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The No BS, Straight Talk Approach to Earning More from Your Creative Pursuits.

The No BS, Straight Talk Approach to Earning More from Your Creative Pursuits.
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The No BS, Straight Talk Approach to Earning More from Your Creative Pursuits.






If you want to keep hearing from me, listen to this one!

Yes, I’m back, but only for a moment, because I have some news that I’ve been remiss about sharing. I have a NEW podcast. No, it’s not The Fresh Rag Show revisited. This new show is called Makers Gonna Make, and it’s all about sharing the news, stories and insights that are important to you […]


2016 and the Evolution of Things

This episode is a bit of a mixed bag, with tributes to Lemmy Kilmister, and David Bowie. There’s talk about selling art, and why it’s important to stay the course, but with intention. I also talk about the future of Fresh Rag and why that’s important to you. That’s all the teaser you get, because […]


Megan Carty Fights Burnout and Wins

Today is the final installment in our three-part series on burnout, and we’re ending on a really great note. In the first episode, we talked with designer, Katie MacAvoy about how she was knocking at the door of burnout and deciding which direction to take her business. Next, we chatted with artist, BJ Lantz about […]


Kissing Burnout Goodbye, With Artist BJ Lantz

This is part two of our burnout series, and this conversation takes a different outlook on dealing with it. Sometimes pushing through the burn is no longer an option. Sometimes it’s better to step away from the thing that’s killing you, even if you love it. Today on the show, artist BJ Lantz comes on […]


Fresh Rag Show Mixtape #1

Not all that we do revolves around the actual doing of creative things. I’ve been playing music on the show for quite awhile now, and I started because I always enjoy sharing good music with people. I figured I could help expose folks to some new bands and music they might never get a chance […]


Surviving burnout with Katie MacAvoy of Whiskey Ginger Collective

I posed a question in the Fresh Rag Army recently asking people about their stories of burnout, and if they’d be willing to share their story on the show. In record time, I had several people chime in ready to talk about it. Because of the way things worked out, I decided to show burnout […]


November Q&A episode

It’s that time again. Lots of thing to talk about, so let’s get to it. Here’s the questions, and links to the fine individuals who posed them. Lizzi – What is the biggest mistake you see in product photography and what is your best advice for taking your photography to the next level. Charles […]


Art Pricing and Selling Strategies with Suze Ford

Most of the time, these conversations are for you. Sometimes, they’re for me, but yet, still for you. That is the situation today, because I’ve been eager to get my friend Suze Ford on the show to talk about her art selling strategy. As you may know, I am now selling my own art online […]


Sean Howard wants to convert you to his way of thinking

Warning! We get really deep into a heavy topic this time around, but definitely an essential conversation is happening here. Let me ask you a question first. Do you know precisely where your business is coming from? Can you say without a shadow of a doubt that certain aspects of your marketing efforts are driving […]


It’s a Process

Today is all about the rants and raves for different things I’ve run across in the last few weeks that I believe need discussing. There’s no conversation this time around, but I promise, I’ll give you something to talk about. In the first part, I talk about a new podcast I’m into, and how the […]


Court McCracken Wants to Take You to School

Today’s conversation is a real gem, because not only do I get to talk to one of my favorite people ever, but we really get into one of my top, hot-button conversations: Is art school still necessary? Court is a multi-disciplinary artist based on Asheville, North Carolina, who works as well on canvas and walls […]


Jon Wilkening’s Abstract Focus on Success

One thing I dig is innovation in the creative world, and how some people are taking ideas from other market niches and using them in new ways to sell their art or craft. That’s one of the many reasons I invited photographer, Jon Wilkening to come talk about his process on the show. A few […]


Textiles and Teaching, With Amber Kane

Today I bring on a former guest of the show, textile artist, Amber Kane. Last time we featured Amber, we talked a lot about the current state of primary school education, something Amber is very passionate about. As a high school art teacher, she battled with her administration to make sure she could deliver quality, […]


Emily McDowell comes on to talk success, loss, and wholesale business

Another conversation that is long overdue, but finally made it’s way to you is this chat I had with artist/illustrator/business genius, Emily McDowell. Many of you know that I had my heart broken into a million pieces last year because I had an epic conversation with Emily that failed to record, and got lost to […]


Back In The Saddle – Fresh Rag Show in Full Effect

“It was a long, long time coming, but I know, change gonna come.” That line is from one of my favorite songs of all time, Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke, and I’ve used it as the background music for many aspects of my life, but it seems highly appropriate for this latest episode. Today, […]


Fresh Rag Show Top Ten – #1

Has the anticipation been killing you? Did you think I was going to forget to let you in on the secret of who made the top spot of the list? Nah, I would never do that to y’all, and without further delay, the owner of the top position in our list is none other than […]


Fresh Rag Show Top Ten – #2

I’m sure a lot of people will be surprised by this one, not because it’s the #2 spot, but because it wasn’t the #1 spot. Even I was surprised by that fact, but that doesn’t diminish the powerful impact this conversation with artist Ashley Longshore had on the listeners. This one starts off with a […]


Fresh Rag Show Top Ten – #3

As this list ticks closer to the top spot, the top three in the list might seem obvious to some, but then again, maybe not. Today’s conversation is definitely one of the most popular ever, especially in more recent history. The reason being that when Sharon Fain of Academy of Handmade came on to tell […]


Fresh Rag Show Top Ten – #4

It’s rare to come across someone who is just starting to make their way into the creative entrepreneurial space who knows exactly what they want, and how they are going to pursue it. Sure, some have the bravado to chase after a dream, but they often don’t know how to go about that dream with […]


Fresh Rag Top Ten – #5

I’ve appreciated every episode I’ve done, because they all teach me something. Some teach me more than others, and some are downright fantastic. Above all those are these Top Ten, and here we are getting into the nitty gritty. The fifth most popular and important episode of the Fresh Rag show so far is none […]