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ntoThis in an interview-based podcast about contemporary arts hosted in Montreal, Canada.

ntoThis in an interview-based podcast about contemporary arts hosted in Montreal, Canada.
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ntoThis in an interview-based podcast about contemporary arts hosted in Montreal, Canada.




Episode #19 - TAP - Guillaume Adjutor Provost and Shanie Tomassini

Archive RSS In Episode 19, Marx talks to artists Guillaume Adjutor Provost and Shanie Tomassini about their collaborative show at TAP Art Space called A Witch is Born Out of the True Hungers of Her Time. This show will be the last show of 2018 at the current TAP Art Space location and it will be in view until October 19th of 2018, the programming will be back at the garage at the end of April of 2019. Keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming exciting news. Press Release: The title of...


Episode #18 - Ben Klein

Archive RSS In Episode 18 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a conversation with recently arrived Brooklyn-based painter Benjamin Klein. In this episode Ben shares his non-traditional trajectory to the visual arts, he was a martial artists for many years until he gave in to his strong desire to create paintings. After completing a BA in English Literature at Concordia University it was evident that he needed to change paths, he then made his way to arts school finishing his BFA at Concordia...


Episode #17 - TAP - Jeanie Riddle and Dimitri Velasquez

Archive RSS In Episode 17 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a conversation with Montreal-based visual artist Jeanie Riddle and Montreal-based blogger and instagrammer Dimitri Velasquez. The conversation is centered on the ocassion of the opening of the show Single Family Home For Sale at TAP Art Space in which they collaborated. Press Release: From a superficial standpoint this collaboration may not seem apparent. Yet, scratching the surface reveals that both artists in their own language...


Episode #16 - David and Jorden Doody

Archive RSS In Episode 16 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a very fun and interesting conversation with artists-couple-collective David and Jorden Doody. They are a British Columbia- based collective working mainly in sculpture and textiles. They are interested in the conversations between image and materiality, as they mentioned in this conversation they draw inspiration from a classic approach to sculpture yet being conscious of the screen-culture that social media and the internet era has...


Episode #15 - TAP - Laura Acosta and David Jaime

Archive RSS This is a special edition of IntoThis Podcast, in Episode 15 Marx has a conversation with Colombian-Canadian artist Laura Acosta and Mexican architect David Jaime about their collaboration in the show called Ser/Viniendo-Be/Coming-De/Venir presented TAP Art Space in view until July 21st of 2018. In this conversation they share many keys to access the show composed by a virtual reality piece and a performance-activated textile-based sculpture. Through this collaboration and...


Episode #14 - Janet Werner

Archive RSS IntoThis Podcast is thrilled to present a conversation between Marx and painter Janet Werner. Originally from Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Janet Werner is a Montreal-based painter and professor. She graduated with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and after she moved to Connecticut to pursue an MFA from Yale University. She has been teaching at Concordia University for over fifteen years. Her work has found a place in public and private collections and...


Episode #13 - TAP - Marcela Borquez and Raul Aguilar

Archive RSS This is a special edition of IntoThis Podcast, in Episde #13 we present a conversation with artists Marcela Borquez and Raul Aguilar. They opened the inaugural show at TAP Art Space on Friday May 4th of 2018 with the show titled "THE STATE OF OUR EMPLOYABILITY". Throughout this interview we talk about the context surrounding this exhibition making, their personal views on the present conditions of cultural workers and more. Informed by Neo-Marxist theories, this exhibition...


Quick Announcement

Archive RSS Quick message to let you know of some change in plans, we'll post Episode #13 next Friday May 11th 2018. We hope to see you at TAP in it's inauguration show. Cheers! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google play or TUNEIN Radio Podcast Credits Hosted by Marx Ruiz-Wilson Edited and Produced by Marx Ruiz-Wilson Music, mixing and mastering by Arcadio Lanz Visual design by Victor Garibay Music Credits IntoThis Podcast Outro


Episode #12 - Katerina Pansera

Archive RSS IntoThis Podcast is happy to present Episode #12, a conversation with painter Katerina Pansera. Katerina focuses her explorations in contemporary painting on topics such as spectacle, fantasy narratives and setting. Besides her painting practice she also hosts a radio show called Out Of Lines available once a month in CKUT 90.3 FM, in it she interviews artists, curators, etc. you can find the archives to her interviews by clicking here. In 2015 as a response and critique to the...


