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interviews with artists about their work, rituals, & practice

interviews with artists about their work, rituals, & practice
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interviews with artists about their work, rituals, & practice




THE AUDIO BOOK : a sacred shift

I am so excited to share with you the audio read aloud version of A SACRED SHIFT you may purchase the audio book HERE

EPISODE FIFTY-EIGHT: in conversation with Faythe Levine

Faythe Levine’s main objective is to promote creativity and the empowerment in which that can behold. She is foremost interested in connecting people; in people’s ability to create, and the healing and political powers that art and making hold. In constant motion in adulthood, Faythe grew up in the Pacific Northwest in the 90’s where Riot Grrrl and Punk were the culture, and finding zine-making at an early age opened her practice up to practically anything. Marlee prompts Faythe to tell...

EPISODE FIFTY-SEVEN: in conversation with Piney Wood Atlas

Piney Wood Atlas is a traveling project, a website, and a series of books that collect and connect small artist residencies across the country. It is a collaboration between Alicia Toldi and Carolina Porras, who met at the Elsewhere Studios residency in Paonia Colorado. For both of them this was their first residency after art school, and it proved to be a seminal experience that launched their collaborative duo. In conversation with Marlee, they explain their process of fundraising for...

mini episode : the history & end of have company with marlee grace

welcome to a tiny episode where it's just me + a lil fifteen minute life update where i share the ending of this project, Have Company, that I started in 2012 photo by mae stier Letting go of this project feels a bit surreal. It has been my entire life for the past five years, and I have been able to start and maintain other projects WITHIN the scope of Have Company. But for me the name of this project became solidified in it's physical space in Grand Rapids, and it's been harder than I...

EPISODE FIFTY-SIX: in conversation with ALEJANDRA LEON of The Lioness Oracle

Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha lives and sustains in Oakland, California, and is the creator of the Lioness Oracle Tarot deck. Alejandra tells her story of how she found tarot at age 17, at the suggestion of her father, and really connected with it as a clarifying force in her life. She gave free readings for years and now offers them as a service. She attended art school and always found collage to be a meditative creative practice, cutting and pasting from found magazines. It was after her...

EPISODE FIFTY-FIVE: in conversation with Lise Silva

Lise (sounds like Lizzie) Silva is a fiber artist and fiber artwear designer and creator. Her knotted work is benevolently opposed to macrame, in that her necklaces are based on one knot rather than a series of knots. Influenced by Chinese, Korean, and sailor knots, a single ornate knot makes the entire design, and through her career she has designed her own sacred knots for these wearable artworks and wallhangings. Lise talks about how she started in illustration and photography- short...

EPISODE FIFTY FOUR : in conversation with Sarah Schulweis

Our Guest : Sarah Schulweis is one of the most hard hitting no bullshit women I’ve ever met. Her approach to consulting with her business Anchor & Orbit is gentle yet firm, organized yet flexible. I met Sarah when she attended my How to Not Always be working class at Gravel & Gold last year and almost immediately made a joke that she should just teach class. Between her clients and her new online workshop, she has a way of reaching into people’s lives and businesses to set up new systems...

EPISODE FIFTY-THREE: in conversation with Mira Blackman

Mira Blackman is a clothing designer and maker, she cuts and sews her own line of sacred textiles in Oakland, California, using handwoven fabric from Uganda. Mira has a background in healing arts and teaching yoga, and moved to Oakland from her hometown of Marin, California. She grew up sewing, then a few years ago she made the decision to study apparel design and merchandising at College of Alameda to learn more about pattern design, drafting, and construction, and go into business for...

EPISODE FIFTY-TWO: in conversation with Solee Darrell

join the PODCAST FACEBOOK GROUP here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1686674148328729/ Solee Darrell was born in Bermuda, grew up in the United States, and has recently moved to Canada. She works as a jewelry designer, running her own business, Solee Darrell Jewelry. Solee tells her story of how she first went to fashion school, but skeptical of her prospects after graduation, she decided to start a new path and study Silversmithing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico under Billy King....

EPISODE FIFTY-ONE: in conversation with Texas Isaiah

Texas Isaiah exists and breathes in this world as a visual narrator. He takes pictures and gets to know the world and other people through photography, building his narrative and reflecting it back into the world through his work. Texas is a magic being inside of a skin suit. Through documentation and portraiture, he is working to rebuild the problematic relationship between POC and photographic representation, and creating a new archive of these unique narratives. His self-portraiture...

