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RareGem media features ten broadcast networks of positive programs and podcasts for business, lifestyle, inspiration, education, community, sports, youth, faith, health and entertainment. More at at www.oneraregem.com. Shows include #1 iTunes rated health podcast, The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.

RareGem media features ten broadcast networks of positive programs and podcasts for business, lifestyle, inspiration, education, community, sports, youth, faith, health and entertainment. More at at www.oneraregem.com. Shows include #1 iTunes rated health podcast, The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.
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RareGem media features ten broadcast networks of positive programs and podcasts for business, lifestyle, inspiration, education, community, sports, youth, faith, health and entertainment. More at at www.oneraregem.com. Shows include #1 iTunes rated health podcast, The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.




2nd Half



ETHINKSTL-101-Shayba Muhammad | The Makers Program

Joining us is Shayba Muhammad, Designer and Owner of Mahnal Jewelry. Mahnal is a collection of handcrafted contemporary brass jewelry. Taking inspiration from nature, architecture and texture, Mahnal seeks to shed light on diversity, Islam and the Arabic language. Shayba began studying design and fashion while at the Institute of Art in Chicago. She relocated back to St. Louis to study metalsmithing and jewelry full time. Shayba focuses her efforts on growing Mahnal and adding to the local...


ETHINKSTL-100-Estrella Estie Cruz Curoe | Del Carmen Foods

Joining us today is Estrella (Estie) Cruz-Curoe, Manager and Owner of del Carmen Foods, LLC. In her other life, Estie worked for a national insurance company in Chicago. She met her husband there and their lives took them to Kansas City where Estie and Mike started a family. As a stay-at-home mom, Estie found the kitchen and started cooking Cuban food for her family. All was well except for the black bean staple in Cuban food. Having tried to season them from the canned bean without success,...


ETHINKSTL-099-Laura Tromben | Tattoo The Lou

Joining us today is Laura Tromben, Co-Owner of the international tattoo convention, “Tattoo The Lou”. “Tattoo The Lou” is an annual event that welcomes the world of tattoo to St. Louis with over 100 booths and more than 100 attending artists. In this episode: Where the idea for “Tattoo The Lou” originated. The world of tattoo...the culture and the scope. Laura is connecting talent from all over the globe. She shares the opportunities of this conglomeration. The Tattoo Convention as a...


ETHINKSTL-098-Christian Johnson | MultiPass

St. Louis is making the lists among the top startup and innovative cities. Articles and news outlets report that the region's startup scene is booming and St. Louis is ripe for attracting entrepreneurial capital. Our guest today asks the question: "When there is a huge gap in diverse startup funding, can we really call our ecosystem "booming"? Joining us is Christian Johnson, Managing Partner at MultiPass Ventures. Johnson is a US Army veteran, former St. Louis police officer, and community...


ETHINKSTL-097-Diego Abente | The International Institute

Joining us today is Diego Abente, Vice President of Economic Development of the International Institute and President of the International Institute Community Development Corporation. The mission of the International Institute is to strengthen the St. Louis community by: 1) helping immigrants and their families become secure and successful; and 2) promoting the value of ethnic diversity in the social, cultural and economic life of the region Diego also leads the International Institute...


ETHINKSTL-096-Jeff Gamble, Dynamic Surgical | Integrating Physician and Patience Experience

Joining us is Jeff Gamble, CTO & Founder of Dynamic Surgical. He strives empower healthcare consumers with access to low-cost technological innovations and the knowledge to TRULY incorporate them into their everyday lives. His company, Dynamic Surgical, implements technology to integrate the physician's workflows with the patience’s experience and care without adding an administrative burden. In this episode: - What led Jeff to create Dynamic Surgical. - The Dynamic Surgical platform. - How...


ETHINKSTL-095-SLEDP | The Economic Development Dream Team of St. Louis City and County

Joining us is Colleen Mulvihill, Client Support Manager with SLEDP. As the Client Support Manager for the St. Louis Partnership Business Centers, Colleen works with entrepreneurs to find the right space, resources and support to assist each client in the advancement of their business. Also with us is Charleen Hoskins, a SLEDP client. She is the Founder, President & CEO of TPAS, LLC, a property & casualty insurance education firm established to create transparency of the insurance claim...


