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messy magic is a podcast for creative folks wanting to live intuitive, intentional lives so they can focus on what they came here to do - make art + change the world. hosted by life coach + musician, jill morris.

messy magic is a podcast for creative folks wanting to live intuitive, intentional lives so they can focus on what they came here to do - make art + change the world. hosted by life coach + musician, jill morris.


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messy magic is a podcast for creative folks wanting to live intuitive, intentional lives so they can focus on what they came here to do - make art + change the world. hosted by life coach + musician, jill morris.




is what i want to do realistic?

the answer is yes. listen in to hear why and how. it is my life's mission to eradicate the sentence "well i'd really love to do X, but its just not realistic" don't settle for what society deems "realistic." go after what *you* want. MAKE that realistic. and to make the process easier: hire me. link below. what's next?: schedule a free consult with me: right here grab my free weekly reset guide: right here hang with me on instagram: right here hang with me on tiktok: right...


excuses v reasons

i'm not a fan of the culture of "no more excuses". (with a tiny caveat i share in this episode) i think we all have reasons for everything we do - and today on the podcast i'm sharing a quick but powerful tool for knowing your reasons for how you spend your time. why do you want to know your reasons? because that's how you'll change everything. that's how you'll grow the fastest. that's how you'll get sh*t done + also have plenty of space for rest. listen in to hear: i also mentioned these...


how to handle when your week doesn't go as planned

this week is like a brunch date with me! i'm diving deeeeep into how my last week went and how i evaluated it, how i learned from it, and the lessons that will apply to you too. i dive into a *lot* in this episode and you do *not* want to miss it! i talk about: dm melevel up your life 8-week group coaching programother episodes mentioned/episodes on topics mentioned: what's next?: join the ✨level up your life✨ 8-week group coaching program (begins Mon July 26th): right here schedule a...


people pleasing is the #1 time suck

if you feel like you never have enough time - it's possible you're spending time people pleasing. i didn't want to admit this is what i was doing - but once i did - i was actually able to be *more* productive *and* enjoy people more and show up for them more powerfully. in today's episode we discuss: listen in and shift your life powerfully as a result! plus i announce the free masterclass i'm hosting this coming wednesday july 14th 2021 at 11am pst - ✨time magic✨ - where i'll be teaching...


just keep creating : interview with jamie henwood

today you're in for a treat! i'm talking with jamie, a creator of many things - talking about staying creative during the pandemic, leaning into new projects, and fostering creativity in new and fun ways! the moral of the story here is to let it be easy, let it be fun, and just keep creating! Jamie Henwood (he/him) is a musician, artist, woodworker, and playlist curator from Seattle, WA. in this episode we talk about: check jamie out...


rest is productive

toxic productivity is out. naps and rest are in. still feel the productivity guilt? listen in to today's episode to hear all about how rest is actually productive and how to set up your schedule to make that so. in this episode i talk about: along with this episode i have created a weekly reset guide - its my exact process i use every week to evaluate the past week and set up my schedule for the week ahead. this is how i grow exponentially every single week and how i manage my time to make...


a music scene that works for all of us: interview with marquetta miller

today you are in for a treat! i'm chatting with seattle based musician marquetta miller (of breaks and swells + knife knights) and we talk about it allll. if you are a musician thinking of becoming a working musician, or just a generally cool human, this episode is for *you*. marquetta shares her perspective on the scene and what she hopes to see when we come out of quarantine as well as lessons learned over the past year. it's beautiful discussion on how the scene can work for all of us,...


how to leave the house (or not) after 1+ years in quarantine

if you're feeling nervous or anxious to get back out into public again, this episode is for you. we've collectively and individually been through a LOT in the past year and i'm not one to pretend that didn't happen so we can just "go back to normal". so then what do you do? well thats what i'm talking about today. i talk about: -what to do if you don't actually want to leave the house yet -how you have changed, i have changed, the world has changed, and what to do with that -all about...


exploring the space between: interview with river

today we've got a real treat on the podcast - the magical human we are so lucky to know - river! we have a wonderful, philosophical discussion of art and creativity and process and life. enjoy! a lil about river: River James Stofleth (They/Them) I’ve been living and working in Seattle for about 21 years now and love it. I’m heavily inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and you can easily see that inspiration in my paintings and other visual art projects. I like to draw...



