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EP59 – Patrick Lawrence (Filmmaker/Musician) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“It’s a weird incestuous relationship with me and The Killers (band).” – Patrick Lawrence as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “I watch the Oscars and I wonder when is that job going to fall into my lap. When am I going to be able to do that?” – Patrick Lawrence as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “Unlike music, where there is almost a time limit of how profitable you can be by age, film doesn’t really have that.” – Patrick Lawrence as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra...


EP58 – Marlon West (Animator/Filmmaker) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“All the initial films were lessons in managing disappointment.” – Marlon West as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “I’m just trying to spark conversation. I’m a guy who makes cartoons for a living not a hard core advocate or anything like that. I felt it was something to do to have a conversation for a solid year.” – Marlon West as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra Marlon West is celebrating over 25 years as an animator at Disney working on many popular films including Frozen,...


EP08 - David Carson (Photojournalist) Part Two - Conversations with Calcaterra

What was the experience of going into a Quiktrip while it was being looted just moments before being engulfed in flames? How about witnessing a man being shot and pulling him to safety when one's job is simply to capture the images of these occurrences. David Carson shares these stories and more in the second part of his conversation with Ken Calcaterra. See Davids work at Follow him on twitter @PDPJ Pulitzer Prize winning photos -...


EP07 - David Carson (Photojournalist) Part One - Conversations with Calcaterra

What I admire the most about David Carson is his integrity along with his amazing creative eye. Giving a fair and balanced view of the world is not easy but David has accomplished this in both Afghanastan, Iraq and Fergurson along with photographing more than his fair share of murders in the city of St. Louis. The work hasn't gone unnoticed as he is a Pulitzer Prize winner as part of the photographic team of the St. Louis Post Dispatch for their coverage of Ferguson. The photographs he...


EP05 - Jim Ousley and Oscar Madrid (Writers) - (Explicit) Conversations with Calcaterra

It can be a difficult task to find one's creative soulmate but that is what we have with this episodes guests who have collaborated together for over 15 years. First in theatre, then with a low budget mockumentary "Hooch and Daddy-O" followed by the development of the horror film "The Bloodfest Club" and now then the comic anthology "Rough and Tumble" which has changed their focus to creating comics. This passionate team does all this while maintaining a 9 to 5 and a healthy family life....


EP04 - Adam Neal (Television Producer) - Conversations with Calcaterra

How many of you have watched a non-scripted (reality) show on television? Who are the people who create these shows? Adam Neal has worked in the industry for over decade having spent 12 years in Los Angeles. He continues to develop content and has worked with some of the industry's top production companies including Shine America and All3Media (Morocco Junction) producing shows "America's Next Top Model", "Top Chef" and "Top Chef Jr." to name a few. Adam is proud to be a part of the show...


EP02 - John Vlasich (Healer) - Conversations with Calcaterra

Air Force veteran John Vlasich has been practicing the healing arts for over 24 years. He discovered the magic of Shamanism while dealing with alcoholism and has since become a Reiki master, EFT practitioner and Chigong healer. He puts these modalities together to practice what he calls "Shamantics." John can be reached through email at or 636.614.6564 Visit ken @ Check out the music of Tim Mead and Brad Smith


EP03 - Brant Wilkins (Entrepreneur) - Conversations with Calcaterra

What type of person do you visualize when you think owner of a bread and breakfast? Brant Wilkins is the alternative to the standard. One of the youngest B&B owners in Hermann, MO his establishment is non traditional. The former professional wrestler has worked hard to transforming his parents dream into a wonderful overnight experience for his guests. When you're thinking of a visit to Missouri wine country you should plan a visit to Brant and the Captain Wohlt inn. Visit ken @...


EP01 - Ben Wilson (Musician) - Conversations with Calcaterra

Ben Wilson is an "alternative folk" singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. Ken and Ben discuss Ben's latest album Wilson, the prolific storytelling which he channels through his music, and his various charity endeavors. Ben grew up listening to the Counting Crows and his music is influenced by the writing of Adam Duritz. These influences are heard through the songs featured in this podcast. Please subscribe to hear up-coming interviews with amazing people who's names you don't know...