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Y Travel Podcast, is hosted by Caz and Craig Makepeace from the award winning Y Travel Blog. We explore the why's of travel - why you should, how you can, and what to do. We never escaped the cubicle or the rat race because we never joined it in the FIRST PLACE. Travel has always been the priority of our lives and we'll share our tips, stories and advice from 22 years of travel, no matter how our lifestyle has evolved. Solo travel, couples travel, expat travel, family travel, RV travel and digital nomad travel, we've done it all and don't intend on stopping any time soon! Are you ready to travel more and create better memories? We're ready to help you!


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Y Travel Podcast, is hosted by Caz and Craig Makepeace from the award winning Y Travel Blog. We explore the why's of travel - why you should, how you can, and what to do. We never escaped the cubicle or the rat race because we never joined it in the FIRST PLACE. Travel has always been the priority of our lives and we'll share our tips, stories and advice from 22 years of travel, no matter how our lifestyle has evolved. Solo travel, couples travel, expat travel, family travel, RV travel and digital nomad travel, we've done it all and don't intend on stopping any time soon! Are you ready to travel more and create better memories? We're ready to help you!






EP 36: Tell Her She Can't with Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis is a women’s travel industry maven and leader in the area of women’s empowerment. She is most passionate about helping women to tap into their personal power through traveling the world. In this episode, we share about how she does this through her various women focused travel businesses, how her own travel story and life was a driving force for that, and her new, empowering book, Tell Her She Can't! She’s the founder of Go! Girl Guides, the world’s first series of travel guidebooks for women, as well as the founder of the annual Women’s Travel Fest conference. In 2016, she co-founded the boutique tour company Damesly, which has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Travel + Leisure and National Geographic. Tell Her She Can’t shares stories of women who refused to believe that they can’t, especially when told otherwise. They can, they did … and you can too. Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/tell-her-she-cant-kelly-lewis/


EP35: Vaccinations, Pandemic Travel + Wine with Dr. Nadeen White

Are you nervous about taking a COVID vaccine? Dr. Nadeen White was one of the trusted experts I followed throughout the past year of the pandemic. She eased my nerves and uncertainty and gave me confidence to the vaccine. In this epsidoe, she's share some of her expertise on the vaccine, COVID studies and tips for pandemic travel. She'll also share why travel is a part of her life, her travel style, and how she balances it with a career she loves. Dr. Nadeen White. “Blogger by Day, Physician by Night” is the creator, editor & writer for the award-winning blog-The Sophisticated Life. She strives to inspire others to travel around the world by sharing personal travel experiences and providing detailed travel guides. The Sophisticated Life covers affordable luxury travel, culinary travel & wine. Dr. White is also an author, speaker and medical expert with coverage of international travel recommendations, travel emergencies and the Coronavirus Pandemic as seen on CNN. In 2020 Dr.White will be serving as a brand ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine. In 2019 Dr. Nadeen White spoke on Culinary Travel and Medical Travel topics at the Audacity Festival held by Nomadness Travel Tribe. She is also a bestselling author with the release of her travel Ebook series on Amazon. Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/dr-nadeen-white-podcast/


Ep 34: From Daily Travels to Daily Podcast with Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt from EverythingEverywhere.com shows how travel has evolved for him from daily travel to a daily podcast living a more settled life. We’re big proponents of allowing travel to evolve with your lifestyle. There is no set way to do it. You define the rules of how it best suits your values, your dreams, and your lifestyle choices. Gary Arndt shows us how travel has evolved for him from being a 9 year nomad constantly traveling to living the settled life without travel being the focus of it. In 2007, Gary sold his house in exchange for nearly a decade of daily adventures around the world, sharing his experiences on his blog, Everything Everywhere. He quickly became one of the biggest and most well known blogs in the world, especially noted for his photography which has won numerous awards. But, not just in travel, the past year’s pandemic has caused him to take a huge pivot in business. With the loss of his business literally overnight, Gary switched to pursing a long term itch he had to create the Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast. In it he shares and explores interesting curiosities and questions about life such as Who was the Fifth Beatle, Who is the most dominating athlete of all time, Where does the best thing since sliced bread come from? and What happened to Harold Holt, the disappearing Australian Prime Minister? His podcast has exploded in growth and in under a year has reached 100,000 downloads per month. Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/everything-everywhere-podcast-gary-arndt/


EP 33: Chattanooga road trip with Savannah Makepeace

I’m delighted to share the podcast mic with my savvy and vivacious nine year old daughter, Savannah. We chat about our recent road trip to Chattanooga, TN. It was the first time, Savannah and I have taken a trip with just the two of us. Savannah shares why it was important for her to spend time with just me. We also dive into the stories and highlights of why we loved Chattanooga. From the thrilling incline railway to the more gentle art mural walks! Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/chattanooga-road-trip-podcast/


EP 32: From Big House to Full Time RV Travel with Kay (Mom Trotter)

