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Take a profound and distant journey. Call it Deep Travel, Immersive Travel, Slow Travel, or Vagabonding. Francis Tapon guides you to the intersection of travel, technology, and transformation. The podcast will compel you to go beyond your comfort zone.

Take a profound and distant journey. Call it Deep Travel, Immersive Travel, Slow Travel, or Vagabonding. Francis Tapon guides you to the intersection of travel, technology, and transformation. The podcast will compel you to go beyond your comfort zone.
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Take a profound and distant journey. Call it Deep Travel, Immersive Travel, Slow Travel, or Vagabonding. Francis Tapon guides you to the intersection of travel, technology, and transformation. The podcast will compel you to go beyond your comfort zone.








How To Live A Meaningful Life: Wisdom From a 66-year-old Adventurer

Sym "Symbiosis" Blanchard has had so many adventures in his 66 years, including: Garrison KeillorSym knows a ton about longevity. He shares his secrets. In the 2nd half of the conversation, we do a deep-dive in health and how to become a centenarian. This is the 20th episode of the WanderLearn podcast and I wanted to celebrate with an epic and entertaining conversation. Links to things we mentioned We briefly talk about NY Life annuities. We mention these carsharing...


Vacasa Is A Turnkey Solution If You Have A Second Home

There are two types of people who should listen to this podcast: 1. You have a vacation property that you'd like to rent out in a hassle-free way. 2. You're looking to rent a luxurious, professionally-managed home all for yourself (and your friends/family) on your vacation. Vacasa has 10,000 homes in their portfolio. You might think their competitor is Airbnb or Booking.com. Not exactly. A closer competitor would be FutureStay. The main difference between FutureStay and Vacasa is that...


Acting CEO of Rome2Rio Strikes a Partnership With Lonely Planet

Kirsteene Phelan, Acting CEO of Rome2Rio, has a 15-minute conversation with me to discuss her company's new partnership with Lonely Planet and what it means to the average traveler. We hit on other topics, including: This is the 18th WanderLearn podcast episode. We mention Bla Bla carpooling, which Rome2Rio integrates with. It's a great way to get around in Europe. It's a pity that the USA doesn't have an app that is equally popular. If you know of one, let me know. More info You can...


2019 Predictions & How My 2018 Predictions Fared

At the end of 2017, I made my predictions for 2018. Although I got a couple of things wrong, I was surprisingly accurate. Since the point of this exercise is to prove how wrong we can all be, I need to do the same exercise for 2019 with the hope that I get more things wrong. I encourage you to make predictions in the comments. It's a humbling experience. Here are seven predictions of what I think we'll witness in 2019: 1. Donald Trump will NOT be impeached Yes, this contradicts the...


JoAnneh Nagler Explains How To Make Money Being An Artist

JoAnneh Nagler gives tips, ideas, and strategies that help you be an artist and build a life you love, in the real world. This approach inspired her to write three self-help books: Naked Marriage: How to Have a Lifetime of Love, Sex, Joy and HappinessHow to Be an Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt, or Your Creative CompassThe Debt-Free Spending Plan, a five-minute-a-day approach to easy money clarity.In this half-hour interview, JoAnneh focuses on her second book so that you can...


Tim Butcher - Author of Two Books on Africa

What's it like to trek across some of the wildest parts of Africa? Tim Butcher has done two epic journeys that follow the footsteps of two 19th-century explorers: Tim Butcher is a British-born author who lives in South Africa. He's written extensively about the continent and knows it well. In episode #15 of the WanderLearn podcast, Tim and I discuss his three books: Chasing the Devil: On Foot Through Africa's Killing FieldsBlood River: The Terrifying Journey Through The World's Most...


AMA: Repairing the Schism Between Locals and Tourists + 2 other questions

This is first Ask Me Anything (AMA) episode! I answer three questions. I always answer any question that one of my Patrons ask me. You can become a patron for just $1 per month and get to bombard me with questions! I love it! Tamy asks 1. Over-tourism - What's your take on how to be a good tourist and how can we, as travelers, repair the schism between locals and tourists? 2. Conversely, where are some places that could use a dose of tourism to help boost their economy? Dalia Asks Hay...


How To Create A Top Travel Podcast - Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler

Chris Christensen hosts one of the top 5 travel podcasts, The Amateur Traveler. This is the 13th episode of the WanderLearn podcast. Chris Christensen discusses It's about a one-hour podcast. More info You can post comments, ask questions, and sign up for my newsletter at http://wanderlearn.com. If you like this podcast, subscribe and share! On social media, my username is always ftapon. Follow me...


The Winding Tree Foundation Answers Criticism About Its Blockchain Technology

Are promoters of blockchain technology snake oil salesmen? One of my listeners (named Colin) thinks so. Colin posted a blistering critique of Winding Tree on my website (see it below). Meanwhile, Gary Arndt, who appeared on the WanderLearn podcast, wrote on my Facebook page, "I'm willing to bet money that Winding Tree and blockchain technology will not disrupt the travel industry or any other industry for that matter. The two co-founders of Winding Tree appear on this episode to...


