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Chapter 4 Ep. 9 | Not the Humblest of Visitants

Meet Polly, Nanny and Granny. Three women who live in a hut in a swamp. They are friendly, curious and can read your mind. They’re hut and Nanny and Granny shine with powerful magic, and so does that wheel on the wall. They say it twists and turns as the Balance shifts. Their loom is working all on it’s own, weaving a tapestry of… something. Dance like the maiden Laugh like the mother Think like the crone


Chapter 4 Ep. 8 | A Lucky Break at Last

Death by perfume. To fight the beasts or flee, that is the question. Ash has nearly everything he needs for his ritual. Ser Selwyn considers turning back and at lunch Cor shares out his prisoners. Leila cannot shake the feeling of being watched. As evening arrives the lovely Polly invites the party back to her house offering all the comforts of civilisation. The balance grows and shifts and tilts Here her wicked call Beware the witches house on stilts For fate will crush you all


Chapter 4 Ep. 7 | Signs of a Familiar Past

A migration… of sorts. Reptiles swimming and flying with purpose to an unknown destination. Ash begins gathering ingredients for his dark ritual, while Leila and Endre gather new and exotic jungle foods. Cor interprets the signs and portents for the party while Ser Selwyn tries to keep the party on task. For trauma, fear and pain can stay our reaching hand From grasping out at stretching far to pluck the nuts of gold Our greed for riches, drive for love battles with the past To trust our...


Chapter 4 Ep. 5 | Tortured Writings

The woman from Endelee is coming right here. She’ll claw you and kill all of those you hold dear. She’s noble, she’s mad and she’s magical too. There’s no hiding, no crying, that will all get you through. Herded and crowded like lambs to the slaughter The woman from Endelee will chase you with laughter For her nails their polished and shining so bright To claw and to rend you, make you scream through the night.


Chapter 4 Ep. 4 | The Mettle of Man

Safe at last, the party gets a moment to rest and reflect on recent events. Gulfi tries to make amends, Ash is given a new quest, A curse on Leila is lifted, and Selwyn & Cor bond over the past, present and possible future. Important details from Cor and Leila’s backstories are revealed for the first time. Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki: therealmsofkelmarth.


Chapter 4 Ep. 3 | Conflict's End

Neither the party nor the drow will back down. Will they hand over a defenceless drow to her death? Or fight someone who has been a friend to them? Before a decision can be reached though more horrors from the demon-infested hills of Orcrosh descend upon the party. Not everyone survives the night. Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki:


Interlude 1 | Iron's Bite

Half woman-half-deer she stalks the feywild with her mystic moon wolf at her heels. With untamed explosions of power, this tiny, black-winged gentleman packs a bang. With scales like sapphires and swirling golden, eyes, rich plumage and polished bronze armour, this noble draconic knight is dedicated to the summer court. The monk’s beloved Sundew wishes to leave the feywild. To do so she must complete a painful ritual that begins with collecting the most dangerous substance to fey, iron.


Chapter 4 Ep. 2 | Drow Hath No Fury

Returning to the drow to retrieve their boats is an opportunity to see friends again. But for Gulfi Sosial it’s an opportunity for revenge and to impress the spider goddess Lolth. Ser Selwyn refuses to help as do Cor and Ash. When Cor invites Captain Zolgos, the drow who poisoned Gulfi, to meet and see Gulfi again, they force a confrontation between soldier and fallen priestess. Watch live on: Twitch: twitch.


Chapter 4 Ep. 1 | Foggy Memories

A supernatural horror stalks the party’s camp. The hot humid air becomes clammy and chill, the firelight dims and from the fog crawls beasts that everyone fears. Growls, snarls, and the clicking of dozens of legs fill their ears before they battle not for their lives, but for their memories. Welcome to Chapter 4 | Price of the Jungle Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki: therealmsofkelmarth.