This podcast interview is with the inspiring Kay Akpan from the popular Instagram, YouTube, and blog, The Mom Trotter. She is also a writer, speaker and advocate for gentle parenting. Kay created The Mom Trotter to share her budget travel tips, homeschooling life, parenting as well as to connect with other families following the same path. Kay joins me to chat who and her husband Sylvester sold their way too big house to buy an RV and put family at the center of their life as they travel full time with their son Aiden. We chat about overcoming your fears to just do it, life on the road, homeschooling, reducing debt and smart money matters for kids. I love how Kay embraces our family travel philosophy that travel doesn’t have to stop after kids. Her passion is to empower parents to see how travel with kids is possible and doable as a one income family, stay at home parent or while working a full time job. Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/family-travel-mom-trotter-podcast/


EP 31: Teen Travel and Mother Daughter Trips with Tamara Gruber, We3Travel

Have you ever wondered or feared what it's like to travel with a teen? Tamara Gruber from We3Travel shares her tips on traveling with a teen and how it can evolve as your family life does. I've long admired how she has made family travel a focus of her life especially with her mother daughter trips with her teen daughter, Hannah. Tamara is a marketing professional, travel writer and podcaster. In 2013 she launched We3Travel.com to share her passion for family travel and her detailed trip itineraries and tips to help make planning a family vacation quicker and easier. Since 2016, she has also been sharing her love of travel as co-host of the Vacation Mavens podcast, offering destination information and tips to get you out the door. As the mom of a teen, she recognizes the need for women in their midlife to take time for themselves and recently launched YourTimetoFly.com, a travel and lifestyle website for women in their 40s and 50s. Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/teen-travel-tips-tamara-gruber-we3travel/


EP: 30 Our Memorable Family Ski Trip in North Idaho

We're headed to the ski fields of Idaho . At the beginning of Spring, we had our first family ski experience at three ski resorts in Northern Idaho: Schweitzer Mountain, Lookout Pass, and Silver Mountain . It was one of our most memorable family vacations for the adventure, the beauty and the chance to bond together as a family. We share the joys, intensities, and lessons learned during these 5 days of skiing. Full Show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/ski-idaho-podcast


EP 29: Tips for Living Abroad: Interview with Tim Leffel

Have you ever considered living abroad? Are you looking for a better life for half the price? There are so many reasons to live abroad, one of the main ones is that it makes the ordinary extraordinary, offers a more immersive travel experience with rich memories, and can often be soooo much cheaper. If you’re going to be living anyway, you might as well make it cheaper and better right? In this podcast episode we discuss the benefits and value of living abroad with expat Tim Leffel.


Ep 28: One week South Florida Road trip

In this episode, we head to South Florida on a week road trip from the Atlantic Coast to the Gulf Coast. We visit the regions of Martin County, Sebring, and Manasota Key. You’ll discover enchanting ancient hammocks where Florida panthers still roam, thrill rides on air boat rides through spectacular scenery (and alongside the most alligators you ever want to encounter), barrier islands you feel are yours alone to enjoy, the serenity of tucked away rivers, and plenty of fresh and delicious farm to table experiences (land and water). Full Show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/south-florida-road-trip-podcast/


EP 27: We're BACK! Updates from us

After an almost six month break, we are back recording our travel podcast. We didn’t intend to be away for that long. We are firm believers in “do the best from where you are with what you have.” And that was been 2020 for us. Our bandwidth was limited, our stress levels high, and our challenges were numerous. I guess it just all got to much for us and we took a step back. Sharing all in our first podcast for 2021 Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/ep-27-were-back/


EP 26: The Black Travel Alliance with guest Kerwin McKenzie

We're happy to bring back Kerwin McKenzie to the podcast, our friend and fellow travel lover, travel blogger, ex-airline worker, and plane enthusiast who has traveled to 125 countries and flown on 180 airlines!! In this podcast, Kerwin shares with us the mission and purpose behind the Black Travel Alliance which was founded by a group of Black content creators in in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement in support of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, and other black Americans whose voices have been silenced by white supremacy and white privilege. The mission of the Black Travel Alliance is to support Black content creators around the world and increase their representation in the travel industry and hold destinations and travel brands accountable on the issue of diversity in travel marketing and storytelling. Full show notes: https://www.ytravelblog.com/black-travel-alliance/


EP 25: Balancing Affordable Travel With A Job With Danielle Desir

Ever wondered how you can make travel a reality, while managing a full-time job, paying off student loans, saving for a house, and investing in your future? We're excited to share with you many nuggets on how to make this work from someone who has done all the above and continues to do so. Danielle Desir from the Thought Card, an Award winning affordable travel finance blog and podcast. She has also authored two books on finances and travel: Traveling With A Full-Time Job, and Affording Travel: Saving Strategies For Financially Savvy Travelers Danielle teachers others how to afford making travel a financial priority in their lives so they can afford more, pay of debt and build wealth and travel more. Full show notes https://www.ytravelblog.com/travel-with-a-job-danielle-desir/ Be sure to subscribe and leave a review!


