The Rules - Examining the 33 Rules to be an Artist

In this show, we will be examining a recent article written by Pulitzer prize winning art critic Jerry Saltz. I will get into Jerry’s backstory in a moment, as I believe it is what gives Jerry the street cred to be able to write an article that lays bare the rules, he deems to be essential to making in as an artist in today’s climate. Jerry's article - 33 Rules: https://www.vulture.com/2018/11/jerry-saltz-how-to-be-an-artist.html Jerry's article about failing as an artist - MUST...


Government Art - Dorothea Lange and George Hunter

In this episode we will look at two photographers who were hired by various government agencies to create and document the land and the people of their countries. While some artists may feel that working for such a red-tape laden bureaucracy would be nothing but stifling and soul sucking, this show will highlight the ability of artists to create iconic images that, in one case, brought images of desperation and poverty that rocked society and, in another case, highlighted the absolutely...


Morality Police - Lenny Bruce and The Filthy Fifteen

In this episode we will hear about how the liberal use of obscenity laws and the actions of religious backed social groups impacted the world of art at several points in recent history. We will hear how artists were singled out, attacked and in some cases dragged through the courts for decades all in an attempt to silence their voice and remove their art from public viewing. Under the guise of morality, we have seen time and time again that those in power have abused the laws in order to...


Second Time - Gloria Jones and Indio

In this episode we will look at two examples of how original art was covered and reissued by other artists only to gain the success the original artist could not achieve. Each of these cases shows how art can be ignored or undervalued by one audience, only to resonate deeply with audiences years, sometimes decades later. Patreon Page - Please Support the Show! www.patreon.com/yourartsucks Here's Gloria's version of Tainted Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSehtaY6k1U And Here is...


Fueling Hate - The Catcher In The Rye and The Will To Power

In this episode we will look at how art was co-opted by those who would use hate as a means to carry out horrible acts of violence. We will see how artists have had their works mutated, misread, misappropriated and ultimately forever marred. We will see how art can become an impetus for pain and suffering without the artist ever intending their work to become such fuel. Patreon Page - Please help the show!! www.patreon.com/yourartsucks Here is a picture of Mark David Chapman with John...


Self Criticism Revisited

This is Self Criticism Revisited, the first episode of season four. It's great to be back and I do hope all of you are ready to engage with our creative processes and see where we can challenge ourselves, our art, and our accepted methods. As creative beings, we must continuously strive to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and truly explore what the universe brings into our lives Benedict Reading Sol : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnSMIgsPj5M Thank you to all my Patreon...


Season 4 - Update and a request

Hello All, Hope you find the episode informative. It is just a quick update as to the new season as well as a request to nominate the show. Here is the link to nominate - please do so before Oct 26th!! Let's win the category of society and culture!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfHni3xahXHugZHQD-AauuNExw4_2Idml27rQkIseA2CnOG4A/viewform Thank you!! Trevor


Full Life - Jack Whitten and Notes From The Woodshed

For those of you who follow this podcast, you will know that this is the last episode of season three, after which I will be taking a bit of a break. I would love to be able to give you a start date for season four, but right now that is up in the air. The main reason for this is that I am dedicating more time to working on my book. I really feel that I need to get this completed and released as I have been putting it off long enough. Here is the link for Hauser and...


Three Acts - Jesper Just, Ulay and Elina Brotherus

In this episode we will look at three very different artistic performances, their creation and execution and ultimately we will examine if these works were successful in conveying the message the artist intended. Performance art is a high stakes medium that is very much risk and reward. Whether it is live or replayed, any art based on a physical interaction and reaction is one that, when successful, creates a unique bond between the artist and the viewer. A soul deep connection that lasts...


Panic Terror - Andy Partridge and H.R. Giger

In this episode, we will take a look at how two artists who were plagued by internal afflictions so severe that their very life paths were permanently altered. And while this episode will talk about negative emotions and painful events, I want to assure you that both of these creatives found a way through these dark times, to produce work far superior to what they had done prior. Please support the show!! www.patreon.com/yourartsuckspodcast Here is the video of Andy's panic...


