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Join us every Friday for conversations with some of the country's most important independent artists.

Join us every Friday for conversations with some of the country's most important independent artists.
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Join us every Friday for conversations with some of the country's most important independent artists.








7: StereoTytans

Your quest for a band of captivating, virtuosic, demigod musicians who play funk/metal/soul/rock and have their own comic book and beer is officially over. StereoTytans are on the job and MAN are they badass! Join us for a great conversation with the sweet, sweet babies from the cool table!


6: Richard Bush

In the 70's, the A's grabbed the nation by the ears and bashed open the gates for every local band that would follow. Regarded by critics and fans alike as the best rock & roll frontman to ever come out of Philadelphia, Richard Bush brought a unique and often imitated vocal style to the world, creating the mold for every New Wave vocalist of the era. In his current project, The Peace Creeps, Bush and bandmates continually strive to re-write the recipe book and push musical boundaries in...


5: Greg Davis

Greg Davis wowed his first audience at age 8\. By 11, he was giving guitar lessons to others. An alum of the prestigious Berklee College of Music whose mastery of jazz, rock, and classical music helped to define Beru Revue, the eclectic mega-band he co-founded, he now divides his time between his beloved Beru, In The Pocket, solo gigs, and splinter super groups, touring throughout the northeast. We catch up with Greg in his studio to chat about music, family, fans, friends, and whether it...


4: Christine Havrilla

Considered one of the hardest working women in music, Christine Havrilla has been wowing audiences since the tender age of 5\. With her child prodigy-come-of-age guitar virtuosity, a supremely passionate and emotive voice, and an arsenal of wondersongs that have endeared her to a loving and devoted audience, she is in a class all her own. She calls her unique style neofunkadelicfolkpoptwangrock, but we simply call her brilliant. We caught up with Christine before the start of yet another...


3: Hamell On Trial

Ed Hamell (aka Hamell On Trial) is the commentary in your head that you don't dare speak out loud. Biting, acerbic, insightful, sardonic, ironic, and full of painful truths that are usually only spoken aloud in anger or from the relative safety of one's car, he is a spoken-word punk troubadour with an ever-growing global audience. In addition to being an artist of well deserved acclaim, he is quite possibly the hardest working man in show business. We caught up with the inimitable Mr. Hamell...


2: Andrew Lipke

Andrew Lipke walked away from all the trappings of a successful rock & roll career — money, fame, adoring fans — and began a quest for the perfect expression of his own artistic vision. In perhaps the greatest inside joke in rock & roll history, he challenged himself to create the perfect soundscape to "Siddhartha," Hermann Hesse's acclaimed novel about a young man who eschewed his considerable wealth and comfort to discover his soul. The resulting album — a sonic exploration that garnered...


1: Bob "Beru" McCafferty

If Beru Revue did not exist, it would be quite necessary to invent them. Brilliantly witty and infectious songs performed by the best players around, bundled in a Vaudeville-meets-Alice Cooper-meets-Rocky Horror wrapper, this is some of the most cerebral rock & roll out there. With an ever-growing legion of devoted followers (Beruvians), the band continues to take its mesmerizing stage show to newer, bolder levels. Join us for a candid conversation with front man, Bob "Beru" McCafferty as we...