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1/11/19 KMD Checks In: Happy 2019!

Just taking a wee moment to check in on this new year with the moon waxing crescent!and total coincidence. The length of this Hello is 19 minutes. I kid you NOT! I found four tunes with a nineteen theme to play behind me and had a fun little rant! So I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more #ZNPPodcast to come in 2019! It’s the year of the Pig! You know how I feel about them. #NotOntheMenu #FutureAllies


12/23/18 Episode 53: Lisa Marie Welch

Follow Lisa Marie beautiful visions and jewelry as @featherflowers on Instagram Find Flying Mystics earlier work on Amazon and look for their new LP, a tale of two rivers, available soon. Happy Holidays #ZNPPodcast listeners! My gift to myself is also a gift to you- this wonderful rich visit with dear friend, artist, jewelry maker, and so much more, Lisa Marie Welch. She is a wealth of knowledge on so many topics that light up my brain- just an inspiring joy to be around. You know when...


11/21/18 Episode 52: John Speaks returns

Mr. Speaks showing his support for Atlanta United and some holiday beard growth. It’s Round 3 In what has become a Zen Noodle Pie tradition, a pre-turkey gab fest with good friend, musician and lover of sports, Mr. John Speaks! For the third time we convene on the tail end of an election and right in the midst of NFL season frustration and we let it out. We also talk about the Young Antiques new album coming soon! Once again we could have talked for hours so this episode will get you...


11/1/18 Episode 51: Orran Booher

Follow Bakerdude on Instagram Find books by Orran on Amazon Baker, singer, author, entrepreneur, and bringer of positive energy, Orran Booher, stops by ZNP studio bearing a slice of no-bake pumpkin spice cheesecake- now available at his hot new establishment, Bakerdude! Orran IS Bakerdude and I was pleased as punch to get to know him better. Enjoy our visit and check out the new location at the Beacon in Grant Park! -Or order delivery and perhaps Orran himself will show up at your...


10/16/18 Episode 50: T Ballard Lesemann III

Check out Buteco on Instagram Give a listen to the Rock*A*Teens latest, Sixth House, on Spotify The Rock*A*Teens drummer and bar manager for new Grant Park Atlanta hang, Buteco, T Ballard Lesemann (the third) stops by Zen Noodle Pie studio to chat about his drumming history, RATs new album, and the challenges and bonuses of opening and running a happening joint. We reminisce on touring with bands in the 90s, Halloween costumes, and things you see as a kid that can still creep you out as an...


10/2/18 Episode 49: Jennifer Leavey

ZNP meets up with Jennifer Leavey of iconic Atlanta band, Catfight!, to hear about her new amusingly named projects - Leucine Zipper and the Zinc Fingers and the Wussy Pillows. A biology professor at Georgia Tech and lover of science, Jennifer found a way to put science and rock music in a beaker and create something entirely fresh and entertaining. Our visit takes a nice meander around Atlanta local music memories, seeing through today’s often dark social climate, and solo bike-riding as a...


9/18/18 Episode 48: Kim Ware Returns

Keep up with the Good Graces and find all social media links on their website First guest of the almost Fall season and ZNP’s 2nd only ever Follow-up visit! We welcome back songwriter, musician, Kim Ware, to share what she’s been up to musically with the Good Graces and further thoughts she’s been having about anxiety. She has some great tips on how to get started meditating which she’s been doing for 8 years! Once again I learned new things about an old friend and we share laughs and some...


9/4/18 Episode 47: KMD Back for Fall!

Hello friends. I've been madly recording this latest LP of songs and finally finished tracking! Just in time to pick back up for some Fall and Holiday ZNP episodes 2018. This makes me happy- It's my favorite time of year after all. To celebrate I made a little Spotify playlist of female writing and music-making friends of mine to play while I shoot the breeze. I've been feeling really great- I did have the opportunity to talk a young woman through a panic attack a few weeks ago and I was so...


2/1/18 Episode 46: Suzy Moran

Loving this visit with DJ (on hiatus) specializing in vintage Peruvian psychedelia and one of my all time favorite immigrants, Suzy Moran! We reminisce on our years ago trip to Macho Picchu and Suzy shares some intel she has gathered working in health care and how she made it through a recent health scare. We agree on the importance of leaving technology at home and taking a walk! Keep moving and Enjoy!


1/16/18 Episode 45: Kim Murrey

Follow Kim Murrey on Instagram Make-up artist based in Nashville, Kim Murrey, spends Jan 1 with KMD over some classy hair of the pink poodle (rosé). NYE dance moves are discussed as are early 90s roommate shenanigans, the art of dressing out loud, and united efforts to curb plastics! #GoStrawless. Enjoy this fun first visit of the new year!


