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Wedded Podcast is a weekly conversation about wedding planning and marriage. Hosted by husband & wife, Jenn & Steve Van Elk. Support this podcast:

Wedded Podcast is a weekly conversation about wedding planning and marriage. Hosted by husband & wife, Jenn & Steve Van Elk. Support this podcast:


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Wedded Podcast is a weekly conversation about wedding planning and marriage. Hosted by husband & wife, Jenn & Steve Van Elk. Support this podcast:






Ep. #035 - First Dance Lessons with Alex Zsoldos of First Dance Charlotte

Do you have a plan for your first dance? Do you have a song picked out? This week we talk with Alex Zsoldos of First Dance Charlotte all about dancing at weddings. Specifically we talk about first dances, first dance songs, and how you can prepare to do an awesome first dance. Alex also talks with us a little bit about what dance lessons look like during a pandemic and what it's like to be a dance instructor over Zoom. Find Alex online: First Dance Charlotte, Facebook, YouTube,...


Ep. #034 - Custom Wedding Dresses with Leila Breton of Curvy Custom Bride

This week we talked with Leila Breton of Curvy Custom Bride about wedding dresses. Leila makes dresses for brides, as long as they can come into her shop, so she can build their dress on them. Leila also talks to us about reading body language and paying attention to non-verbal communication so that you can better serve your clients. We also break away from wedding dresses for a bit to talk about steampunk Disney princess cosplay and Doctor Who. Find Leila online: Website, Instagram,...


Ep. #033 - Post Pandemic Bridal Makeup with Leslie White

This week we talk with Leslie White about post pandemic bridal makeup. Our state, Indiana, is just starting to try to reopen for business. Leslie talks with us about the precautions she's taking to make sure that her clients stay safe and to make sure that her team stays safe as well. She also talks with us about how illness has impacted her business in past. Moving forward in the wedding industry, there are going to be a lot of changes to the way vendors are able to interact with...


Ep. #032 - Cohabiting With Your Loved One

How do you make the move from living alone to living with your loved one? How do you get over all the weird stuff they do? How do you fight? How do you show each other that you love each other? We attempt to answer all of these questions in this episode, because quarantine has got us thinking about this a lot more. Episode art by Del Toro Photo. If you're looking for more info about COVID-19, be sure to head over to the CDC website. Help us grow the community of love buddies: Join...


Ep. #031 - Love in the Time of Coronavirus (Wedding Planning during the COVID-19 Outbreak)

We wanted to take a moment to talk about COVID-19 (perhaps better known as Coronavirus) and how it might affect your wedding planning. Though mostly relevant to people with weddings over the next month or two (and hopefully only that long), there's a lot of stuff that we're talking about with regard to health and safety that's applicable every flu season. People are always getting sick and we all need to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough. So come along on this journey with us...


Ep. #030 - Paying Vendors to Travel for Your Wedding and Cereal at Wedding Receptions

This week we're talking about what expenses you can expect to incur when paying for a vendor to travel to your location. We just flew to California to shoot a wedding, so we thought it was a good time to talk about this since it was fresh on our minds. But before we get into that, Steve asks Jenn if 5:30 AM is too early for a wedding ceremony with guests. The spoons come out as we obviously dovetail into a fight about whether or not cereal is a good idea at a wedding. Okay, that probably...


Ep. #029 - Changing Photographers, Intense In-Laws, and Flower Girl Drama

This week we're answering random questions about wedding planning. First up, is it okay to switch wedding photographers if you find one or two you like more? Next, how do you deal with intense in-laws who put their foot down about petty things in facebook messenger? Finally, is it okay to skip your sibling's wedding if they snubbed your daughter while making their flower girl pick? Episode art is just one of our favorite photos of a happy couple, completely unrelated to anything we talk...


Ep. #028 - Awkward Family Photo Situations and Group Photo Faux Pas

Have you ever been a part of a group photo only to realize there's someone in the photo you really wish wasn't there? This week, we're talking all about how you can avoid those sorts of awkward situations in your family photos and group shots at your wedding. There's always that one photo that you didn't really want, but maybe one of your family members wanted... and it's hard to know what to say and what to do on the day so that you don't offend anyone. Don't worry. We're here to help, and...


Ep. #027 - Making Your Vows Your Own with Tanya Pushkine of The Vow Whisperer

This week Steve and Jenn talk with Tanya Pushkine of The Vow Whisperer. We talk about why vows are so important and the ideal length for vows. We also talk about presentation and how to hold your self while speaking. If you're struggling to think of what vows you want to make to your significant other on the wedding day, there are some pointers in here to help you get started. Find Tanya online: The Vow Whisperer, Instagram, Facebook Help us grow the community of love buddies: Join...