In Spaces - Lynne Cohen and Famous Artist Spaces

In this episode, I am going to, hopefully, change the way you think about creative spaces. This is not going to be the usual show where I discuss two artists and the lessons we can learn from their successes and failures. No, I wanted to switch the focus for this episode and challenge you to consider the environments we live and work in. Come support the show on Patreon: www.Patreon.com/yourartsucks Francis Bacon Studio....the disaster: Here is Lynne's image of the stairwell I...


Holding Together - The Grateful Dead and The Police

In this episode we will hear about how two musical acts dealt with the intimate relationships that comes with long term, high pressure creative cohabitation. There’s no escaping the fact that when you’re in a group, your identity may be lost within the larger concept of the project. Let’s also be realistic here, spending weeks, months and even years locked in a van, an airport or in hotel rooms together can lead to some emotionally explosive situations. Please support the show at...


Life Cycle - Edwin H Land and Steve Jobs

In this episode, we will look at the lives of two industrial designers who altered the world of consumer goods. There is no hint of hyperbole when I say that both of these artists have changed the very lives of hundreds of millions of people.


Genius Interrupted - Mozart and Winifred Knights

In this episode, we will look at the lives of two artistic geniuses who had external circumstances prevent their lives from achieving the true recognition they deserved. The goal, by the end of the show, is to bring their stories to you so that we can all be inspired by their greatness. Here is a link to Winifred's The Deluge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winifred_Knights#/media/File:The_Deluge.jpg


Extreme Acts - Bryan Lewis Saunders and Chris Burden

In this episode we will examine the art of these two individuals who used their bodies as vessels of self expression. And while such practices have been done throughout the history of art and in many cultures as a rite of passage, both Chris and Bryan pushed the envelope into very dark and dangerous places Here is the link to Orlan's work....tough to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoX00dhVlEg Here is the link to Bryan's drug fueled...


Going Commercial - Feist and Caesars

In this episode we will examine the effects of commercial success on an artist and their art. And when I say commercial, I mean this literally. The two artists in this episode were fortunate enough to have one of their songs prominently featured in a National television ad for the consumer electronics juggernaut also known as Apple. This single act, as we will hear, had an immediate impact on the careers of these musicians. They were, as if in an instant, rocketed to heights of popularity...


Creative Block - Many Artists Many Ways

In this episode, I will be addressing the monster that is creative block. All artists, at some point in their career have experienced this drought in their process. And I am sure you have as well. While some of these periods can be brief, a day or two, there have been blocks that have lasted years. Tormenting the artist and, in the worst cases, having them turn away permanently from their true path.


Nature's Way - 2nd Law and Entropy

In this episode we will explore a concept I have been excitedly working on as I feel that it will have a large impact on you and your art. It is based on a law in nature that, if mastered, can bring art to another level of engagement not to mention the positive impact it will have on the artist. As mentioned, here are images of the sculptures I spoke of: High Energy (Low Entropy) works: And Ai WeiWei's work: And here are the Low Energy (High Entropy) works: And The Lightning...


Path Followed - Thelonious Monk and Louise Bourgeois

In this episode we will look at how being unyielding, loyal and single - minded in the belief that the creative path you are on is the only path forward, can bring about the recognition your work deserves regardless of the amount of time it takes. Please take some quiet time and listen to this masterful version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUxQLU_eqfU Here are Louise's rules for artistic success: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-artist-louise-bourgeois And here is...


One Chance - Boston Garden, 1968 and The Drag, 1927

In this episode we will look at how a single artistic performance can have enormous implications for society at large. This is going to be an amazing show as we will look at the Boston Garden concert of James Brown in 1968 and a play, titled The Drag, written by Mae West, performed in 1927 and how these specific productions reverberated throughout their times.