Episode #11 - Julie Côté and Joanie Tremblay

Archive RSS Julie and Joanie make Episode #11 of IntoThis podcast. In conversation with Marx, they share the framework on which Projet Pangée is based. As an artists run gallery, Project Pangée was design to be different than a commercial gallery and also different than an artist run center, which are the most prevalent spaces for art showing in the province of Quebec. In this interview they also share their opinions on where artists should be showing their work, what drives them to work so...


Episode #10 - Mark Dudiak

Archive RSS In this very generous conversation, Mark Dudiak shares his beginnings in the art world and how important it has been for him to have found in his professors/mentors role models to follow. Navigating the always unpredictable art world can be a wonderful and a rocky endeavour all in a very short period of time. Painter Mark Dudiak shared with Marx his various sources of interest and the mental process by which each of his art projects have to go through before taking form. In a...

Episode #9 - Megan Bradley

Archive RSS Megan Bradley is the director of Parisian Laundry gallery in Montreal Canada. At a young age she opened her own commercial gallery which helped her not only to learn but experiencing the realities -and hardships- of the art market. After that, she was offered to work for Parisian Laundry, where she has had the chance to perform different tasks arriving recently to the position as director of the gallery. In this conversation she shares her motivations to be part of the art...


Episode #8 - Jackson Darby

Archive RSS Visual artist and musician Jackson Darby lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. In his Montreal days He attended Concordia University and was part of an art collective called MAW. He currently leads an experimental music band named Persons while maintaining active his painting practice. In this conversation, we talked about everything from the beginnings of his music interest when he was only a teenager to his explorations on painting reflecting on his background and the meaning...


Episode #7 - Loreta Lamargese

Archive RSS In the last episode of 2017 we have a conversation with writer and curator Loreta Lamargese, she lives and works in New York city at Arsenal Contemporary. She came over to the tiny studio in January of 2017, when she was still working at Division gallery in Montreal. We spend a couple of hours talking about everything from social media self-gratification to the exclusivity of the art world. But mainly we talked about some of the socio-political-economic issues that most of the...

Episode #6 - Jerome Nadeau

Archive RSS In Episode #6 of IntoThis Podcast we have a conversation with visual artists and co-director of art space Jerome Nadeau. After graduating with honours from his BFA in 2014 from Concordia University, he started a publishing house project called which up to date has produced three editions, the first features artist Jean-Phillippe Harvey, the second one artist Jeanie Riddle and the third edition explores the work of artist Jean Francois Lauda. As a continuation of...


Episode #5 - Nicolas Grenier

Archive RSS IntoThis Podcast is delighted to present our conversation with Montreal artist Nicolas Grenier. With an impressive display of talent, Nicolas lays down a path for self-scrutiny paved with paintings, architectural installations, videos, texts, etc. His works both, seduce and confront the viewer with formalist elements and objective imagery. He holds a BSA from Concordia University and a MFA from the California Institute of the arts. He is represented by Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran...


Episode #4 - Stephanie Creaghan

This week in IntoThis Podcast we have the pleasure to present to you the multitalented artist and curator Stephanie Creaghan. As part of a new wave of young cultural entrepreneurs, Stephanie has been deeply involved in the re-shaping of the Montreal art scene, which today offers a view of an abundant and vibrant terrain. Throughout the conversation we had on late November of 2016, Stephanie talks about her early influences in art production, the experience of opening and managing a gallery,...


Episode #3 - David Bellemare

David Bellemare is the Emissary on earth of the Society of Cosmos and as such, he has the mandate to translate messages from a different dimension into paintings. In Episode #3 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a conversation with emerging artist David Bellemare, they talk about the way in which David approaches art making, his ambitions to establish a dialog with future generations and much more. You should check out his work on his Tumblr account We hope you enjoy the conversation and please...


Episode #2 - Nancy Webb

In Episode #2 Marx talks to Nancy Webb about what does it mean to have a university degree in art history, writing for art magazines and taking on stand up comedy. She is part of The Brunch Club, a group of comedians based in Montreal. For more information visit their Facebook page. Enjoy the conversation and please reach out! Her upcoming shows: Stand Up Strip Down - Tonight November 4th at theatre St Catherine. Click here for more info. She will be opening the show Travis Cannon is...


Episode #1 - Jeanie Riddle

Jeanie Riddle is a visual artist, curator, mom and a Montrealer. In this conversation, Jeanie opens up a window to her life and work as she shares from her beginnings in art while living in California to the way in which she approaches her current practice as an artist and curator. This interview was recorded last June, since then Jeanie has decided to step down from the direction of the gallery Parisian Laundry to focus entirely on her artwork. Enjoy the conversation and leave a...