Ep. #026 - You and Me and an Autoimmune Disease

This week we delve into something a bit personal. Last year, Jenn found out she has an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Disease. We knew something was wrong for a while, but we didn't know what was wrong or what to do about it. So this week we're talking about what it's like to find out you have an autoimmune disease and what it's like supporting someone when they find that out. Help us grow the community of love buddies: Join the Facebook Group! Find out more about Jenn and...


Ep. #025 - Let Them Eat Cake

This week we're talking all about cake. Why? Because Steve claims he's seeing a new trend when it comes to cutting the cake. Aside from this supposed new trend, we're all just talking about everything you want to know about your cake on the day. When to cut it. How to cut it (which is the number one thing couples ask photographers on their wedding day). When it will be delivered. Our favorite types of icing. Our least favorite types of icing. Whether or not holding the cake hostage will keep...


Ep. #024 - Timeless Weddings with Lori Solomon and Megan Painter of Boldly Chic Events

This week we're joined by Lori Solomon and Megan Painter of Boldly Chic Events. We talk with Lori and Megan about planning a timeless wedding, linens, installations, florals, and so much more. We also talk a lot about ways to make your wedding have a bigger impact in this episode and where to put your money to get the most impact if your budget is limited. Lori and Megan also share stories about tornados and rain on wedding days. They also talk with us a little bit about late snacks, like...


Ep. #023 - What Should You Do When Your Makeup Kit is Stolen? with Andi Sherman of Something Blue Stylists

This week we talked with Andi Sherman of Something Blue Stylists! We talked a lot about the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist. There are just so many things we didn't think about, like the level of professionalism, the cleanliness of their brushes and products, and their ability to tackle any problem that arises. Andi also talks to us about her favorite hair styles and the different types of brushes she uses. And, as the title suggests, she shares a horrifying story about...


Ep. #022 - Getting Married Your Way with Josh Withers of the Rebel's Guide to Getting Married

This week we had Josh Withers of the Rebel's Guide to Getting Married on the podcast! Josh isn't just another podcaster, he's also a marriage celebrant in Australia. Josh is the owner of Married by Josh (his wedding celebrant company) and the co-owner of The Elopement Collective with his wife. Josh also runs the Celebrant Institute which helps educate other celebrants. In this episode, Josh came on the podcast to talk about what it means to be a wedding celebrant and how to turn your wedding...


Ep. #021 - Bridal Party Bewilderment

This week we answer questions about bridesmaids and bridal parties. From what gifts to get them to how you can pick the right people for the job. We're also talking about the right way to tell a bride that you don't want to be a part of her bridal party. And we talk a little bit about how a bride should handle that information. It's not always time to end a friendship. Help us grow the community of love buddies: Join the Facebook Group! Find out more about Jenn and Steve...


Ep. #020 - An Unfriendly Florist

This week we answer an anonymous listener question. This listener friended their vendors on facebook, and then found out their florist was making fun of their wedding. We talk about whether or not you should work with vendors that complain online and how to avoid unpleasant people. It's important to remember though, that everyone gets frustrated and complains, so unfortunately you'll never find a vendor that's never complained a day in their life. You can find people that are nice and who...


Ep. #019 - What Should You Do If Someone Wears White To Your Wedding?

On this episode we discuss what you should do if one of your guests tells you they're going to be wearing white to your wedding. We talk about how you can respond to that guest politely, and impolitely. We also talk about whether or not it's okay to make a guest or family member leave the wedding if they show up in white. Also of note in this discussion, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Family Matters/Steve Urkel, Boy Meets World, and Wine Country. Help us grow the community of love buddies: Join...


Ep. #018 - De-stressing by Beer Tasting

This week on Wedded we're talking about de-stressing. As you head out toward your wedding, or just out toward the rest of your life in general, it's important to take time to relax and rejuvenate your spirit. Steve does this by trying new beers with Jenn. So, in this episode, he walks you through the steps you take when tasting beers. If you're interested in finding the best glassware for your favorite style of beer, check this guide out on Kegworks. I know Steve said you could just...


Ep. #017 - The 10 Biggest Wedding Regrets

What are the top 10 biggest regrets you'll have after your wedding? We can't see into your personal future so we don't really know... But what we can do is dissect an article that claims to know what people who are married regret the most about their wedding. Join us on this fun ride into crazy town as we tear apart this article and then dish on some of our biggest regrets. If you want to follow along with the article while we talk about it, then you can find it on Wedding Forward. We...


Ep. #016 - The Truth About Sex

In this episode, Jenn and I talk a lot about sex. Coming straight off of a few weeks of talking together on other podcasts, where we made a lot of jokes about sex, we thought it would be a good idea to have a conversation about our first time having sex. Specifically, about the baggage we both brought into the relationship as a result of waiting till marriage to have sex and about how sex isn't always great for both people involved. We also talk a lot about Steve's sleep paralysis. It's...