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DW's daily life and style magazine show. Seven days a week, 365 days a year bringing you the latest on lifestyle and entertainment in Europe.

DW's daily life and style magazine show. Seven days a week, 365 days a year bringing you the latest on lifestyle and entertainment in Europe.
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DW Germany


DW's daily life and style magazine show. Seven days a week, 365 days a year bringing you the latest on lifestyle and entertainment in Europe.




Herring tartare from Gdansk

A seafood specialty from the Polish city of GdanskRecipe for herring tartare on Polish black bread Ingredients Serves two 2 herring fillets 2 slices of black bread or pumpernickel bread 2 tablesspoons of diced sour pickles 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise 2 tablespoons of diced onions 1 small bunch of chives 1 small bunch of dill lemon juice Marinade ingredients: 100 ml vinegar, 1 tablespoon of onions, cloves, red pepper, salt and sugar Preparation: Marinate the herring fillets for 12 hours. Then...


Suckling Pig Loin

Simon Kaiser from the restaurant "Das Esszimmer" in Baden-Württemberg is promoting the comeback of an old breed of pig for gourmets, the Swabian Hall swine.Serves 6 Suckling Pig Loin Ingredients: 1 loin/saddle or 2 separated cutlets/chops with the skin of a Swabian Hall suckling pig canola oil fresh-ground salt and pepper a sprig of fresh thyme Salt the loin or saddle on the skin side and sauté the meat on the skin in sufficient canola oil for 4-5 minutes till crispy. Then turn the meat and...


Sofie's Bacon Dumplings

The menu at the Sofie Hütte in the Val Gardena is more extensive and diverse than at the usual skiing chalet. Chef Markus Prinoth cooks bacon dumplings using typical products from the Dolomite region of South Tyrol.Makes 4 servings: 100 g Tyrolean bacon or 'Speck' ¼ onion 200 g day-old white bread 10 g butter 30 g sunflower oil 10 ml milk 2 eggs 1 bunch chives Some additional flour and milk for the dough Chop the onion, bacon and bread. Finely chop the chives. Sautée the onion in butter. Mix...


Oven-baked grouper

Lisbon‘s Nunes Real Marisqueira restaurant is thought to be one of the best fish restaurants in Portugal. Head chef Manuel Costa specializes in traditional dishes such as "Garoupa no forno".Grouper In The Oven Ingredients of a portion of a person: - 300g of Grouper - 2 Units of White Potato - 1 Small fresh pepper - 100g Fresh Mushrooms (Champignons) - 1 Small onion - 20cl White Wine Reserve - 20cl of Water; - 20cl Fresh Cream; - 5cl Extra Virgin Olive Oil; - 30 g Parsley - 30 mcl Tomato...


A la carte: Tagliolini with Spider Crab

Buon appetito! Michelin-starred Italian chef Ruggero Bovo makes pasta with crabs. The secret is in the herb mix that's typical for Burano, the island in the Venetian Lagoon where he is from.Tagliolini with Spider Crab (Serves one) Ingredients: 100g crab meat 20g onion, finely chopped 6 cherry tomatoes Prosecco salt pepper olive oil 100g fine white flour 1 egg 4 zucchini blossoms Method: For the noodles: Put the flour, egg and a dash of salt in a bowl and mix well. Knead the dough and then...


Turkish Specialty: Hünkar Beğendi

A recipe with a history: "Hünkar Beğendi" means ' the Sultan enjoyed it'. We went to Istanbul to learn how to make this Turkish specialty with eggplant and meat.Recipe for "Hünkar Begendi" (Serves four) Ingredients: 500g lamb 5 tbsp butter 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 cup of tomato puree 6 medium-sized eggplants 1 glass milk or cream 1 cup flour 1 cup olive oil A pinch of salt A pinch of black pepper 1 fresh nutmeg 1-2 chilli pods 3 cups water 1 cup of grated Kaşar cheese (or Gouda or...


