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EP57 – Jimmy Griffin (Musician) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“El Monstero is the monster truck version of Pink Floyd…It’s as if Pink Floyd had seen a KISS concert before becoming Pink Floyd.” – Jimmy Griffin as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “You’ve got to love to do it (play music) if you want anybody else to be interested in you doing it.” – Jimmy Griffin as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra When Jimmy Griffin departs this life he wants he wants to be known as a good musician and a good guy. He has achieved that and so much more...


EP56 – Artist Panel (Fine Art) EXPLICIT - CWC

Thumbnail art by Alex Johnmeyer “One of my favorite quotes that I have read is your future self is talking shit about you.” – Steven Walden as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “The argument is if Leonardo DaVinci was alive today would he be making film.” – Henryk Ptasiewicz as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “Every artist should be on Critical Mass. If you don’t know what Critical Mass is then get your ass on there right now!” – Alex Johnmeyer as stated on Conversations with...


EP55 – Craig Hawksley (Retired Comedian) EXPLICIT - Conversations with Calcaterra

“I hate to write but I love having to have written…that’s the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard.” – Craig Hawksley as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “I wish I would have had guys like me now to help me write then. To give me advice that it took me 40 years to learn…the hard way.” – Craig Hawksley as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra Who is Craig Hawksley Get me Craig Hawksley Get me a young Craig Hawksley Whatever happened to Craig Hawksley Who is Craig Hawksley This is...


EP54 – Tim James (Health Coach) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“62% of all bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical bills.” – Tim James as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “You have all the power to turn your health around, to get your energy back…to lose the weight. It’s not some mystical deal. You just drink water, clean out your gut and your organs and you put some good nutrition in you. Start off simple and you’re gonna get better.” – Tim James as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra What is the amount of fecal matter...


EP53 – Adrian Todd Zuniga (Author) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“The idea of starting tomorrow is a lie.” - Adrian Todd Zunica as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “Do not move to LA unless you have a project.” - Adrian Todd Zunica as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra Adrian Todd Zuniga is the author of the debut novel, Collision Theory (Rare Bird Books), which will release on April 17, 2018. He’s the host/creator/CCO of Literary Death Match (now featured in over 60 cities worldwide) and host of LDM Book Report on YouTube. A WGA...


EP52 – Sylvester Chisom (Entrepreneur) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“Tomorrow is the busiest day for everybody.” – Sylvester Chisom as said on Conversations with Calcaterra “Never let laziness be the reason why you didn’t get something done!” – Sylvester Chisom as said on Conversations with Calcaterra “You don’t have to be great to get started but have to get started to be great!” – Sylvester Chisom as said on Conversations with Calcaterra Sylvester Chisom is a public speaker and author of the book “Manifest Greatness” and has been recognized as one of...


EP51 – Eric Grossman (Fitness Trainer) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“You heard of people who are farm strong? You start by picking up a calf every day and then at one day you’ll be picking up a cow.” – Eric Grossman “A 1000 mile journey starts with one step.” – Eric Grossman “Eating is one of my joys in life and I’m not going to deprive myself, but I put in the work!” – Eric Grossman Eric Grossman has always been fit but didn’t really focus his mind on the science of fitness until dealing with some serious pain while on break from touring the world as a...


EP44 – Matt Simms and Lucas Yochum (Content Creators) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“The whole origin for doing this project was…it gives us an excuse to explore the city. Learn more stuff around us and hopefully be better St. Louisians or just people in general because were going out and exploring something.” – Matt Sims “Well it's important to think about that the "24 hour news cycle is a new thing in journalism. It used to be there was actually a gap of time. If the 5 o'clock news and the 7 o'clock news came on five days a week you had to wait a full 24 hours before...


EP42 - Bernie Siegel (Healer/Author) - Conversations with Calcaterra

This episode is dedicated to Ken Calcaterra Sr. “I believe that we are here to contribute love to the planet each of us in our own way.” – Bernie Siegel “Mother Theresa said that she would not attend an antiwar rally, and the people who invited her were very upset, but she said to them, “If your ever have a peace rally, call me.” – Bernie Siegel “I’d say, unfortunately, for the majority of people, most of whom are the authors of multiple books that I interview, they have to have a tragedy...


EP40 - Bengie Molina (Athlete / Author) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“Everybody knows us, the Molina brothers in the Major Leagues…this man, this dad we had was our Hall of Famer!” – Bengie Molina “All of us were pulling for each other, and we battled our butts off out there! We wanted to be very special, we wanted to do it! Sometimes you don’t have that in the family – Bengie Molina on three brothers as World Series winning catchers. “I think that’s why we made it to the big leagues because he sacrificed his own life for us.” - Bengie Molina on his...


