learn about...


Developing A Growth Mindset

Ever heard of a “Growth Mindset”? What about a “Fixed Mindset”? On this week’s episode, the guys are joined by Alexandra Eidens of the Big Life Journal to discuss how helping our kiddos to have a Growth Mindset can help them to have high self-esteem, develop resilience, and to be confident. They discuss how Alexandra and her husband Scott came up with the idea of the Big Life Journal, all of the products available through them, and the upcoming second season of their Big Life Kids...


Dad 2 Dad-Dad Talk: Dr. Kevin Sprouse

Dr. Sprouse is the Head of Medicine for the EF Education First Professional Cycling Team. He is the owner of Podium Sports Medicine , a retainer based medical practice that serves all types of health conscious individuals from professional athletes and executives to the weekend warrior. Married & father to three. Dr. Sprouse has been finding a rhythm in not only his work but living abroad with his family for months on end. In This Episode: Drinks: Vienna Coffee, French...


Wanderlust with Kids

Ever wonder what it takes to travel full time with your family? To be able to travel this beautiful country and world full time as a way of life. How do you accomplish it? What is it like? How much wear & tear does it put on you, your spouse, your kids? Do you grow stronger or weaker? So many questions! The guys talk with someone who lives that exact lifestyle. Angie Stackhouse, travels full time with her 2 kids, husband & dogs. Answering every question in hopes of Michael secretly being...