Stuffed cabbage with Polenta from Romania

At the Camara Boierului restaurant in Sibiu, stuffed cabbage with polenta is a particular favorite. Head chef Ioan Aron learned his craft in France and Germany, but he'll never forget this recipe from his grandmother. Ingredients (Serves 4-6) Marinated white cabbage (one white cabbage marinated for three months in 5 liters water, 500g salt and 100ml white wine) 1½ lb minced pork 4 tsp vegetable oil Four medium-sized onions, finely chopped 1½ cups celeriac, finely chopped ½ lb ham, diced 1...


Fall recipe: Finnish Wild Duck Legs

“Ravintola Nokka” is one of Helsinki’s most popular restaurants. A classic choice is wild duck. Chef Ari Ruoho prepares it with roasted pumpkin, forest mushrooms and butter.Lightly smoked wild duck, oven roasted pumpkin and black currant sauce. 2 Wild ducks 1l Game stock 1dl Blackcurrants 1 Onion 1 Celery stick 2dl Red wine 2tbs Red wine vinegar Salt Black pepper 2tbs Sugar free blackcurrant juice 200g Butter Rosemary Thyme Garlic Method: Remove the wild duck's breast and the legs. Cook the...


An octopus oozing with ouzo

Ouzo is Greece’s national drink and of course it’s also used in cooking. Lina Chioti is the chef at the Achivada Tavern on Lesbos. She shows us how to prepare octopus with the anise-flavored aperitif. Recipe for stuffed octopus à la carte Ingredients for four servings: 1 kg octopus 4 fresh tomatoes 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 2 onions 2-3 star anise 2 tablespoons parsley 2 teaspoons pine nuts 2 cups olive oil 2 cups white rice 1 cup ouzo 3-4 cups water To make the filling, dice up the...


Iberian pork cheeks, cabbage, and root vegetables

Diogo Noronha is considered one of the most creative cooks in Lisbon. He learned the tricks of the trade from his grandparents -- and now runs the "Casa de Pasto" in the Portuguese capital.Recipe Serves 6 people Slow cooked pork cheeks, cabbage, and root vegetables Ingredients: 16 Iberian deboned and cleaned pork cheeks 4 medium size carrots 6 medium size onions 4 medium size leeks 4 stalks of celery 1 head of garlic 4 rosemary sprigs 4 thyme sprigs 2 bay leafs 4 black peppercorns 6...


A Roman Delicacy – Fish Soup

Massimo Riccioli’s restaurant “La Rosetta” is in Rome’s old city center. The top chef is famous for his “Zuppa die Pesce á la Massimo”. It’s one of the most popular items on the menu.Recipe: Fish soup Serves four - 400 g redfish fillets - 400 g San Pietro fillets - 4 half lobsters - 8 peeled scampi - 8 peeled red shrimp - 200 g octopus - 300 g squid - 600 g mussels - 400 g clams - 600 g peeled tomatoes - 1 kg tomato paste - 4 anchovy fillets in oil - 1 glass of dry white wine - Olive oil - 3...


The perfect Wiener Schnitzel

The Viennese restaurant Figlmüller, which has specialized in traditional meat dishes for more than 110 years, reveals its recipe for the perfect coating and best accompaniment for a classic Wiener schnitzel.The Viennese restaurant Figlmüller has been a specialist in the preparation of the meat classic for more than 110 years and reveals the recipe to Euromaxx. Wiener Schnitzel Recipe: Ingredients for 4 - 6: 2 kg flank of veal 3 eggs 1 pinch of salt Breadcrumbs Coarse grain flour Lard...


Svickova - Roast Beef with Dumplings

A hearty specialty from the Czech RepublicRecipe: Svickova - Roast Beef with Dumplings Ingredients for 4 portions: 800g beef from the haunch 100 g bacon fat 1/2 celeriac 2 carrots 2 parsley roots 2 onions 4 tbsp oil 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp mustard 1 lemon 2 bay leaves 6 juniper berries 1 bouillon cube 1/2 tsp. pimento (allspice) 200 ml whipping cream 80 g cranberries For the bread dumplings: 6 stale rolls 250 ml milk 2 eggs 250g flour 50g butter 1 tsp salt Preparation Peel and dice two...


