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Beginning in December 2005, board certified plastic surgeon Arthur Perry, MD, FACS, has hosted What's Your Wrinkle on New York City radio, first on WOR and now on WABC. Tune in to this podcast to listen to news and information about America's favorite topic. No…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.

Beginning in December 2005, board certified plastic surgeon Arthur Perry, MD, FACS, has hosted What's Your Wrinkle on New York City radio, first on WOR and now on WABC. Tune in to this podcast to listen to news and information about America's favorite topic. No…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.
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Beginning in December 2005, board certified plastic surgeon Arthur Perry, MD, FACS, has hosted What's Your Wrinkle on New York City radio, first on WOR and now on WABC. Tune in to this podcast to listen to news and information about America's favorite topic. No…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.




How to make beautiful ears

Ears are the neglected area of facial rejuvenation. But how many women hide their ears because of elongated earring holes or earrings that have ripped through, mangling the earlobes. And earlobes wrinkle and kink as they age and they elongate. On tonight's show, I discuss how I repair mangled earlobes and rejuvenate them with filler or lasers or surgery. We also talked about how facial asymmetry increases as we age and what I can do about it. Tune in!


Why Dr. Perry's Skincare is real, honest, and effective!

With thousands of different brands of skincare, how can a consumer choose honest, effective, and nontoxic skin care? It's virtually impossible since most products are either ineffective, toxic, or ridiculously expensive. Dr. Perry created his own line of skin care after treating thousands of women. In this show, he explains how he chooses active ingredients that actually work and how he eliminates ingredients that are either ineffective or toxic. If you care about your skin, tune in to this...


How to make Botox work faster

A new study showed that exercise immediately after receiving Botox injections caused it to work faster. That's good news for the most popular procedure in all of plastic surgery. We discussed Botox and also a woman who has had 200 procedures to make her look like a cartoon character.... This is an example of plastic surgeon that has gone awry... We also discussed how rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping) can not only improve your appearance, but your likeability! We also discussed shoulder injuries...


Destroying wrinkles with the CO2 laser

The carbon dioxide laser has been used to improve appearance for two decades. Today, we use this laser in a very sophisticated way - instead of vaporizing tissue and creating a big wound, we drill little holes in the skin and allow healing between the holes. This makes the entire procedure and the recovery less painful. Tonight, I discussed new techniques in lasering. We also discussed how to prevent the complication of bleeding after facelifting, Finally, a breast surgeon from RJW Barnabus...


The most dangerous procedure in plastic surgeon - the Brazilian Butt Lift

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people are dying from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Warnings have been released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other organizations to be very careful when performing this procedure. Now, the British Society of Plastic Surgeons has warned their members to STOP performing the procedure. If you are considering having this procedure, you will want to listen to this show.


Fixing deformed earlobes

Have you seen those "gauges" that are stretching teen's earlobes? I had a mother bring her daughter in "by the ear" to have hers fixed. These are difficult problems because the gauges stretch the lobes and destroy tissue. I grew more earlobe skin by injecting wrinkle filler. After 3 months, I was able to repair the earlobe. Listen in to this story, as well as my approach to wrinkle filler in the face. I also had Dr. Baione from the University Orthopedic Group in Somerset, NJ discuss a new...


There's a new Botox headed your way

Botox is the most popular procedure in all of plastic surgery. The Botox company (Allergan) has purchased another company that makes a short acting Botox. Their strategy is to use this drug as a "starter Botox" for people who are unsure whether they want a 4 month product. I'm not sure if this is a good medical strategy, but I defer to Allergan for the business plan. We also discussed


Sucking fat! The truth about liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular procedure in plastic surgery. Tonight, we discuss the benefits and risks of this fat altering procedure.


Interview with Dr. Ron Moy, superstar dermatologist

Dr. Ron Moy is one of the leading dermatologists in the world. Tonight, he discussed lasers for aging skin. We spoke about lasers, Intense Pulsed Light, and Chemical Peels. If your skin is aging, you'll want to listen to this show.


Lasers to rejuvenate hands

So many women have concentrated on their aging faces and, in the past, have disregarded their aging hands. We now have Radiesse filler to hide tendons and veins and the CO2 laser to reduce crepey skin and brown splotches on the hands.