ETHINKSTL-094-Elaine Queathem | Creating and Qualifying Savvy Coders

Joining us is Elaine Queathem, the founder of Savvy Coders . Savvy Coders began with a vision of reaching out to people traditionally underrepresented in the technology field. Partnering with several non-profit groups, they endeavored to give back to communities by increasing tech talent and expanding business opportunities. They designed a comprehensive curriculum that would allow students to expand their professional horizons within 7 weeks. In 2009, Elaine was working for a small software...


ETHINKSTL-093-Rebecca Pan | Covo Coworking, Life and Work in Balance

Joining us today is Rebecca Brian Pan, CEO of Covo Coworking, a coworking model that enhances how you live, as well as how you work. Located in downtown, St. Louis, Covo STL is one of two locations of the family-founded company. Rebecca is a 7x serial entrepreneur, with a bicoastal graphic design firm, children's literacy non-profit, design association, and of course coworking, on her list of successful ventures.


ETHINKSTL-092-Raullo Eanes | Creating Access for Minority Businesses to Capital Markets

Joining us today is Raullo Eanes, Managing Partner with Capaha Partners. Capaha Partners is a small, boutique investment firm that helps clients tell “THEIR” story in a language which is best suited for financing and capital growth. Capaha offers assistance with loan origination, loan structuring, underwriting and credit presentation for investment consideration. Raullo provides strategic business consulting, coaching and mentoring services to small and middle market companies. In this...


ETHINKSTL-091-Nicci Roach Lorie Jackson | Empowering Women One Ceiling At A Time

Joining us today are Nicci Roach and Lorie Jackson, founders of Mosaic Ceiling. Mosaic Ceiling is a Midwest based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization building a global community to drive social change for women of color and culture, inclusive to all women. Their mission is to “Empower Women One Ceiling at a Time” with personal and professional development programming and research efforts in six key areas: Education Attainment Entrepreneurship Health & Wellness Leadership Development Political...


ETHINKSTL-090-Jeremy Nulik is Evangelist Prime and Futurist | BIGWIDESKY

Joining us today is Jermey Nulik. He is the Evangelist Prime and Futurist at Bigwidesky. Jeremy applies his strategic and irreverent mind to design FUTURES for associations, brands and the constituents they serve. Bigwidesky was established to help companies navigate a radically unpredictable future. Their favorite challenges usually have to do with communications, work culture, technology and strategic vision. In this episode: - What led Jeremy to Bigwidesky? - What does it mean to be an...


ETHINKSTL-089-COCABiz | Creative Makes Competitive

Joining us today is Steve Knight, Director of COCAbiz. He designs and facilitates experiential workshops to foster collaborative creativity, design-thinking and business storytelling using the power of the arts. Also with us is Rob Morgan, a production designer, teacher at Washington University and serves as a Teaching Artist for COCAbiz. COCAbiz is the business training division of St. Louis' renowned Center of Creative Arts (COCA), the fourth largest multi-disciplinary community arts...


ETHINKSTL-088-Danielle Elise | All Black Creatives

Joining us today is Danielle Elise, Founder and Curator of All Black Creatives. She formed this international network to unite and celebrate creatives of color in their various disciplines and passions. Hers is a vision to speak truth, illuminate the images of color and spark challenging conversations with art. She is passionate about relationships, creativity and community. She is drawn to entrepreneurship as a way to express her creativity, and build with people she loves and admires. All...


ETHINKSTL-087-Sebastian Mueller-Soppart | Making Unmistakable Brands Manifest

Joining us today is Sebastian Mueller-Soppart, EVP and Executive Creative Director with Manifest. Manifest makes brands unmistakable to the core of their audiences. They specialize in content creation that garners interest and fuels loyalty, on platforms that deliver distinct experiences with precisely-measured value. Sebastian is motivated by the power of good ideas. He's held creative leadership positions in Europe, Latin and North America, where he’s built highly collaborative,...


ETHINKSTL-086-Desiree Coleman | Good Multiplier

Joining us today is Desiree Coleman, Founder & CEO at Good Multiplier. Good Multiplier is mobilizing the next generation of leaders, change makers and innovators who will multiply community good and create neighborhood level change. Through an intensive, customized, 10-month training program, Good Multiplier accelerates the effectiveness of organizations that solve issues in communities of color. Fellows are challenged to stretch their own leadership and extend themselves in a peer-learning...