EPISODE FIFTY: in conversation with Rebekah Erev

Hi podcast listeners! Check out our new Facebook group where you can continue conversations from the podcasts with other listeners. Rebekah Erev is an earth-humping Hebrew Priestess, clergy person, artist, and small business owner who created the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book. While Rebekah was in her religious training, she began designing a set of oracle cards as her own tool for divination, and now distributes them for everyone's benefit. Rebekah has a background in...

EPISODE FORTY-NINE: in conversation with wax and wane fiber

Wax & Wane Fiber is a collaboration between Baltimore fiber artists, Claire Fredrick and Ashton J. Page. The two met at the MFA in Community Arts program at the Maryland Institue of Art in Baltimore, after Claire came from Chicago, Illinois and Ashton came from Omaha, Nebraska. They collaborated at MICA on The Quilt Story Exchange, where they worked with Baltimore women in recovery from trauma, to make therapeutic storytelling quilts. After graudating, they were inspired by their mutual...

EPISODE FOURTY-EIGHT: in conversation with Jordan Knecht

buy Jordan's book DETOX : reflections on taking a break from social media HERE Jordan Knecht made a quick stop in Grand Rapids traveling through Michigan on his way to the Detroit Art Book Fair, and fell in deep with Marlee for one day. Originally from St Luis, Missouri, Jordan studied the symbiotic relationship of printmaking and sound in Western Mass before moving to Denver, Colorado. Jordan makes installation art, books, prints, and bands. Marlee and Jordan review their greatest hits...

EPISODE FORTY-SEVEN: in conversation with Shara Crosby

Shara Crosby lives in Greenville, South Carolina, is originally from Asheville, North Carolina, and gives hand poke tattoos of her own design. After being inspired by the work of Tea Leigh, Shara taught herself the ancient craft by giving herself and her friends tattoos, and the practice quickly became her catharsis. Her intention is to hold space for others; setting up a tattoo experience where she is fully present and the recipient is safe to have their own process as she permanently...

EPISODE FORTY-SIX: in conversation with Eliza Fernand

Eliza Fernand is a project-based artist working in sculpture, installation, video and sound. She works as a teaching artist and makes functional quilts and pots under the names Bright Shroud and e.f. ceramics. Marlee and Eliza tell their origin story about Marlee attending her first residency at Eliza’s program, Shared Space Studio in 2012, and Eliza being the first Have Company resident artist in 2013. They met through mutual friends that run the Cabin Time roaming residency and Eliza...

EPISODE FORTY-FIVE: in conversation with Rebecca Bruno

SPECIAL NOTE: Hey listeners- please take a minute to answer our five-question survey. We want to learn about how you listen and what you are interested in hearing, so we can continue to improve our output. Click here for the survey Rebecca Bruno makes, facilitates, and performs dance. She is a working artist and also holds a cranial-sacral therapy practice that resonates with her rhythmic approach to dance, and a part-time freelance writing job that she can do from anywhere. For the last...

EPISODE FORTY-FOUR: in conversation with Liz Migliorelli

SPECIAL NOTE: Hey listeners- please take a minute to answer our five-question survey. We want to learn about how you listen and what you are interested in hearing, so we can continue to improve our output. Click here for the survey Liz Migliorelli is a medicine-maker, an herbal educator who also teaches folk magic classes, and a clinician who helps people with physical, spiritual, and mental ailments. She lives in Mendocino, California where she produces a product line of her floral and...

EPISODE FORTY-THREE: in conversation with Taylor McVay

SPECIAL NOTE: Hey listeners- please take a minute to answer our five-question survey. We want to learn about how you listen and what you are interested in hearing, so we can continue to improve our output. Click here for the survey Taylor McVay makes clothes and she teaches people how to make clothes. She also has her own line of patterns called Blueprints for Sewing, and lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with her partner outside of the big city, in a house they own, with trees and bugs...

EPISODE FORTY-TWO: in conversation with Brandi Harper

SPECIAL NOTE: Hey listeners- please take a minute to answer our five-question survey. We want to learn about how you listen and what you are interested in hearing, so we can continue to improve our output. Click here for the survey Brandi is very happy. She runs her own business, designing knitwear for men and women, and loves using natural fiber. Her brand called purlBknit, is based in her native city of Brooklyn, where she works from home in her own little studio. Brandi started knitting...

EPISODE FORTY-ONE: in conversation with Danielle Freiman

Marlee interviews Danielle Freiman, our resident artist visiting from Somerville, Massachusetts. Danielle went to school at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and her current practice includes making arrangements (organizing sentimental objects neatly to create a new narrative), making jewelry, and collaborating on improvisational dance pieces in Boston. She also makes zines and has a series titled Good Habits. Danielle and Marlee talk about creating accountability structures, which...