How To Use, Not Abuse, Couchsurfing.com

Officially, Couchsurfing is free, but it's really only free for inconsiderate guests. Polite guests and anyone with common sense will give back to their host. When I wrote "How To Be A Good Couchsurfing Guest and Host," the response was overwhelming: syndicated the articleSo I struck a nerve. In this podcast, I hit some of the same points I hit in the article. I recommend that anyone who wants to use Couchsurfing listen to this podcast and read the article. I love Couchsurfing because...


Amtrak Travel Tips for 2019

I interviewed Marc Magliari, who is Amtrak's spokesperson for 23 states, to talk about what's going on with Amtrak. To watch the full interview, watch the YouTube video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vsehcdJBW8). Highlights of Episode 10 I've edited the questions and answers for brevity and clarity. Francis Tapon: What's a common misconception about train travel in America? Marc Magliari, Media Relations Manager at Amtrak: It's usually best to buy your tickets as far in advance as...


What To Do If You Can't Afford to Travel

Many who dream of traveling the world haven't even traveled around their neighborhood. The San Francisco Bay Area has 7 million people. Most haven't been on top of San Bruno Mountain (pictured). Still, many Bay Area residents dream of going to the Himalayas or the Swiss Alps. There are wonders all around us. Never say that you can't afford to travel. If you don't travel, it's just not a priority. In this episode, I explain how to travel when you're broke or short on time. More info You...


How To Become an A-list Travel Blogger - Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere Explains

Gary Arndt has been a travel blogger for a dozen years. Along the way, he's figured out what works and what doesn't. Gary Arndt never minces words. He doesn't care if he offends someone. Internet trolls have hardened his skin. If you're curious what it's really like to be a top travel blogger, you must listen to this show. In this episode, you'll learn: You can find Gary Arndt at Everything-Everywhere.com. More info You can post comments, ask questions, and sign up for my newsletter at...


You're Wrong If You Think You Don't Have Time to Exercise

When you're traveling, it's easy to forget to exercise. In fact, even when you're not traveling, it's hard to have the daily discipline. Some people get more exercise when they're traveling than when they're at home because when they're traveling, they're walking far more. For others, it's the opposite. When they travel, they're lost without their local gym. What I forgot to mention in this podcast One of the best ways to exercise every day is to make exercise part of your commute (or at...


What Winding Tree's Blockchain-Based Technology Means To You & The Travel Industry

The Internet was supposed to disrupt the middlemen. Yes, it created some peer-to-peer technology and services. However, middlemen are doing better than ever. Uber and Airbnb, with their lack of hard assets, are quintessential middlemen. In the travel world, Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, and Booking.com are also middlemen par excellence. The Internet was supposed to level the playing field and disrupt monopolies. Today, Expedia and Priceline control 95% of the US Online Travel Agency (OTA)...


Why You Should Always Read Your Alumni Obituaries

Although it's sad to read about your fellow alums dying, it's also motivating. It's especially motivating when a dead alum is younger than you. This depressing fact can light a fire underneath your butt to live a purposeful and meaningful life. It's a way to compel you to stop making excuses. Meanwhile, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should become busier. Instead, it should compel you to use your time more wisely. That means that perhaps you need to become less busy! For some,...


What It Takes to Set a Speed Record or FKT on the AT & PCT

Joe 'Stringbean' McConaughy is a young legend in the thru-hiking community. He set the fastest known time (FKT) on the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. His Appalachian Trail record was truly astounding because (at the time he finished the trail) his unsupported record was faster than any supported record! What's the difference between a supported and unsupported thru-hike? Supported thru-hikes have one or more people lending you a hand. These lovely people will...


How To Accumulate F**k-You Money

I share my secrets of how I've been able to travel nonstop since 2006. The most common question I get asked is how I am able to afford to travel to 120+ countries. That's why I'm addressing this FAQ in the third episode of the WanderLearn podcast. If I waited any longer, there would be a mutiny. Yes, both of my listeners would revolt! The most important action you need to take is to save enough fuck-you money so that you have the financial ability to not just travel the world for months...


Travis Sherry, The Jetto App, and Getting Travel Bargains

Officially, this is my second podcast, but it's really my first proper podcast since my first episode was just a 4-min teaser introduction. What better way to kick off this travel podcast than to have my first guest be Travis Sherry. He is the creator of one of the top travel podcasts, Extra Pack of Peanuts. Here's what you will learn in this two-hour episode: Jetto appParadise PackAt the end of the podcast, Travis can't resist putting on his interview hat. He surprises me by asking me a...


Intro To The WanderLearn Podcast

Discover what this podcast is about! For those who are too lazy to listen, here are the three themes we'll tackle: Francis Tapon is your host in this travel podcast. Tell your friends and enemies about it. Also, get rewarded for supporting it! To comment on this episode, visit WanderLearn.com.