How gummy bear implants and galaflex make complex breast augmentations simpler

Breast augmentations are the most common cosmetic surgical procedure. The new gummy bear (form stable) implants have revolutionized these operations. But sometimes implants droop below the breast crease and sometimes they drift over to the side of the chest wall. These reoperative cases can be very difficult. But with the textured form stable implant and the new galaflex mesh, these can be readily handled. Tonight we discussed this, as well as the choice of implant and why MRIs are important...


The FDA warns against vaginal rejuvenation

I hate to say "I told you so" but...I told you so. Over a year ago, I discussed how plastic surgeons were being enticed to perform vaginal rejuvenative procedures with lasers or radiofrequency devices. I stated publicly that the average plastic surgeon had no business performing these procedures. This should be the province of the gynecologist. It turns out that NO ONE should be doing these procedures because the FDA has not approved any device for this purpose. And this week, the FDA warned...


Breasts - Little, Big, and Droopy

I rarely meet a woman who is happy with their breasts. Most women think their breasts are either too small, too large, or droopy. Fortunately, we have outpatient procedures that can correct each of these issues. Tonight we discussed these. We also discussed why I created a bar soap, as opposed to a liquid soap. We also discussed rhinoplasty surgery to reshape noses, blepharoplasty for eyelid rejuvenation, and chemical peels and lasers. What a show!


Treatment of those first wrinkles

Sun damage is the major determinant of skin aging. Wrinkles, splotchy pigmentation, rough skin, and visible capillaries are hallmarks of aging. In tonight's show, we discuss how skincare, noninvasive procedures, and surgery are used to "turn back the clock". Specifically, we discuss peels, lasers, and other procedures.


Why the Brazilian Butt Lift is the deadliest procedure in plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons have sent out a warning that the chance of dying with the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is 1 in 3000. You may not think that is high, but it is the most dangerous procedure in plastic surgery. In the BBL, many ounces of fat are injected into the buttocks to create a chubby buttock. (Interestingly, even 10 years ago, I was asked to REMOVE fat from the buttocks via liposuction....) Fat can enter the veins and travel through the heart into the lungs. The advisory did not tell...


The no pignose rhinoplasty

Nasal reshaping surgery is my favorite surgical procedure. That's because it is both the most difficult cosmetic procedure and also the most creative procedure. No two noses are alike and no two procedures are identical. On tonight's show we discussed rhinoplasty. We also spoke about some 20 something called for making cosmetic surgery ILLEGAL. Not kidding, she proposed fines for having cosmetic surgery, because she believes we should age gracefully. You can only imagine what I had to say...


Scurvy of the skin! How Vitamin C deficiency makes your skin look old

Vitamin C is the most important vitamin for the skin. As we age, our skin thins and loses collagen. Vitamin C deficiency is called scurvy. And scurvy of the skin leads to thin skin that is easily bruised. Tonight we discuss the use of Vitamin C in skin scurvy. We also discussed the biggest bang for your buck procedure in all of cosmetic surgery - liposuction of the neck and jowls.


Facial Rejuvenation with Lasers

Aging skin can be rejuvenated with Botox, Fillers, Ulthera, surgery, Peels, and lasers. Tonight, we discussed how Intense Pulsed Light, and the Erbium and CO2 lasers can be used to improve your appearance. And, I found the dumbest procedure of 2018 - cutting the nerves to the leg muscles to make the calf slimmer! So what if you won't be able to run or dance - your legs will look better! This procedure is not one that I recommend!


The case of the other cheeks - Ulthera is now used for buttock cellulite!

Ulthera is an 8 year old technology that focuses high intensity ultrasound under the skin. It heats the tissue and tightens the skin and generates collagen. A new study showed that the combined use of Ulthera with Radiesse wrinkle filler is very effective in correcting buttock and thigh cellulite. We discuss this and other new Ulthera studies that demonstrate superior results when Ulthera is combined with wrinkles fillers.


Professionalism in the OR - the case of the twerking doctor

The Atlanta dermatologist who danced and sang in the OR before she lost her license illustrates how some doctors simply do not understand the gravity of what we are doing. Surgeons are snapchatting int he OR, they are YouTubing, and they are simply not taking our profession seriously. It is a testimony to the resilience of human physiology that more people are not seriously injured by these doctors. Georgia finally took a stand against her. We discuss this case. We also discussed the utility...