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What Should I Read Next is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, host Anne Bogel interviews a new person and finds out their tastes. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next.

What Should I Read Next is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, host Anne Bogel interviews a new person and finds out their tastes. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next.
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What Should I Read Next is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, host Anne Bogel interviews a new person and finds out their tastes. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next.




Ep 192: Wherever you read, I will follow

Rita and Xoe Amer are a mother-daughter duo who have bonded over books since Xoe was young. She’s all grown up now, but the shared love of reading remains. Today Anne, Rita & Xoe discuss their reading and writing roots, hidden literary gems from the past, and the great conversations that come from bad books. Click over to the podcast website for a list of books mentioned in this episode: http://whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/192 You can check out Rita and Xoe's mother-daughter podcast,...


Ep 191: When a great book wrecks your reading life

Have you ever finished a GREAT book, then realized it left behind a hole no other book will ever be able to fill? Today’s guest is Andy Serrato, a reader who fell into the arms of a mega-popular series with a welcoming fandom and enough pages to smother yourself in… and ever since, she’s struggled to break her obsession and pick up new books in different genres. Anne's doing her best to get to the core of what delights Andy about this series, and open a portal to other reading worlds that...


Ep 190: There's nothing like a little bookish momentum

Today’s guest has reached a crossroads in her reading life, and she’s come to Anne looking for a jump start for this new season. Beth Wallen describes herself as a lifelong learner, and she’s about to have more time open up in her schedule to challenge herself, learn new things, and dive deeper into topics that already fascinate her. This is truly a precious opportunity, and Beth really has the guts to go against the grain of her usual reading taste, which makes for interesting and exciting...


Ep 189: Our favorite genre is chapter books

Today’s guests Brenna Sherrill & Ryan Pait describe themselves as platonic soulmates, book-loving best friends who grew up together, went to school together, read together (sometimes out loud!) and even live together. Today Anne, Brenna, and Ryan chat about a truly magical college class, Ryan’s most embarrassing moment meeting a literary icon, the book Ann Patchett thinks EVERYONE should read, and of course Anne recommends three books she think they’ll enjoy reading together and discussing...


Ep 188: Books, plants, and literal bibliotherapy

Today, we meet Michelle Moreno, who I hope will inspire anyone out there who wants to make their bookstore dreams a reality. Anne got to talk to Michelle right after her very first pop-up shop, while she was still on the high of her first time putting books directly into the hands of her community. Anne and Michelle are discussing the books she chose for her first foray into handselling, the high of putting books directly into the hands of her community, the connection she finds between...


Ep 187: Traveling the world without leaving your hometown

Hannah Christmas is a stay at home mom whose reading life changed forever when she had a baby. Not only how much she read, or when she read, but the big-picture long-term-plan way she wanted to share her love of reading with the world. Today Anne and Hannah chat about the treatment for a serious overdose of books set in New York City, fresh blood in the bookselling world, literary handcrafts, and much much more. Click over to the podcast website for a list of books mentioned in this...


Ep 186: Finding the book that feels like it was written just for you

Lamar Giles joins Anne to chat about his two great literary loves: children’s books, and... horror novelist Stephen King? If you don’t think those things go together, Lamar is prepared to talk you into changing your mind, and maybe about more than just that. Get ready for a great chat about transcending stereotypes, how books can build up the self-worth of young readers, great novels where the setting becomes a character in its own right, and so so much more. Click over to the podcast...


Ep 185: What should you read this summer?

Most weeks on What Should I Read Next, I’ll do a little literary matchmaking with one guest… but this week, I’m joined by the show's producer, Brenna Frederick, to hook SEVERAL What Should I Read Next listeners up with their perfect Summer read. Click over to the podcast website for a list of books mentioned in this episode: http://whatshouldireadnextpodcast.com/185 Find your next great Summer read in the Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading...


Introducing Life is Short with Justin Long

What Should I Read Next listeners, today we're introducing you to a new podcast called Life is Short with Justin Long. Actor Justin Long (Ed, Dodgeball, The Breakup, He's Just Not That Into You) sits down with some of today’s most interesting personalities, like Olivia Wilde, Dax Shepard, and Neil Patrick Harris. From entertainment and pop culture to national news, Justin Long covers it all with thoughtful questions, and witty commentary. Subscribe now wherever you listen to podcasts and...


Ep 184: You’ll never conquer your TBR—and that’s a good thing

Today’s guest is Will Schwalbe, devoted reader and host of the But That's Another Story podcast. Will believes if we all asked the question “what are you reading” more often, it could change the world, and has a few absolutely delightful literary superstitions... Anne and Will chatting all about the downside of conquering your TBR, misremembering poetry, bookstore serendipity, and Will’s attempt to convince ANNE to read a super ambitious classic she just haven’t had the nerve to pick up...