EP39 - Jeff Stevens (Entrepreneur / Creative) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“We’re going to raise hell…responsibly! – Jeff Stevens (Entrepreneur/Creative) – Well Being Brewing Company “Because of the speed of communication the standard of perfection really isn’t there. It’s more about trying shit! – Jeff Stevens (Entrepreneur/Creative) – Well Being Brewing Company Jeff Stevens is one of the forces behind America’s first non-alcoholic craft brewery. The longtime advertising creative has teamed up with St. Louis’ O’fallon Brewery to fully brew the beer and then...


EP38 - Connor Weinstein (Musician) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“Music along with love is probably the most powerful force in the universe and I think it has the power to change lives!!!” – Connor Weinstein (Singer/Guitarist) – Next Door to the Moon “The most meaningful aspect of being a musician is making an emotional connection with someone who hears your song!” – Connor Weinstein (Singer/Guitarist) – Next Door to the Moon “How can you convince a whole consumer audience to go backwards and buy music when they have access to it for free?” – Connor...


EP36 - Tony Rehagen (Writer - Journalist) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“Life is collecting experiences and that’s literally my job!” – Tony Rehagen - Journalist “I think that the definition of success is when work becomes fun and a lot of people never get to experience that. I feel extremely fortunate that I have.” – Tony Rehagen - Journalist Is what we know as print journalism dying in the age of the internet? Has the digital age shortened our attention span to the point where most people won’t sit down to read a long form article? Tony Rehagen answers these...


EP35 - Ryan Gaughan (Educator - Musician) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“If you want to build a fan base do it by caring about that fanbase!” – Ryan Gaughan, Among Criminals – La Capitana “Holding yourself accountable to other people is the best muscle to start holding yourself accountable! – Ryan Gaughan, Among Criminals – La Capitana How many musicians do you know who would consider turning down a record deal to teach kids? This statement illustrates the character of Ryan Gaughan who spent the first half of 2017 in Los Angeles teaching kids with “learning...


EP34 - Jimmy Buckets Tribute - EXPLICIT - (Musicians)- Conversations with Calcaterra

Art is one’s legacy. When we create art a piece of our soul is infused in the work and when we leave this planet it remains for others to cherish our energy. Jimmy Smith affectionately known as Jimmy Buckets based on his prowess behind a drum kit (and sometimes plastic construction buckets) left this world in February of 2017 due to reported heart failure. In this episode of Conversations with Calcaterra, Ken is joined by Jimmy’s bandmates from Nervous Pudding; Josh Lawson (guitar), John...


EP32 - Elle Brodsky (Yogi - Entrepreneur) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“There’s just something about being barefoot in a public place that makes you feel really connected to it and those around you.” – Elle Brodsky, Founder Yogabuzz “Yogabuzz is one of my favorite activities as I’m able to take part in a fun yoga practice and then meet new people and observe my surroundings in a euphoric state.” – Ken Calcaterra, Conversations with Calcaterra and Professional Visual Storyteller Elle Brodski is the visionary creator of Yogabuzz an organization which combines...


EP30 - Corey Stulce - (Author) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“I definitely wanted it to be not just a glossy Hollywood tale but to have some drama.” – Corey Stulce on “The Union of the State” What is the current Union of the State? Do you even know who the State are? If not then you should definitely tune in to learn why author Corey Stulce spent 7 years chronicling their epic tale. If you are a fan of the comedy troupe then you are going to want to curl up with this book to capture the more intimate details of their relationships and comedy...


EP31 - Evan Grae Davis (Documentary Filmmaker) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“Art is the almost undefinable component that creates a distinction between information and a story.” – Evan Grae Davis “Even the corporate work that pays well, I’m not going to do unless I can do it in a way that moves my soul!” – Evan Grae Davis There are not many people out there who offer their services for free to celebrate a monumental birthday…that’s the character of Evan Grae Davis who is giving away a promotional video to a charity in celebration of his half century mark. Evan has...


EP29 - The Notchs - (Educational Disrupters) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“Focus on the finish line. That finish line isn’t moving it’s waiting for you!” – Ronnie Notch “It’s all about planting seeds and when you plant those seeds you get the chance to watch the tree grow and the fruit is the students through where they go! Later we’ll see the seeds they plant through the universal language that is music.” – Tiffany Notch What advice or tip did you receive in your youth which helped you throughout your life? This wisdom from our mentors helps to shape us to create...


EP28 - Julie Longyear - (Entreprenuer) - Conversations with Calcaterra

Which organ in the human body is the largest? Wait for it…this episodes guest is Julie Longyear owner of a Blissoma a company which manufactures and distributes holistic skincare and apothecary products, plant based which is good for the body and the planet. The skin is the largest and fastest growing organ of the body. Adults carry approximately 8 pounds and 22 square feet of the organ which protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature and permits the...