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The Wooden Pants Network currently features two program. The Monday-Friday The Daily Author provides interviews with authors from all genres. The weekly Leap Podcast interviews those who have made significant life and creative leaps in their time on the planet.

The Wooden Pants Network currently features two program. The Monday-Friday The Daily Author provides interviews with authors from all genres. The weekly Leap Podcast interviews those who have made significant life and creative leaps in their time on the planet.
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The Wooden Pants Network currently features two program. The Monday-Friday The Daily Author provides interviews with authors from all genres. The weekly Leap Podcast interviews those who have made significant life and creative leaps in their time on the planet.






The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Depression, Anxiety, and Entrepreneurship

How do you unfrustrate yourself when you're constantly frustrated? Perhaps you suffer from depression or anxiety. Or the very uncomfortable combination of both. If you feel incomplete, not worthy of your business, how do you continue to move forward to make it a success? I have some experience in this, and I'll talk about it today on The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur. This Week's Sponsors: The Kabbage Card helps you simply and cover your expenses in one place. Visit Kabbage.com/UE to qualify....


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Unfrustrating Yourself After You Hit Bottom

So, what do you do when you hit bottom and lose your determination, your confidence? How do you move forward when your once fearless attitude is replaced by fear and anxiety? How do you unfrustrate yourself from the false stories of your ego and rebuild your life and your business to be a success? That's what Unfrustrated Entrepreneur host Richard Keller tries to hash out today's episode. Call it group therapy, exposition, or stream of consciousness. In the end, it's really something that...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Jay Billups of Jay Billups Creative Media

fJay Billups is a multitalented individual. Actually, he's a multi-multitalented individual. If you head over to his Jay Billups Creative Media site you'll see why. He's a podcaster, magazine publisher, photographer, creator of videos, and ... well, we're not sure how much more. But you'll find out on today's Unfrustrated Entrepreneur as we speak with Jay about his move from the 8-5 world to that of multi-entrepreneurship. Along the way, he provides some important information on how you...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Aimee Skillin of Social Media Languages

Aimee Skillin became passionate about social media and Google when she held the stewardship for largest privately-held Holocaust Library in the world. Through re-branding and social media campaigns she drew greater attention to the library. This success led her to create her business, Social Media Languages. On this week's Unfrustrated Entrepreneur we speak to Aimee on what draws her to social media, what Social Media Managers School is about, and who she works with to make them see their...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Composer Sean Beeson

Here are some of composer Sean Beeson's past and present clients -- Disney, Wizards of the Coast, Lunar Animation, and LevelUp Pictures. On top of that, Sean has produced his own music, available at the site seanbeeson.com. On today's episode of The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we speak with Sean about how he keeps going in a music world that constantly changes. He also reveals his six P's to unfrustrate himself as he moves forward. This Week's Sponsors: The Kabbage Card helps you simply and...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Amanda Fewell on Origin Stories

But it always wasn't this way. This is how Amanda Fewell introduces the speakers in her origin story presentations. Over the last several months, Amanda, who also runs Conscious Business Connection, has helped hone the personal and business stories of everyday folk. The end result is tales of recovery, faith, power, and determination. But, while successful now, it always wasn't this way for Amanda. We learn why in today's episode. Then, we find out how she turned it around. This Week's...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Corey Bairre of Fruition Recording Studios

Corey Barrie of Fruition Recording Studio recently did something pretty brave. He ventured into public speaking. He told a story of breaking a leg while on tour with a band and the persistence he had to find a solution to play the drums on the final night. It's one of the many tales in Corey's life. One that has been filled with music. On today's Unfrustrated Entrepreneur we speak to Corey in his home studio on his musical abilities, why he wants to help others produce their works, be it...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Sarah Boisvert and the New Collar Workforce

I'm Richard Keller, and this is the Unfrustrated Entrepreneur. Persistence. This is the adjective you can use to define today's guest Sarah Boisvert. Not only for her consistency to build successful businesses, but also to complete her book. For a few months after this interview was recorded, she released The New Collar Workforce: An Insider's Guide to Making Impactful Changes to Manufacturing and Training. On today's episode of The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we dig into the New Collar...


The Author Action Podcast: "Our Grand Finale" Author Laraine Denny Burrell

Today, we have author Laraine Denny Burrell. She had the power to tell the story of her life and the death of her father in the memoir Our Grand Finale: A Daughter's Memoir. In the interview, Laraine talks about her life as a dancer, the unfair surprise, her words, of her father's death, and how she learned much about her father and herself once he passed away.