Ep 183: Baking, books, and other everyday magic

Karuna Riazi, is here to talk about magic. The magic of carrying a book in your bag that can teleport you to another world, the magic of a beautiful translation, and the magical pairing of a hot cup of tea and a good story. Anne and Karuna also chat about pen names, how to keep a book journal if you’re a total perfectionist, and a host of other things, but at the root of it all is everyday magic, and the books Anne recommends Karuna pick up next are totally on-theme. Click over to the...


Ep 182: Matching the right (audio)book to the right listener

A request we hear a lot at WSIRN is “can we have another episode about audiobooks??” So today, Anne is bringing in Michele Cobb, publisher at Audiofile magazine, to not only help recommend audiobooks for YOU, but to match Anne with her own next great audiobook read. Michele and Anne are chatting about the marriage of a great book with a great narrator, visual and auditory learning styles, jumping off points if you’re still on the fence about reading with your ears, and the key to some truly...


Ep 181: Taking your reading life from good to great

Today’s guest Holli Petersen has created a very special family book club that might inspire you to pick up the phone and call a bookish loved one as soon as the episode is over. She also totally hated one of Anne's favorite titles for the first 100 pages, before a turn of events melted her heart… Anne has mentioned this title DOZENS of times on the show, any guesses what that title might be? What we love most about WSIRN is putting the right book in the hands of the right reader, so Anne...


Ep 180: Rearranging your life to read 600 books a year

Today’s guest is reading speed-demon Liberty Hardy, professional book nerd and host of Book Riot’s All the Books podcast. Together, Liberty and Anne are going deep into a book labyrinth, discussing truly committed bookworm questions like “how do you avoid back strain while reading for hours on end?”, “how do I smuggle 1000 books out of my house safely?” and “what does Kate Atkinson’s grocery list look like?” They're also playing a Tom Stoppard-inspired literary game that miiiight destroy...


Ep 179: Life is short & my TBR is way too long

Alabama reader Shannan Malone has broad taste and high standards, and when it comes to new releases, even authors she’s loved in the past don’t get a free pass… the new book has to earn her love. So today’s episode goes out to all you eclectic readers who love hopping between genres. Anne and Shannan covering the struggle of pinpointing what you dislike about a book that everyone else thinks is amazing, awkward characters for the introverted reader, Shannon’s book club that connects moms...


One Great Book Trailer

We have a new podcast! WSIRN is about helping readers find their next read. In each episode, the recommendations are geared toward a particular reader’s style, and Anne always looks for titles they haven’t read before. Our new podcast is a short format show called One Great Book. In every episode, Anne pulls one standout selection off her personal bookshelves and tell you all about it. She's highlighting books she loves that you may have missed or forgotten about, but that you’ll be glad...


Ep 178: The Next Right Thing for your reading life

Decision-making is a HUGE part of WSIRN's purpose. Podcaster and author Emily P. Freeman is an expert in the art of decision-making (she’s literally written the book on it), but when assigned school reading hijacked alllllll her personal reading time... deciding what to read next for pleasure got a little more complicated. Today, Anne helps Emily find her way back to confident personal reading decisions. Plus, they discuss what to do when you pick up the totally-wrong book by a...


Ep 177: When your reading life is a roller coaster

Many listeners and past guests on WSIRN have shared their stories of reading dry spells due to chronic illness, anxiety, and disability. Today’s guest Kate Mitchell has experienced polar opposites in her reading life, going from a period of time when reading was literally her job, to stretches where reading was literally impossible because of chronic illness. Kate is sharing some of the wisdom she’s gained on her roller coaster of a reading life with us all, including practical tips for how...


Ep 176: Books in the freezer, & other horror stories

WSIRN often helps readers get out of their comfort zones, but today’s guest Mallory O’Meara is taking Anne out of hers. Her wheelhouse is everything bizarre, paranormal, and downright scary. But digging past the surface differences, Mallory and Anne have a lot in common, especially the desire to understand how an author DID that. Today they're chatting about the magic of rereading a favorite book, arguing with critics, how comfort-reading looks way different for different readers, Mallory's...


Ep 175: Your library called and they want their books back

Michelle Wilson has noticed a specific character type that is missing from her bookshelves... and she is on the hunt for more. She and Anne chat about characters age 50+ in possession of NO magical powers, yelling at characters who make terrible decisions, reading as broadly as possible, and what it's like to be in not one, not two, but THREE book clubs (mmmmmaybe more.) Click over to the podcast website for a list of books mentioned in this episode:...