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Nature's Way - 2nd Law and Entropy

In this episode we will explore a concept I have been excitedly working on as I feel that it will have a large impact on you and your art. It is based on a law in nature that, if mastered, can bring art to another level of engagement not to mention the positive impact it will have on the artist. As mentioned, here are images of the sculptures I spoke of: High Energy (Low Entropy) works: And Ai WeiWei's work: And here are the Low Energy (High Entropy) works: And The Lightning...


Path Followed - Thelonious Monk and Louise Bourgeois

In this episode we will look at how being unyielding, loyal and single - minded in the belief that the creative path you are on is the only path forward, can bring about the recognition your work deserves regardless of the amount of time it takes. Please take some quiet time and listen to this masterful version: Here are Louise's rules for artistic success: And here is...


One Chance - Boston Garden, 1968 and The Drag, 1927

In this episode we will look at how a single artistic performance can have enormous implications for society at large. This is going to be an amazing show as we will look at the Boston Garden concert of James Brown in 1968 and a play, titled The Drag, written by Mae West, performed in 1927 and how these specific productions reverberated throughout their times.


Complete Unknown - Thomas Pynchon and Daft Punk

In this episode we will look at artists who have gone to great lengths to remain anonymous, to stay out of the public eye and control how their image is used in the media. While such a feat may have been possible in the days before the mass technology adoption, we know that the pursuit of anonymity in today’s social climate with a person’s ability to instantaneously capture still images and video and share them with millions of people seconds later, may prove impossible in the long term....


Horrible Deal - The Rolling Stones and Neil Gaiman

In this episode we will have a look at two artists who found themselves in legal situations that severely impacted their creativity, their reputations and, more importantly, their livelihoods. This episode will highlight the many serious problems artists can experience when the business side of the creative process is not given full focus Here is Tommy doing his version of Mony Mony Here is John Lennon talking about Allen Klein..yeah he's...


Poisonous Love - Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso

In this episode we will look at the troubling lives of these artists to uncover the abusive, and deadly relationships that impacted their lives and the lives of those they loved. This is going to be a bit of a disturbing show, so please take note. Some of the content in this episode may be hard to listen to. Here is the painting Massacre of the Innocents noted in the show regarding Francis Bacon. Pretty disturbing.


Against Odds - Christy Brown and Ludwig Van Beethoven

In this episode, we will hear about how these artists were impacted by their physical impairments and the impact such limitations had on their art. But, more importantly, by the end of the episode, we will come to see how the art they deeply yearned to create ended up saving their lives. Great interview with Christy as he paints. Interesting breakdown of how Beethoven's music changed with his...


Women First - Dorothy Arzner and Amy Beach

In this episode we will look at two extraordinary artists who broke through the many barriers they faced to become recognized and respected for their drive, determination and above all, their talent. This is going to be a great episode and one that will gift all of us with methods to improve our creative processes. Here is a short clip about Dorothy: And here is a very beautiful piece by prodigy Amy...


Outsource Me - Mark Kostabi and Damien Hirst

In this episode we will look at artists who have bragged openly about farming out their artwork and claiming it as their own creation. Yes, as ridiculous as this sounds. there are many artists who have, or are currently, selling work that they had no hand in producing. Here is the Di Vinci work I mentioned. Which one is more his.... Here is a link to the 60 minutes Mark Kostabi interview..great to watch: Here is a link to our favorite...


Deep Oppression - Naji al-Ali and Kudzanai Chiurai

In this episode, we will examine the impact of government oppression and the artists who have risked their lives to rally against this injustice. Hopefully, at the end of this show, we will find some methods or practices we can incorporate into our artistic processes. To see some of Naji's cartoons, please visit: And to see Kudzanai's image of Robert Mugabe, see...