Chapter 4 Ep. 0 | Chapter 3 Recap | Heart of the Jungle

Chapter 3: Heart of the Jungle was about finding the literal heart of the jungle as well as dealing with the characters feelings and romantic entanglements. When they went into the drow caves and travelled beneath the jungle, this was in one way the literal heart of the jungle. And when they found Orcosh and Ghelgec, two significant places to orcs, these were spiritual and cultural hearts of the jungle. Many times the players had to choose to follow their hearts or follow their heads, and...


Bonus Ep | Poor Bobby Pt 2 | A Walk in the Park

Are the goblins behind the disappearing children? Or is there something more toxic and venomous behind the kidnapping. Also, how much trouble will everyone be in when they get back as the sky begins to darken. 👉 See “Bonus Ep | Poor Bobby Pt 1 | Don’t Go Down the Well” for part one of this bonus one shot episode! Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki: therealmsofkelmarth.


Bonus Ep | Poor Bobby Pt 1 | Don't Go Down the Well

It’s a beautiful summer day in southern Carden Maldor. Three young kids are playing outside while they’re grumpy bodyguard watches over them. But when they see someone suspicious going into the woods, they can’t resist following even though the woods is off limits… and dangerous… Watch our regular games live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki:


Chapter 3 Ep. 27 | Angel Down

To leave or not to leave the broken statue, that is the issue. Blood reveals secret memories and hearts are revealed as the players plan to flee the orc stronghold for the safety of civilisation. Earthquakes, drunk parrots, and bad puns help us conclude Chapter 3: Heart of the Jungle. Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki:


Chapter 3 Ep. 26 | Don't Break It

The thief nurses the prisoner. They have fun. Meanwhile the others fight for their lives. A venomous snake-woman and her serpent allies fight the others in the sunken ruins of the jungle. The petrified Stephanos is a heavy topic and no solutions have yet been found to restore him. Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki:


Chapter 3 Ep. 25 | Heart of Stone

The boy is taken deeper into the ruins where he releases a creature of a bygone era and then treads where it is forbidden to tread. The guard is confronted with angry orc history. The giant twists Orc superstition to his advantage and the thief continues to dodge onlookers. Things get messy though when some orcs refuse to let the party leave without a game of jugger first. Watch live on: Twitch: twitch.


Chapter 3 Ep. 24 | Points of Interest

The guard and giant have the privacy of their thoughts violated. The boy explores an ancient tunnel and the thief struggles to move through the ruined city. A long haired prisoner stinking and oozing from hundreds of infected wounds is the prize. But can the party pay the price? Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki:


Chapter 3 Ep. 23 | Scales of Balance

Unleash your inner lizard and slay the mightiest reptile. Things get wet and scaly trying to bring down a 20foot croc. Ser Selwyn tries drinking out of a magic cup, Ash’s friendship deepens with the pseudodragon Crimson, Leila reads something private and Cor lures snails to their soupy grave. After a rest the party splits up and heads for Ghelgec, the orc stronghold built in the ruins of some extinct civilisation…


Chapter 3 Ep. 22 | The Winner Writes History

Disharmony in the party grows as the party fights about Ser Selwyn’s decision to kill an old orc. Ash recites wisdom beyond his years. Cor and Ser Selwyn have a shouting match and the overwhelmed Leila needs to just cry alone. But their next orc encounter goes smoothly as Master Ash poses as one of the jungle’s trials. Then, when hunger begins to overwhelm the party they hunt fresh meat rather than settle for stale leftovers…


Chapter 3 Ep. 21 | The Fallen Warrior

Descending deeper into the valley the players flee and fight an ancient veteran orc. But besting him is when the real trouble begins. Violent delights have violent ends… Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki:


Chapter 3 Ep. 20 | The Long Trek

Packs laden with loot are often short on supplies. Cor goes hunting and finds the legendary long-necked sheep goat! And Gulfi’s luxurious tent has something bad happen to it. Finally the party plans their approach for getting into the Orc fort Ghelgec… Watch live on: Twitch: YouTube: Read about it on our Wiki: