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Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.
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Assorted stories from Michigan Radio.




Why couldn't a mermaid live in Lake Michigan? Local poets team up to tell a tale of tails

When you think of a mermaid story, maybe an ocean comes to mind. But couldn’t a mermaid live in the Great Lakes? Lake Michigan maybe? Writers Linda Nemec Foster and Anne-Marie Oomen posed that question to each other ten years ago. Their new book is called The Lake Michigan Mermaid: A Tale in Poems .


Don't let this idiom "get your goat"

Idioms generally don't get clearer the longer you think about them. They simply mean what they mean. For instance, have you ever thought about the phrase "get someone's goat"? You may already know that it means to annoy or anger someone, but why? Our advice is don't spend too much time on this phrase -- it'll just get your goat.


Artisans of Michigan: Metal sculpture with a function

There are people in Michigan who are quietly making pieces of art with a purpose beyond art. One of them works in Detroit at a nondescript shop on Mack Avenue. Alex Porbe is with Incite Design , a fabrication and custom design firm. Porbe works with architects and project managers, working up designs to complement existing architecture or making a design statement. “I’m (an) artisan, but you’ve got to put the art in artisan, right? It’s a balance, you know? What we do is functional, so...


Stateside 5.16.2018

Today on Stateside , we discuss Michigan State University's $500 million settlement with Nassar survivors, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow talks about the future of net neutrality, tariffs, and PFAS contamination. Also on today's show, Hollywood actress Toni Trucks says her hometown Manistee "sweats this historic magic."


Hollywood actress Toni Trucks says her hometown Manistee “sweats this historic magic”

Michigan born-and-raised actors may wind up working in New York or Hollywood, but they make sure the world knows they’re from the mitten. Toni Trucks has been in a host of movies and TV shows, including her current roles as Lisa Davis in “SEAL Team” on CBS. Trucks began her performing career here in Manistee, and now she’s giving back to her hometown by loaning it her voice.


Theater Talk: Our picks for the West Michigan summer theater season

It’s time for another edition of Theater Talk . David Kiley , editor-in-chief of Encore Michigan , joined Stateside to preview and review plays, with a special focus on West Michigan.


Detroit theater gave acclaimed playwright an unprecedented blank slate to create new work

The Detroit Public Theatre is wrapping up its third season with a new play that it commissioned: "Birthday Candles." It's written by Noah Haidle , a Grand Rapids native .


Want more reponses to your emails? Open with "hey" and close with"thanks"

When you write emails, what are your preferred greetings and sign-offs? There are a lot of options, and your choice probably depends on the nature of the email. We've actually talked about email on That's What They Say before, but a new study by the email program Boomerang inspired us to revisit the topic. The study analyzed nearly 300,000 emails to see which greetings and sign-offs people use most often.


Detroit’s Scott Hocking uses found materials to make art in abandoned spaces

A new exhibition is taking place at the David Klein Gallery in Detroit. Its title is “ Old ” and the artist is Scott Hocking . Hocking joined Stateside to discuss his massive and, oftentimes, temporary sculptures and installations. He talked about how he chooses sites and materials for his installations, how he conveys his work to art consumers, and how his work in Detroit reflects what is happening in the city.


Cheers! Michigan twist on a classic hangover 'cure'

Wright and Company is a second floor restaurant and bar housed in a Queen Anne style commercial building done in brick with brownstone trim at 1500 Woodward in downtown Detroit. The Cheers! team of Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings and Lester Graham were there for a surprise drink mixed by Mark Cooney. As Cooney started setting up the ingredients at the bar, it quickly became evident that he was making a classic cocktail called the Corpse Reviver 2. The twist was using two spirits from Two...


Crowns of Courage uses henna tattoos to help cancer patients heal

Stateside loves to he ar from listeners with ideas for stories and people we should cover. Here's a great tip we got from Stateside listener, George Bollinger: Crowns of Courage . The art of decorating the body with henna is truly ancient, going back over 5,000 years. The intricate henna tattoos might be applied simply for their beauty, or they can symbolize passages in life.


West Michigan Mixtape: The Go Rounds, Lady Ace Boogie, The Founding, and The Hacky Turtles

Today on Stateside , we play another mixtape of new music from West Michigan. As always, John Sinkevics , editor and publisher of LocalSpins.com , put the mixtape together. This time, featured artists include The Go Rounds , Lady Ace Boogie , The Founding , and The Hacky Turtles .


Stateside 5.4.2018

Today on Stateside , we talk to attorney Mark Bernstein about the Michigan communities joining the lawsuit to get drugmakers to pay for the societal costs of the opioid crisis. And, in our latest edition of Artisans of Michigan , host Lester Graham visits a broom-squire near Rockford.


Artisans of Michigan: Sweeping up as a broom-squire

We travel the state to find the people who make useful things with their hands as part of our ongoing series: Artisans of Michigan. This time our stop is in a rural area near Rockford. “I make brooms, all kinds, different sizes, styles, colors. I like to use recycled materials: branches, golf clubs, old harnesses, lots of different things I put my brooms on,” Henry Tschetter of Brooms by Henry said. He learned his trade when he was very young. “When I was eight years old, my dad told me,...


Book covers 300 years of black history in Detroit, including more than one civil disturbance

There are many histories of Detroit. The latest is a comprehensive look at the contributions, accomplishments and long-suffering of the African Americans who have called Detroit home. The book is Black Detroit: A People’s History of Self-Determination by Herb Boyd , son of Detroit and an instructor at The City College of New York currently teaching African American history. Boyd now lives in Harlem.


New EP “Travel Walk to Celtica” reimagines traditional Celtic music

Let’s talk about Celtic music. Nessa , a Southeast Michigan band, re-imagines the ballads and dance tunes of the old Celtic world, bringing in a wide range of musical styles. The ensemble is led by Kelly McDermott , who plays the flute and sings. She joined Stateside to talk about her musical influences, Celtic fusion, and the release of her new EP , Travel Walk to Celtica , produced by Brian Bill.


Ulysses S. Grant once lived in Detroit, and now there’s an effort to save his home

There's been a lot of talk about reviving and restoring Michigan Central – the once-proud train station in Detroit's Corktown. There's another piece of history that needs some of that attention: the Detroit house where the man who won the Civil War for the Union and then went on to become president once lived.


Stateside 4.30.2018

Today on Stateside , we learn what one Michigan town does to keep the tourists coming, and coming back. And, we learn a pop-up restaurant in Hamtramck will serve up "discomfort food" this week. Also today, we hear from a Holocaust survivor who hopes to keep the world from forgetting.


Michigan Holocaust survivor writes new book to keep world from forgetting

Some 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust, and t hose who survived have lived so long, they're now watching the world forget. A recent poll shows 66 percent of American millennials don't know what Auschwitz is. Another 22 percent had not heard of the Holocaust or weren't sure if they had.


Pop-up restaurant in Hamtramck serves up “discomfort food” this week

It’s easy to picture “comfort food,” but what about “discomfort food?” That’s what Tunde Wey will be serving up in the pop-restaurant Saartj , running from May 2 to May 5 inside the community space Bank Suey in Hamtramck.


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