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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?- Ep. 145

It’s the wonderful Fred Rogers! Won’t you be his? In this episode I talk about the new documentary: “Won’t you be my Neighbor?” and wonder why we can’t all be as nice and neighborly as much as maybe we should. Let me know what you think of Mr. Rogers, the documentary and the show! Follow us @arthouse43! You can also donate to the podcast to show your support by going to We need your support, it means everything!


The Meaning of Life, Joseph Campbell and Monty Python -Ep. 144

In this organic episode we’re talking about the meaning of life and all of its cage-free ideas! You’ll hear clips from the Power of Myth, a series of conversations between Bill Moyers and one of the 20th century’s preeminent thinkers Joseph Campbell. The Power of Myth originally aired on PBS in 1988. And we’ll also hear clips from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, including maybe a song by Eric Idle! Please remember to support us by going to and making a contribution!...


Short Film: “Stutterer” (Academy Award Winner)- Ep. 143

This week we’re talking about the short film “Stutterer”! It’s a 13 minute film by Benjamin Cleary and winner of the 2016 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. It stars Matthew Needham and Chloe Pirrie. Watch the film below courtesy of YouTube! And remember to support us by donating on our safe and secure site at! Your support means everything!


Talking Twilight Zone: Ep. “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” -Ep. 142

ArtHouse Radio returns! After a long break of Cheetos and Beers, we are back with this special episode! Tonight's episode: the Twilight Zone episode 17 of season 3: “Five Characters in Search of an Exit!” Tonight’s guest: Aimée of Windsor, Ontario, Canada! Listen as you’ll hear clips of the episode, quotes from Rod Serling and an adorable conversation between Troy and Aimée on the potential meaning of it all! Remember you can donate to ArtHouse Radio and our overlords at ArtHouse 43 by...


The Philosophy of Darth Vader - Ep. 141

In this episode we unravel the philosophy of Darth Vader, inspired by the Wisecrack video on YouTube titled… Appropriately… The Philosophy of Darth Vader. Are you a death denier? Better ax somebody. And remember we have a new project we are trying to raise money for called State of the Arts. We already have a grant from the Battle Creek Community Foundation we are In need of more funding to make sure the project happens! If you can, please donate by going to:


On Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - Ep. 140

Do you know who you are? Don’t forget you can follow us @arthouse43 everywhere and you can support the show by donating at! And if you’re interested in receiving the ArtHouse Newsletter, go to the website and send us your email and we’ll include you! It’s an email only VIP thing!


Twin Peaks Finale - Ep. #139

Well I done and did it! I finished one of the best things I’ve seen in quite some time. What did I think of it? What do you think of it? Tune in to find out my answer, and write me to find out yours! Follow us everywhere @arthouse43! And please, you know that we bring you this entertainment, whatever that means, without sponsors. So please consider supporting us. You can go to, click on support and then make a contribution. Your support means everything.


Twin Peaks: Parts 10-13 - Ep. #138

The cherry pie makes an appearance! That kind of changes everything. Want to hear more? Well, invite me in, friend! Support the show by visiting and follow us @arthouse43 on social media everywhere!


Twin Peaks Parts 6-9 - Ep. #137

“Got a light... got a light?” In this episode we look at Twin Peaks: the Return, parts 6-9! Support the show by visiting and follow us @arthouse43 on social media everywhere!


The Bitchin’s Back (An Excerpt) - Ep. #136

OK, here we go: it looks like I’m going to finally release that book this Christmas! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer! In this episode I delve into it and read an excerpt, in the hopes of convincing you to find it sexy and purchasable. And please follow us @arthouse43 everywhere and please, please, please support us by going to, clicking on support and then making a contribution! Your support means everything!


Twin Peaks Part 5 - Ep. #135

I couldn’t even wait to finish more episodes before on got on the mic to blab about the brilliance of David Lynch and Twin Peaks! This is about the fifth episode of Twin Peaks the Return! Follow us @arthouse43 everywhere and support the show at!


Twin Peaks: Parts 1-4 - Ep. #134

OK, I have finally begun watching Twin Peaks: the return! Do I love it? Do I hate it? Tune in to find out the answer to these exciting questions! I’ve only watched parts 1-4,, but I wanted to catalog my experience as I go through it. Follow all the action @arthouse43 everywhere and visit To support the show!


Alan Watts: Time Fetish -Ep. #133

Does punctuality get you off? Yes? THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s let Alan Watts opine on that “debate”. Follow us @arthouse43 everywhere and at!


ArtHouse Radio on Break: Welcome Troy Meets World

Hello, friends! It’s your old uncle Troy here, letting you know that ArtHouse Radio will be on a brief hiatus for a few weeks as we get ready to launch the new podcast: Troy Meets World, which will be available on iTunes and everywhere early next week. PLEASE JOIN US over at Troy Meets World! And never fear because ArtHouse will be back, of course, we just want to focus on Troy Meets World for a few weeks and give that a proper good launch! When ArtHouse comes back we will have a few...


Artist Chris Ramos #6 - Ep. 132

Artist Chris Ramos and I talk about our new art show coming up Friday, October 13, 2017! If you’re in the area, visit for more details. Give us a review on iTunes and follow us everywhere @arthouse43!


Bladerunner 2049 Review -Ep. #131

Humanity flailing, robots in charge.. Ryan Gosling actin all stoic... it’s Bladerunner 2049! After seeing the film on opening night, Troy talks about the the film and is giving you fair warning of a spoiler alert right now! Take note of the spoiler alert! Follow and support us @arthouse43 or at! Thank you so much!


On Tom Petty - Ep. #130

Tom Petty is gone, dead at age 66. I suppose the only thing we can all do is keep connecting with him through some of the greatest music ever created. Follow us everywhere @arthouse43, write a review for a show on iTunes and support us by making a donation at


It Is Always Now - Ep. #129

After a challenging week, I revisit a video of a clip of Sam Harris talking about the 'meaning of life' as inspiration for improving my perspective on life. Follow us everywhere @arthouse43, give us a review and/or support us!


On Art Forgery: Wolfgang Beltracchi - Ep. #128

If there's potentially anything crazier than millionaires dropping tons of money on paintings, dropping all those dimes on fake paintings might even be more ridiculous. In this episode we look at Wolfgang Beltracchi, famous German art forger and the basis of the Netflix documentary: "Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery". And don't forget to follow us @arthouse43 everywhere, and PLEASE write a review of for the show on iTunes!


Douglas Geehan #3 - Ep. #127

Are you A little low on your 'Doug and Troy' fix? Well heat up those spoons and clean those needles because he's back! It's his third visit to the show, it's an awesome and funny conversation.. it's Doug! Follow us @arthouse43 and support the show by making a contribution at and writing us a review on iTunes!