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Have you ever wanted to have someone tell you what you should do because you want someone to blame if it doesn't work out? Then join in and listen to Amie and Lisa's countless conversations as they tell each other what they should do in their own daily lives.


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Have you ever wanted to have someone tell you what you should do because you want someone to blame if it doesn't work out? Then join in and listen to Amie and Lisa's countless conversations as they tell each other what they should do in their own daily lives.




Alligators, fasting and last meals?

Hello Listeners! Try to keep up as we go from one random topic to another. Hopefully, we give you a thing or two to ponder.


Austin Explains Dating Apps

What's a single person to do when they move to a city where they don't know anyone. Lisa says look for the nearest church, but apparently most people go to the dating apps. Listen in as Austin explains to his mom how dating apps work and which ones are the most popular.


Last Episode of 2022

So, we are a little late getting this episode out but hope you will enjoy it anyway. We discuss "watches versus warnings", "jealousy versus envy", "favorite husbands", and all the chemicals we are putting on our faces. You'll have to listen to see how we incorporated these random topics into one episode.


More Travel Fun

Amie's back! Amie discusses new packing options, types of luggage and how to get through airport security without proper identification! Who knew that was possible?!


Mark's Boys' Trips

Today, Mark is joining the podcast to discuss the special summer trips he shared with his two boys. It was full of planes, trains, automobiles and much more. Listen as he describes the surprises and joys he received while bringing much joy to his boys.


Amie's Travels

Well, Amie is back and we discuss her 2022 travels in this episode. She has traveled all over the USA, partied in France and been stalked by a celebrity AGAIN. You don't won't to miss hearing about her adventures.


Kentucky Derby

Friends, there is a Surprise host today on the podcast! He is sharing all about his next favorite thing in life next to his beautiful wife and his two boys, they definitely come first……Horse racing!!! Can you guess who it is?


New Year, New Things

It’s 2022! Starting off this new year with new intentions and keeping a balance in life. Sometimes your best yes is no.


Shopping Math 101

Shopping math……it’s different math than you learned in school. But once you get it, you will see how you have been making money daily and did not even know it. You’re welcome!


Would you Rather?

Would you rather have more time or more money? This question and many more we ask each other on this episode. Great conversation starters!


Murder, Tiffany, & Murder

Typical Lisa and Amie day where the conversations are all over the board. Start with a murder story, then chat about one of our favs, Tiffany Haddish, then come back to a murder. And in between those topics, are a few side tracked talks about who knows what.


Trivia lessons by Lisa

Lisa shares some trivia facts you have probably learned that may not be accurate. After this episode, you will be smarter with more useless knowledge. You can thank us later!


The British Babe

You know what you should do……you should pour yourself a cup of tea while you listen to our chat with our favorite British babe, Susan Storer. She is such a treat! Love this lady even more than we love her accent.


Welcome to the Sisterhood

Today's episode has a special surprise for Lisa. You must listen into find out what it is!!!


Talking Lady Parts with Dr. Garner

Dr. Garrett Garner, MD is a Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist, joins us today and what a fun visit!!! We talk about everything from how he decided to become a doctor to delivering babies to lady hormones. Definitely an episode you don't want to miss.


Hello Joelle!

We have a special guest today! A strong, beautiful woman who is a wife, a mom, a real estate agent, a CASA advocate, a volunteer at both of her kids schools, and an amazing friend. Today we chat about all things with our sweet girl, Joelle.


Meet the new Mrs. Crooms!!

So excited today to be chatting with the new Mrs. Crooms!! We had the privilege of talking with CC about all the wedding planning and trying to do it during COVID. Now, we get to recap and share this beautiful day!!!


Beauty Faves

Just a couple of girls who love to play in their makeup. Sharing some of our favs on the podcast today.


Male Strippers 101

You won't believe this story until you hear it! Listen in to this episode for the all the details.



We love when we come across people who surprise us and inspire us. Today Lisa shares a little bit on the book she just listened to from Matthew McCongauhey. It sounds like a must! Then, we quickly switch gears to debate what is a chili, soup, or stew. What are your thoughts?