Galettes from Brittany

Bretons like their crepes savory and filled with all kinds of interesting things such as ham, groundbeef, sausages and roquefort. Galettes are made with buckwheat flour.Recipe: Galette Bretonne - Breton Crêpes For 6 portions Ingredients: 250 g buckwheat flour 1 egg 40 g melted butter slices of cooked ham 50 cl cold water A pinch of salt Preparation of a classical galette complète: Whisk the flour, salt and egg together. Add the water little by little and stir till the batter is smooth and...


Tyrolean Trio: a dumpling dish from Italy

Tyrolean Trio: a "triple" dumpling dish from Italy. It's made with spinach dumplings, cheese dumplings, and stuffed pasta. It started out as a leftover dish -- and now it's become a classic of South Tyrolean cuisine. Recipe for the Tyrolean Trio (Spinach and Cheese Dumplings, and Spinach Ravioli) For the Cheese Dumplings: Serves 4 Ingredients: 30 g onions 20 g butter 100 g cheese (Tyrolean grey, gouda, tilsit, or mountain cheese) 150 g firm, day-old white bread, cut into cubes 2 eggs 100 ml...


The perfect summer dish

The Catalans love it: salt cod salad. It's made with shredded salt cod, onions, tomatoes, and black olives. In Spain it's known as Esqueixada: a traditional dish with cult status.Recipe Salt Cod Salad Ingredients for 4 Persons 400 g raw salted cod (middle section from the back) 60 g tomatoes 40 g green onions 20 g green bell pepper 20 g black Aragón olives 40 g flat green beans 20 ml olive oil Virgen extra 8 ml Sherry vinegar 8 g salt 4 g fennel fronds Preparation Shred the cod to remove...


Slovenian Strudel

Prekmurska Gibanica is a typical Slovenian dessert: a delicious strudel with 4 layers.Recipe: To make Prekmurska Gibanica, you need a baking dish the shortcrust pastry and strudel dough will fit into. Ingredients: Shortcrust pastry and strudel dough (available as ready-made sheets) 1.5 kilos of apples (a sour variety like Idared) 1200 g cottage cheese 420 g granulated sugar 300 g poppy seeds 300 g walnuts 250 g margarine, butter or vegetable oil 8 dl sour cream 5 eggs 6 packets vanilla sugar...


Deep-fried delicacy

Chak Chak, a simple dish made from eggs, flour and honey is a staple food in Tartarstan. The capital, Kazan, even boasts a musem dedicated to the popular dessert. Euromaxx found out how to make the deep-fried delicacy.Recipe Chak Chak Ingredients: For the dough 2 eggs 200 g. milk Pinch of salt For the syrup 200 to 250 g. honey Oil for frying Preparation: Beat eggs (egg yolk and whites) in a bowl. Stir in flour and salt. Knead the dough thoroughly and let stand approx. 30 minutes. Roll the...


Italian pasta: Cappellacci

The popular ravioli dish Cappellacci is a classic of Italian cuisine. Head chef Andrea Quaranta of the Rome restaurant Necci dal 1924 fills his cappellacci with peas, artichokes, and beans.Cappellacci for 4 people For the pasta: 250g flour 100g wheat semolina 250g egg yolk 1 egg white For the filling: 100g fresh fava beans 200g fresh peas 2 small artichokes 2 spring onions 50g olive oil salt and pepper 2 eggs 50g pecorino 50g parmesan black pepper 8 slices of pancetta Mix together the pasta...


German specialty: Black Forest cake

It's easy to bake a Black Forest cake when you follow a few basic rules. The ingredients include a sponge cake base laced with cherry brandy, sour cherries, and chocolate sprinkles. Black Forest Gateau Ingredients: 5 eggs 200 g sugar 190 g flour 30 g cocoa powder pinch of salt some crushed vanilla bean half a lemon 1 liter cream 2 jars sour cherries 135 g cornstarch dark chocolate One schnapps glass full of the high-percentage cherry brandy known as Kirschwasser. First make the chocolate...