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Episode 12 - Race

What is race? What is privilege? How did we get here and where do we go from here? Dan talks to psychologists, educators, anthropologists, and a comedian, to try to get a little bit less dumb on the issue. Check out the website for more information on the show and join the conversation on our Facebook page.


Episode 11 - The Long View

What do we see when we zoom out? Scientists Michelle Thaller and Sean Carroll talk about the beginning and end of the Universe. Dan Carlin talks hardcore history, poker pro Annie Duke advises on improving your long game, Prof Hal Hershfield explains how we are disconnected from our future selves, psychologist Gabrielle Oettingen says positive thinking actually leads to negative outcomes, comedian Jimmy Dore relates a fight with a disgruntled audience member, and much more! Check out the...


Episode 10 - Evil

We know people do horrible stuff, but why? Is there really such a thing as evil, or are bad people just sick? If so, how do we handle them? Daniel hashes it out with Derf Backderf (author of My Friend Dahmer), Adrian Raine (author of The Anatomy of Violence), Rick Nevin (economist who explains how lead leads to crime), Bill Miller (author of Eye for an Eye), and Fred Luskin (Author of Forgive for Good). There will also be talking snake. Check out the website for more information on the...


Episode 9 - Sex

What does sex mean? Is loveless sex okay? Daniel chews it over with Chester Brown, Tracy Quan, Ryan Ridley, and more. Check out the website for more information on the show and join the conversation on our Facebook page.


Episode 8 - Eating Animals

In this episode we consider the ethics of eating animals with help from a chef, a slaughterer, a hunter, a scientist working on lab-grown meat, a vegan advocate, an undercover slaughterhouse investigator, a Humane Society VP, an animal behaviorist, ranchers, a doctor, an ecologist, three comedians and a buddhist! Check out the website for more information on the show and join the conversation on our Facebook page.


Episode 7 - Failure

How do we think about failure? How should we? Cory MacLauchlin uncovers the myths surrounding the life and death of John Kennedy Toole. Jane Anne Staw looks for the deeper causes of writer's block. Comedian Jimmy Pardo tells about bombing on the Tonight Show. Plane crash follies returns, Uncle Marty debuts, and much more! Check out the website for more information on the show and join the conversation on our Facebook page.


Episode 6 - Enemies

Why can't we all just get along (and why do people think that question is funny)? Daniel talks to comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore, social psychologist Lee Ross, an Israeli who went from Right to Left, a Cypriot who lost his home in the Turkish invasion, a new episode of Plane Crash Follies. And much more!


Episode 5 - Addiction

Part 2 of the Gaming series! In this episode we look at the dark side of games, how they hook us and the damage they can do, and where they might be taking us. Daniel talks to therapist and author Shavaun Scott about her time as an in-game therapist. Comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani talks about his life in games. Writer/performer Justine Barron explains why games are more appealing than guitar lessons. Online gaming pioneer Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) and Vlad Cole of Blizzard...


Episode 4 - Escape

Part 1 of the Gaming series! In this episode we look at why games are so seductive, why we choose to lose ourselves in them, what they do for us and how. Daniel talks to online gaming pioneer Richard Garriott as well as Vlad Cole of Blizzard Entertainment. Costaki Economopoulos talks Fantasy Football and Ryan Ridley talks about his time in Oblivion. David Cale performs a story about a troubled girl, and much more!


Episode 3 - The Beast

Part 2 of the Beauty and the Beast series! In this episode we look at the beast's side of things. If you had to be one or the other in a relationship, which would you be? Daniel talks to Jesse Case about a humiliation he suffered at the hands of a beauty. We hear more from our beauties from last episode, and more from therapist Sagit Schwartz. Ryan Ridley defends himself against Dan's ugly attacks. A cockroach writes a poem, and much more!


Episode 2 - Beauty

Part 1 of a 2-part series - Beauty and the Beast! In this episode we look at beauty and ask, is it bad for you? Does it make people dumb, mean, shallow? Or is that just sour grapes from an ugly podcaster? Daniel interviews several beautiful women including Playboy Party Girl, Suzy McCopin, he talks to podcasting pretty boy, Ryan Ridley and then sees a therapist who specializes in models. We hear a bit of Todd Glass, a new episode of Plane Crash Follies, and much more!


Episode 1 - Nihilism

First episode! Nihilism hits everyone at some point. "What's the point of doing anything? We're all going to die one day..." So how do we get out of bed? Daniel has to kick this demon before he can do any more podcasts so we might as well get it out of the way first. Daniel interviews cartoonist Ivan Brunetti as well as writer and podcaster Ryan Ridley. Plane Crash Follies premieres. A story about a mouse. And much more!