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Word of Mouth digs into the nooks and crannies of the state to uncover the stories, places, and people that make New Hampshire home. It's your questions answered, your state explored. Produced by New Hampshire Public Radio.

Word of Mouth digs into the nooks and crannies of the state to uncover the stories, places, and people that make New Hampshire home. It's your questions answered, your state explored. Produced by New Hampshire Public Radio.
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Word of Mouth digs into the nooks and crannies of the state to uncover the stories, places, and people that make New Hampshire home. It's your questions answered, your state explored. Produced by New Hampshire Public Radio.








Conversations About Guns

This week for our ongoing series Only in New Hampshire, we answer a listener's question about gun laws in New Hampshire.


Plastic Parties

In the early 1940s, an inventor from Berlin created a container made of refined polyethylene, an odorless, non-toxic plastic that would revolutionize food storage. Then, a mystery in the woods involving a beloved New Hampshire product from Outside/In .


Part 4: Floorwalkers

This is the fourth and final episode of “The Rules Are Different Here,” a four-part series on mass incarceration in New Hampshire. Listen to the full series here. Annie Wrenn is middle-aged with blond hair she wears with bangs. She’s a little over 5 feet tall. And on first sight, you’d never guess she’s a prison guard. “One of our nicknames is floorwalker because that’s what we do we walk the floors of the prison. Cell to cell, unit to unit, tier to tier, however you wanna explain what the...


The Single Greatest Way To Impact NH Politics

Before any bill can become a law in New Hampshire, it has to have at least one public hearing, where anyone can show up and talk to their lawmakers face to face. You can tell them what you think about the bill. A lot of people have never testified at a public hearing—it’s confusing to figure when they happen and where and how to participate. So, to demystify the whole thing, Civics 101: New Hampshire is breaking down how they work. Then an office you've likely never thought that much about...


Town Meeting Explained

Town meetings are a New Hampshire institution. It’s where all the year’s business is voted on by citizens in town halls, gyms, and community centers around the state. But for the uninitiated, town meeting can be confusing. Civics 101: New Hampshire helps break it down. Then, Sam Evans-Brown introduces us to pirate trails.


Part 3: An Idle Mind

Three years ago, Samuel and Rachel purchased a wooden crate manufactured by inmates at the New Hampshire State Prison, but they wondered: was it ethically made? This is the third episode in our four-part series on mass incarceration in New Hampshire. Explore the full series here.


Lobbying All The Way

When you visit the state house in Concord, you might notice some well-dressed people sporting bright orange name tags: lobbyists. What do lobbyists do and how does lobbying work? Then we’re going inside drug court, a program designed to divert people with substance use disorders from prison.


Part 2: One Month Out

This is the second episode of “The Rules Are Different Here,” a four-part series on mass incarceration in New Hampshire. Listen to the first installment , or explore the full series . Recovering from opioid addiction can take months or years, in part because the disease is not only a physical dependence but also a mental health disorder. Anxiety and depression frequently coincide with addiction. Getting incarcerated for opioid-related charges presents a daunting challenge: navigate the...


You Asked, We Answered: What's The Deal With That Missile In Warren?

Every town seems to have one. A obelisk. A cannon. A guy on a horse. But one New Hampshire town has something a little different. Producer Asher Brown brings us the story of the missile in Warren as part of our Only in New Hampshire series. Listen to the story:


Part 1: Going Inside

Bill Blanchard was just a kid when he first came into contact with law enforcement. "Going Inside" is the first installment of a four-part series,"The Rules Are Different Here: A Series on New Hampshire's Prisons and Jails." The full series is available here.


What Does A Governor Do?

Civics 101: New Hampshire, our local look at how state government works, brings us a look at the governor. Not our current governor specifically, but the office of the governor itself. What does the NH state governor do? And what makes our governor position different than in other states? Then, a thought experiment: How fast could people go before the combustion engine and other technologies drastically increased the speed of the human race? And how did they pull it off?


The Most Diverse City In New Hampshire

Nashua is the most diverse city in New Hampshire, with the state’s largest population of foreign-born residents. Today on Word of Mouth, we’re exploring how immigrants decide to build a life in Nashua… and what that has meant for them and for the city. Then, we’re going way back in time to look at how Magna Carta shaped the American democratic project.


Yes to the Dress

Five people invite us to take a peek into their closets and tell us what's inside.


The Ludicrous Fish of Xochimilco

There's only one place in the world that you can find the axolotl—the Mexican salamander—in the wild. This creature is the living embodiment of the Aztec god of heavenly fire, of lightning and the underworld.But the wild axolotl’s fate might be bound to the Aztecs by more than myth in a story from Outside/In. Then, the Executive Council. What is it? Why do we have it? And what does it do?


Where The Money Comes From

There's no easy way to ask for money. Just ask the governor of New Hampshire. In just a few weeks, Governor Sununu will present his proposed budget to the state legislature. All of this got us wondering.... what is the budget? Who writes it, and what do we spend money on? And how are New Hampshire’s spending decisions different from other states? For answers, we're turning to something new here at NHPR, Civics 101: New Hampshire , a local offshoot of our popular Civics 101 podcast. Then, Sam...


Our Favorite Stories Of The Year

It’s the last show of the year and thus a time to look back on where we’ve been and the stories we’ve shared. Word of Mouth producers celebrate the work they loved and the stories that stuck with them from producers and reporters around NHPR. Favorites Mentioned In This Episode Justine Paradis picked Jimmy's convincing case for the hyena from This Isn't Science. It's Love from Outside/In. She also called out Daniela Allee's story on watching soccer with her dad. Jimmy Guiterrez highlighted...


Get Swole

Today, two stories about different kinds of ambition: one a desire to sculpt the body and the other a desire to sculpt legislation. NHPR reporter Todd Bookman followed one amateur bodybuilder as he prepared for his first competition. Then, we learn all about propositions - the civic kind - from Civics 101.


What's the Coolest Animal?

Today, we’re giving you an inside look at what it takes to make the podcast. A bunch of people make this show, which means that our ideas meetings almost inevitably turn into total chaos when one of us starts shouting our favorite facts about our favorite animals. This time, we gave up. Rather than fight it, we’re leaning in to bring you four stories about animals. Or rather… four cases for animals that are the best… the coolest… the niftiest… however you want to define that. And when it’s...


Walking Fish, Palm Trees and Congress

The US Congress has two houses - the House of Representatives and the Senate. But why? And what’s the difference? Also, Sam Evans-Brown tells us what are palm trees good for in an installment of "Ask Sam" from Outside/In. And finally, we get the lowdown on a Star Trek-related vanity plate.


You're Family Now

In June 1981, a bodybuilder, a stockbroker, and 10 other men entered the woods of New Hampshire to settle an argument. They called it "The First Annual Survival Game," and the details are the stuff of legend... even if they aren't all true. Then, what happens to your leaves after you rake them up and put them on the curb? And another story in our continuing series on vanity plates, this one a story far more complex than a license plate can capture.