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An interview show about how bartenders handle problems

An interview show about how bartenders handle problems
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An interview show about how bartenders handle problems






Episode 8: So you want to open your own bar – With Simi Grewal

Many of us, myself included, have dreams of opening up our own bar someday, but the idea can seem daunting, even impossible. Where do you begin? How do you fund a project like that? How will your life change when you run your own place? Is it even right for you? Starting your own business is one of the most challenging things you can do, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. My guest today is Simi Grewal. She has worked in just about every capacity in this industry, everything from...


Episode 7: Empathy and service – With Todd Carnam

Customers are people too, just like you and I, though often it's hard to remember that fact. Our job, by necessity, separates us from the people we serve. This separation tends to invoke an 'us versus them' attitude, which is especially reinforced when we are super busy. It is extremely difficult to see customers as unique individuals with different needs and emotions when 30 of them all show up at the same time and expect service, but we still have to make it happen. My guest today is Todd...


Episode 6: Staying creative and inspired – With Suzu

It's easy to get burnt out in this industry. So much of what we do is mere drudgery. It's repetitive and it can wear us down after a long time. It is difficult to stay inspired and creative when you work behind the bar. One way to stay inspired however, although maybe not the easiest, is variety and movement. My guest today, Suzu, is an expert at career movement. Suzu has worked in the industry since he was a child, helping out around his grandparent's family restaurant in Tokyo. Here in San...


Episode 5: Staying healthy and being well – With Tanya Clark

Let's face it, our industry is unhealthy. We're physically exhausted, we don't sleep well, we keep weird hours, we live on salty junk food and we drink all the time. We have to bring the party, it's our job, but we often get lost in the party. We become the party and we don't know when the party ends. We all feel like we will live forever and we can keep going and never stop, but sooner or later it's going to catch up with us. Our unhealthy lifestyle is not sustainable. But our industry...


Episode 4.5: What have we learned so far? Counterfeits, injuries, violence, cutting people off

Hey folks! I thought I'd try something new for this episode. I got some feedback and I decided to start doing shorter summery style episodes every few episodes. There is a ton of information in the interviews and it's hard to remember everything, so I'll lay out the key points in these recap episodes to make it easier to remember. We learn better through repetition anyway. Maybe I'll turn all of this into a book or training seminar someday. We'll see where it goes. You're 86 is always...


Episode 4: You’ve had enough for tonight- With Andrew Meltzer

I've always found it ironic that our business is to sell people alcohol, but we also have to make sure they don't get too drunk. We want them to buy more so we make more money, but we can't sell them too much because it causes problems—The worst being that they will kill themselves or someone else. The drunker they get, the more childish they become, and have you ever tried to tell a child they can't have more of something they want? It doesn't go well. At least children are tiny and tire...


Episode 3: Living with rape and violence at the bar – With Nate Olson

The idea behind pretty much every bar is essentially the same: Create an enjoyable environment for people to come have drinks or food. This is our business. Maybe some bars don't play the music you like, some bars don't serve the food you like, some bars don't play the sports games you like, it's impossible to please everyone all the time, of course, but the idea is still pretty much the same. Unfortunately, sometimes guests have a different idea of what the bar is supposed to be. Some...


Episode 2: Ouch! Bar injuries and how to fix them, With Julie Kunz and Andrew Campbell

Bars can be dangerous places, especially for those of us who work behind them. Cuts and scrapes, burns, slips and falls are all quite common injuries, and sometimes bartenders suffer even weirder injuries like bar spoon puncture wounds.


Episode 1: I Want to speak to the manager! With James Butler

There are few phrases I want to hear less than, "I want to speak to the manager!" In this episode, I got to sit down with my long-time friend and colleague James Butler, and talk with him about the challenges he has faced as a manager in the bar and restaurant industry here in San Francisco.


Episode 0: Welcome! Plus the dos and don’ts of counterfeit money

Hey, Episode 0 is finally here! Thanks so much for tuning in and checking us out! Normally I will interview a different bartender every week, but in this episode I'm just at home hanging out with my dog (see photo), and I wanted to briefly introduced myself and the show, and share a story about how I poorly handled a situation with counterfeit currency. You can find Episode 0 in the player below or you can subscribe to the You’re 86 Podcast on this page or wherever podcasts are found. Since...