1/5/18 Episode 44: Check in with KMD

Happy New Year! KMD checks in solo with some thoughts on the new year and a run down of holiday happenings! Hope 2018 has been good to you so far!


11/21/17 Episode 43: John Speaks Returns

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I am thankful for so so many things, including my man, Speaks, willing to return for a fun-filled catch-up on some of our favorite topics: sports, laughter, music and food. Of course we had to touch on some current events, they are Unavoidable! The holiday season is an instant balm to what ails me and this sesh definitely left me feeling great! Hang out with me and John on your way to Turkey or that Tofurky. Wishing you much to be Thankful for and a safe landing...


11/7/17 Episode 42: Michelle Friedman

Certified music practitioner and teacher, Michelle Friedman, stops by to share why her experience with anxiety caused her to seek a cardiologist, how music can effect heart rate and healing, and why we should all add a mixolydian to our self-care tool box! It's all about good vibrations folks! For more information about Live Therapeutic Music and how to become a Certified Music Practitioner, visit the Music for Healing and Transition Program WEBSITE Book your own private Live Therapeutic...


10/17/17 Episode 41: Gayle Rej

Keep track of what's next for Ultra Popcorn Theatre Company on Facebook Reunited and it feels so good! Enjoy this visit with long-time friend, Gayle Rej, one half of Ultra Popcorn Theatre Company and co-director of their inaugural production, "TV", one of a 3 part Play entitled, America Hurrah by Jean-Claude van Itallie (1966 NYC premier). Gayle is also my favorite Vegan and we really dig in to what true veganism really is. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit & I know you will too.xo


10/3/17 Episode 40: Steve Beach

Listen to more music from Beach's solo project, The Shannon Limit, on Bandcamp Things get Deep! It's beyond our control. I've known Steve Beach forever (literally decades) as one of many music loving friends and husband to one of my besties. It wasn't until years later that I discovered we had a mutual need for creative flow and freedom. As one that creates music at once experimental, ambient, chaotic and soothing, Steve Beach paints landscapes with sound. We talk about humanity's need for...


9/19/17 Episode 39: Douglas Savage

It's KMD's first interview performed as a married lady! And luckily this guest, world traveler, documentary maker and post-production aficionado, Douglas Savage, is captive in the Zen Noodle Pie studio (which also has a comfy guest bed). Douglas graciously let me interrogate him on everything from family heritage to how he stays healthy and maintains relationships while splitting time between three continents. Staying centered is key to staying even-keeled! He put up with some silliness- but...


8/29/17 Episode 38: Three Merians, part 2

Escape to India in part 2 of my visit with Three Merians! This woman should write a book. The sights, sounds, smells- She really took me there! Ancient spiritual teachings a plus. I highly recommend taking this one in while reclined, eyes closed. Enjoy the ride! And thanks for coming back for more Zen Noodle Pie.


8/15/17 Episode 37: Check in with KMD

KMD sings for new project, Parsons Rocket Project. Give a listen & see their first video on YouTube. It's another solo waxathon! (what?) Where I unexpectedly meander down a cosmic rabbit hole. Hang out with me now and Join ZNP next time for Part 2 with Three Merians! She was ailing from strep throat! Feel better Ms. Merians! And as always, thanks for listening to Zen Noodle Pie.xo Check out spanking new release from ZNP's very first guest, Bret Busch ! Pills Lace and Confetti- streaming...


8/1/17 Episode 36: Three Merians, part 1

Follow Three Merians on Instagram It's our first 2-parter! with very special guest, Three Merians! Three recently spent 4 months in India and was invited to share travel tales; but once we got going, there was so much to learn at every turn I (happily) got waaaay off track and invited her back to continue in "part 2"! In this episode, Three shares tales of a childhood in Woodstock, NY; her evolution to "soft-core" veganism; and the unexpected jobs she found herself rocking! Please enjoy...


7/18/17 Episode 35: Ehrich Hozenjah

You can find Ehrich Hozenjah on Facebook Enjoy the wonder of Hozenjah on YouTube Rock Star, author, and reluctant dog whisperer, Ehrich Hozenjah, takes time from his busy schedule to visit with Zen Noodle Pie. Long a mystery to many, Hozenjah divulges more than one music legend on whom he had an influence and opens up about his childhood spent in Africa. Not without a classic reckless rock & roll past (let your imagination run wild), these days Hozenjah keeps it steady paying mind to...