ah yes - the dreaded topic of perfectionism. the thing that stops so many creatives from getting their art out into the world. well not to fear friends, i've got your back. and i've got some solid tools for combatting and working WITH perfectionism! in this episode we talk about: what's next?: schedule a call with me: right here get weekly love notes: right here hang with me on instagram: right here intro and outro music by young go hards: bandcamp here grab my solo ep + merch, hot...


other people's opinions

how often do you consider what someone else will think when making a decision? when sharing your art? when speaking your truth? other people's opinions drive a lot of decisions and its just the least effective and efficient way to make good decisions. but what's the alternative? i'm sharing the mindset and the practicality of choosing to have your own back first, instead. listen in to stop caring what people think while still caring about those people. listen in to hear: useful...


choosing priorities

today we are talking all about how to choose priorities, how to know what to schedule on your to-do list, how to schedule *for* your goals. we talk about: 27 - how to grow at quantum speeds *disclaimer: the fuzziness in the audio is back and i'm not sure why - sorry y'all!* what's next?: schedule a call with me: right here get weekly love notes: right here hang with me on instagram: right here intro and outro music by young go hards: bandcamp here grab my solo ep + merch, hot tub...


stress less about money

money is a charged topic. and causes so much stress for most of us. and used to be my biggest stressor as well. what surprised me most was that when i focused on my mindset around money - my stress lessened, even before my income increased. its possible. and it makes creating more money so much easier when it comes from sufficiency rather than stress filled lack. the feelings of abundance and sufficiency are available to you now. if you are willing. listen in to hear how and: what's...


getting paid for your art pt 2: marketing + selling

part two! if you have decided you *do* want to make money *from* your art - this episode is for you! to make money from your art - people need to know its available and how to buy it. thats where marketing and selling comes in. but you might be completely turned off from marketing and selling because of bad buying experiences. i'm here to shift the conversation and get you on board with marketing and selling *so that* you can sell your art! listen in to hear: what's next?: schedule a...


getting paid for your art pt 1: passion, purpose, + profit

i hear so many people say "i just want to get paid for my art". but i don't see even half of them actually selling their art. and i think i know why. this week we will discuss how to know if you actually want to get paid for your art. next week we will dive into what to do if that answer is *yes*. (there is some fuzziness in the audio off and on, i'm not sure what happened here but i'll do my best to resolve it by next week! sorry y'all!) listen in to hear: some journal prompts to explore...


worst case scenario

if you're feeling fear, anxiety, or doubt about achieving your one big thing - or really any event in the future! - this episode is for you. we're gonna solve for all the fears, all the anxiety, all the doubt, and do what i love to do most - make a plan! the twist is - we're gonna throw this plan away. because you're gonna get what you want. no matter what. but you'll have to listen in to hear how. what's next?: schedule a call with me: right here get weekly journal prompts: right...


making good decisions

we all have to make decisions every day - what to eat, which playlist to listen to, which real housewives city to dive into next - but how do you make a *good* decision? today's episode i'm diving deep into how to make a good decision *and* get what you want. we're untangling some old ideas about decision making and i'm giving you some great journal prompts along the way, as well. today we dive into: now get out there and make some good decisions! what's next?: schedule a call with me:...


meal planning 101 - the simple way

a topic that has been requested! and it's not what you think! i give you my *simple* philosophy on meal planning (hint: its not the same as meal prepping) *and* i go in depth on how i do this every week. listen in, get inspired, and start making your life a little easier by planning just a bit. if you take just 1% away from this episode - you can change a lot and give more attention to the things in your life that light you up. in this episode we discuss: and don't worry - there's no diet...


journaling: the quickest way to grow

in this episode i'm going to give you allllll the details on journaling. whether you journal every day or haven't one day in your whole life - this episode will serve you and give you inspiration for what's possible when you look at your thoughts. here's what to expect: settle in, grab your notebook, and let's get to journaling and creating the kind of world we all want to live in! i also announced on this episode that i will be sending weekly journaling prompts to my love note...


believing new things

if you want to achieve your one big thing - you're gonna need to change your thoughts. your current thoughts created your current results. if you want new results = new thoughts. so today i'm gonna show you how! PLUS - i announced i will be hosting a brand new free masterclass saturday march 13th at 12:30pm pst on zoom - how to create more time, energy, + money with 3 simple thoughts sign up for the masterclass here: more time, energy, + money masterclass what's next?: schedule a call...