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Interview with Sara McElroy from Atomic Dice Studios

Bumper credits: "Kiss of death" - Lynch Mob "U-Wash" - Deacon Stilt Well, it's another long awaited offering from the custom paint podcast. This time around I was fortunate enough to line up some planets, and get an interview (my first) with the brains behind Atomic Dice Studios, Sara McElroy. As I mention in the intro and out-tro, this was quite a trip. I learned a good deal about plugs, connections, and the old "slice, dice, shake, and move" when it came to putting this audio file...


Help me! - Trip to Erie

I seem to be surrounded by many marriage/business partnerships when attending various pinstripe get-together, and I find myself asking each couple what their respective roles and/or duties are. These all appear to be healthy relationships. The husbands and wives all fall into familiar territory during these reunions as old friends, and I’m often left feeling that we’re missing out on something unique and special. You might ask “why hasn’t this happened yet?”. Good question. My best guess...


ep006 The profit in saying "No"

It’s been too long, almost six months since my last blog entry. Work and family obligations tend to make one hang up the “want-to’s” in favor of the “have-to’s”. I finally have an installment that I’m pleased with. My daughter was a big help with this one, proving what I long suspected, that I am better working with a living, breathing human in the room instead of just myself. We get into an overview of mentionable projects and happenings since December, and a small review of the...


ep005 Year end spending, Electro~pounce, Football helmets, and eBay tins.

Click to Download This episode has been forced into a few directions. With Thanksgiving, schedule changes at work, and the end of the tax year, the last few weeks has left me with little time to think about what to concentrate on vis-a-vis the subject of this podcast episode. Working evenings has resulted in my being the most eligible member of the family to go food shopping for Thanksgiving, and I'm happy to report not only did I find everything, I found and corrected the errors on the...


ep004 Flakin' for the very first time!

Click to Download "Have you ever painted a fire hydrant?" was the question directed to me via email by a woman looking to surprise her husband for his birthday. The very heavy cast iron hydrant had been in their yard for years and was either being replaced or moved. In either case, they saw it as a memento of happy years spent at the residence and desired to repurpose it as a patriotic back yard decoration. Upon accepting the job, I was supplied with some images of other similarly painted...


ep003 Factory custom reproduction

Click to Download This front fender came to me from Bill Steele of Steele Auto Body in Oakdale. What was described on the phone was a factory custom paint job that needed repair. This is one of my oldest customers and a decent amount of work flows from this shop so when they called, I did my best to make it over ASAP. Waiting for me was a new fender, painted with PPG® ENVIROBASE® using the specific recipe for the gold that Harley used on this model. It was cleared and sanded already. The...


What is Custom Paint? Airbrush, Pinstripe, Auto Body and other topics.

Click to Download In this first episode of the Custom Paint Podcast I go through my definition of Custom Paint, and why I think the "old cheese and bad wine" art crowd should give it more respect. I also discuss what I plan for future episode topics, and quickly talk about my path into the custom paint profession. Identity Crisis Design Powder-Lines