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: And We Thought Ladies Jade and Wilnona

Every time we speak to Jade Dee and Wilnona Marie, the And We Thought Ladies, they seem to be going to or coming from something. It's part of their business to spread wisdom about life, relationships ... well, pretty much everything other ladies go through on a daily basis. On today's Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we talk to Jade and Wilnona -- on the road, of course -- on the origins of their business, their Amazon TV series, and their latest book, The Miss-Fit Guides: A Sassy Sway That...


The Author Action Podcast: Best-Selling Writer C.R. Richards

On this week's episode, we have the award-winning CR Richards. She is the author of the "Heart of the Warrior" series. Her newest book in that line, The Obsidian Gates, was released in January of 2018. In the interview, C.R. discusses her influences, how her childhood experiences impacted her writing, and how she juggled it all with a full-time job and freelancing. We also touch on her EPIC's eBook Award for Fantasy Fiction and how it pushed her even further into the world of creativity.


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Maat Van Uitert the Pampered Chicken Mama

What came first for Maat Van Uitert? The chickens or the blogging? Actually, the chickens. The blogging came when she left her full-time job to become a homesteader. Without a stable income, she looked into monetizing her blogs. And she did it with advertising. Today, she makes a six-figure income through continued blogging, a coaching business, and a new eCommerce venture. On today's Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we speak with Maat on how to get sponsors for your blog, why Pinterest can...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Briana Bragg and the Journey into Tranquility

Every day, our guest Briana Bragg takes a journey. Actually, she may take several journeys. She goes to the mountains, the beach, or one of this world's majestic forests. And she does it in approximately 30 minutes. How? She embarks on a Journey into Tranquility. A trip into her mind to quiet the brain's constant gibbering. It's something she has done for years and she is ready to teach others how to make this meditative trip. On today's episode of the Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we speak...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Brian Vinciguerra of Cracked It Escape Games

Do the titles "Queen Anne's Revenge," "Defcon-1 Red Alert," and "Maude's Madness" mean anything to you? Well, if you're a fan of escape rooms, then they'll be familiar. Particularly Cracked It! Escape Games in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This is where Brian Vinentgerra resides. Since 2015, Brian has offered these rooms not only as a way to be entertained but also to learn something about teamwork. On today's episode of the Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we speak to Brian on why he decided to...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp.com

When we spoke in November to Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp.com, he was very busy. Well, that hasn't changed. Recently, the multi-million dollar business owner and author reached 10,000 billable hours at the freelancer-hiring company. On today's episode of The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, we delve into Nathan's reasons for starting FreeeUp and what he sees as the future of the industry. This Week's Sponsor: Kabbage helps small business owners, including freelancers, access simple and flexible...


The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur: Vicky Flint of Dental Hygiene Haven

When you think about dental hygiene, the word 'haven' may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Vicky Flint wants this to change with her business, Dental Hygiene Haven. She does it through A.K.I.S.S. -- the conversational concept which helps determine a client's pain point. Regardless if it's physical or spiritual. We drill down, so to speak, into Vicky's career and her beliefs. We also brush up on how she unfrustrates herself to succeed in business. Vicky Flint's Business: Dental...


Sexually Speaking With Shannon #3: Sex Through the Ages - The 20s

Women in their late teens and early 20s never know what's in store. They can get married at an early age. Or, they can delve into the world of online dating. Or, they can discover a side of sexuality they never knew existed. Shannon Hamaker profiles two women in their early 20s in this month's episode of "Sexually Speaking With Shannon". First, "Kaly" describes how she was taught about sex in a religious-based environment. She discusses her early marriage, being a mother, and her sexual...


Maturity - Changing My Story #10: My Bad Habit and Emotional Fast

I have an incredibly bad habit that doesn’t involve drugs, alcohol, biting my nails, or eating cookie dough straight from the tube. My bad habit is worry. Actually, it’s fear. Well, to be honest, it’s anxiety. All right. It’s all three. I’ve always been the scenario ZZ guy when it came to thinking ahead. It was the worst-case scenario which never came to fruition. The powers above always guided me in the right direction … when I stopped freaking out and listened to them. Yet, even when the...


Sexually Speaking With Shannon #2: Ariel

In the second episode of Sexually Speaking, host Shannon Hamaker speaks with "Ariel," a woman in her late 40s who came to one of Shannon's Pure Romance parties. Ariel details her life of pain, sexual frustration, and sexual revolution. It's an interview filled with sadness, joy, and a determination to live her life to the fullest. Learn more about Shannon and Pure Romance parties at her website.


The Daily Author Special Edition: News on Show Changes

Each new year means changes as the previous year is swept away. As we move forward in 2018, the Wooden Pants Network is making its own changes, and that includes a transformation of The Daily Author to the weekly Author Action Podcast. More on that in today's program as well as information on new WPN programs, title and time changes, and much more.