Creative Smack - Layne Staley and Ginger Baker

I want to start this episode, the final one in Season One, by saying this: I did not want to do this episode. I had thoughts to never do it. The main reason is that I am not interested in promoting the use of any drug especially to those who may be inclined to experiment in an effort to further their artistic career. Here is a video showing my favorite Alice in Chains song: And here is a video showing the talent of Ginger...


Higher Power - Antoni Gaudi and Frank Gehry

In this episode, we will see if faith in a higher power can lead an artist to works of art that transcend the commonplace. Or, does the belief in untethered self-motivation triumph divine inspiration? For a nice video of the Sagrada, please click on the link and select the video "Building a Dream" Here is Gehry's Guggenheim work: And here is Duchamp's work that was mentioned in the episode, look at the...


In Solitude - Henry David Thoreau and J. D. Salinger

In this episode, we will look on the idea of solitude as it relates to the artistic process. We will see how artists have been impacted by self imposed solitude and, more importantly, how it shaped their art. Hopefully by the end of this show, we will have some idea if solitude is still relevant in today’s hyper connected lifestyle and whether or not it is a path you need to explore. Great article about...


Getting Fooled - Nat Tate and Joaquin Phoenix

In this episode we will look at artists who have made it their goal to pull the wool over the eyes of the viewing public. We're they successful? Or did their attempts fail to convince an ever skeptical audience? By the end of this show we will have an answer to that and we will also shed some light on whether perpetrating such frauds would benefit your creative career. Here is an image of Nat Tates work that was sold at Sothebys: Here is Joaquins Letterman...


Being Hated - Ernest Hemingway and Maya Lin

In this episode we will look at the raw emotion of hate as it applies to artists and their work. By looking at these two artists, we will see if hate can derail a career? Or, does hate allow the artist total freedom to produce work that draws so much negativity it actually thrives? Hopefully at the end of this episode we will have some perspective on the hate and the damage it can do. Here is a rough cut interview with Hemingway where you can see the impact of his many head trauma's...


Publicity Stunted - Sinead O'Connor and The Sex Pistols

In this episode we will look at how the necessary evil of self promotion, usually through acts of Publicity Stunts have played out for two artists. Specifically, we will see the impact these stunts had on the careers of Sinead O’Connor and the Sex Pistols. Here's Sinead's SNL performance.. Here's a link to Sinead trying to perform at a Dylan Tribute concert but the fans were not having...


Forgery Ahead - Sturtevant and Beltracchi

In this episode we will look at how two artists who made careers out of copying other artists - or in one case- masterfully forged other artist’s works, to examine if there is any value in, um, borrowing to further your career. Could stealing art, and passing it off as your own, be a means to becoming wealthy and famous? Well by the end of the episode, we should have a pretty good idea. Here's a video about Elaine and its a great...


Menial Jobs - William Burroughs and Jack White

In this episode we will look at the impact of menial jobs on artists. Are they beneficial or are they a soul sucking detriment? We will review the impact of low end jobs on William S Burroughs and on Jack White. One of these guys hated centipedes while the other can work a sewing machine like no other. Have a listen. Here is a link to a clip of David Cronenberg's interpretation of Burrough's novel Naked Lunch...yes there will be crawling things...


Killer Collaborations - Van Gogh and Iggy Pop

In the second episode we look at how fruitful collaborations with other artists can be. Are they doomed from the start, like Van Gogh and Gauguin or are they life long positive impacts that rocket careers to the next level like Iggy Pop and David Bowie? Are collaborations for you? Are you at that point where adding in another energy to your work would be a boon or a bust. Come and listen and find out. Notes: Here is Search and Destroy for your listening...


Successful Self Criticism - Pollock and LeWitt

The first episode of this podcast focuses on self criticism and self doubt as it pertains to creating art. This episode examines the lives of artists Jackson Pollock and Sol LeWitt, two artists who handled self doubt in very different ways and looks for ways you, as an artist, can use self criticism to create better work Show Notes: The Hans Namuth film on Jackson Here is the five page letter by Sol LeWitt: And, please review the...