EP 24: A Surprising Natural North Florida Road Trip

In this episode we wrap up our week long family road trip through Natural North Florida, a region between Tallahassee and Jacksonville down to the Gulf Coast at Cedar Key. We had a fantastic week diving for sea scallops, swimming in natural springs, kayaking down stunning rivers and across to nearby islands. Plus, loads of delicious seafood and friendly people. Read full posts here: https://www.ytravelblog.com/things-to-do-in-north-florida/ Don't forget to subscribe, review and share.


Ep 23: A stopover in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is a wonderful destination. It is our stopover destination when we road trip from North Carolina to Florida. It's the perfect halfway point. In this episode, we chat about our first road trip after Rona - the challenges of getting back on the road, how to adjust, what travel is like now and things we love about Savannah.


Ep 22: The What, Whys, and Hows of Homeschooling / Roadschooling

If there is one thing 2020 has shown you is the possibility of an alternative lifestyle. You mean I can work from wherever I am AND my kids can approach learning in the same way? Yes. In this podcast episode we share our ultimate tips for making this work. Why am I qualified to give you this advice? I WISH someone with this much experience helped guide me through the roadschooling experience with all these tips before I started! Even though I am a qualified teacher with oodles of rich experiences, teaching your own children is very different - enjoyable in parts, but not as easy and ideal as you think. Our tips will help you do it better and keep your sanity! Share this with your other parenting friends wanting to embrace this better life of freedom, control and fun! Remember to subscribe and leave a review. Full show notes with resource links https://www.ytravelblog.com/homeschooling-roadschooling-tips-podcast/


Ep 21: Why Do Hard Things with Christina From Macs Explore

Christina McEvoy and family are full-time travelers, outdoor adventure travel experts, content creators and bloggers. They have been slow traveling through Central and South America since Jan 2019 and are currently in Chile, where they got "stuck" during the pandemic. They have two boys and love to seek physical challenges and off-the-beaten-path places along their travels. In addition to providing tips for adventure travel destinations, Christina also teaches people how to successfully get paid to travel using Instagram by working with brands and destinations. We discuss: traveling with teenshousesitting hasn't been a great option Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review


EP 20: Insights on Flying Now and Current Travel Restrictions with Kerwin McKenzie

Kerwin McKenzie is the expert you want for finding information on flights and global travel! He is an ex-airline employee who has been passionate about aviation since his first flight at 9. He's visited 125 countries, flown on 180 airlines, has written two books for airline employees, created several travel and flight websites and is a regular conference speaker. In fact, on this podcast you'll learn about the unique job he once held at conferences. Now I know why he's always at every conference and attend and the most warm, friendly, and approachable person you'll have the pleasure of chatting with! In this podcast, Kerwin will share: Don't forget to subscribe, share and view the show notes


EP 19: Wrightsville, NC brings out Aussie lingo and nostalgia

We had a lot of fun recording this podcast episode and sharing why we resonate so strongly with the beach community vibe of Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. Thankfully, it's less than two hours from Raleigh so we can visit often. This recording put us into Aussie mode - the connection between those two places is so great. We slip into some funny Aussie language and stories of home. Don't forget to subscribe, leave a review and check the show notes for links and related content.


EP 18: Beaufort, South Carolina - Full of History and Charm

In this episode, we share our quick family getaway to Beaufort, a charming historical town in South Carolina. We're back traveling - mostly exploring the East Coast - and visiting those lessor known destinations. We want you to still have those travel experiences you are thirsting for - especially during these challenging times when you need a break! Beaufort, South Carolina will give you that relaxing break you need, away from the hordes of people, and out with fresh, salty breezes. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!


EP 17: Your RV/ caravaning questions answered

In this special episode, we answer your questions about RV travel, or caravan camper travel if you are in Australia. Thank you to all those who sent in their questions. Topics covered include * The best approach for a six month trip of the US in a 4x4 camper * Handy tips for managing wanting to see it all! * We may whine about the weather again - but we give tips to work around it! * What wild camping/ free camping/ boondocking is and tips for finding them * Should you rent a travel trailer/ camper/ caravan etc before you buy one? * Where you can store your RV * Tips for dumping your black waste: How often, how, useful resources and gear * Travel Trailer vs RV * Approximate costs of the RV trip of the US * How the kids are entertained while traveling in the RV * What's it like to drive and RV/travel trailer? And things to consider for safety * Using the bathrooms in an RV - what most people really use it for * Costs comparisons to traveling in an RV to renting hotels and apartments and self driving and when you should choose one over the other * What did we find out the hard way Don't forget to send us more of your questions on any travel topic. After 22 years of nomadic travel, we're your trusted guides! For full episode show notes visit https://www.ytravelblog.com/rv-questions-answered/ Don't forget to subscribe