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Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.

Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.


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Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.






How to Be Incredible at Traveling (Even Without a Vespa)

Peter Moore, a traveler to over 105 countries, prolific travel author and Vespa afficianado talks to the guys about what makes travel a brilliant part of life, and how Italy is best done on a vintage Vespa. Check out Peter's Books HERE. And the Vagabond Imperative HERE. Join the Overcrest Drivers Club to support the show!


The Great Armored Truck Heist - Overcrest Bad Idea Edition

The guys discuss how they would steal an armored truck, Jake opines on shaking up his fleet, and the news of the week. Join the Overcrest Drivers Club to support the show! Armored Truck Heist Fails High end features to be cut from car models.... UAW Wants EV Tax Incentives to Require US Assembly Ostentatious colors on all the cars! Next-Gen NASCAR Cup Racer Debuts Vespa is officially 75!


This Episode Will Touch ALL Of Your Senses - With Professor Charles Pence

Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University joins the podcast to talk about how each and every sense we have is researched and catered to around the world, and in the automotive industry. Check out his book! Sensehacking: How to Use the Power of Your Senses for Happier, Healthier Living Join the Overcrest Drivers Club on Patreon!


How The Whittington Brothers Won it All with Duffel Bags Full of Cash

How the Porsche fanatic Whittington Brothers won LeMans in 1979, and the story behind their often... controversial... methods. Support the show by joining the Overcrest Drivers Club on Patreon!


Formula 1, Kremer K3's, LeMans, Musk, White Wheels, and More

The guys discuss projects and news of the week. Click to join the Overcrest Drivers Club on Patreon! Audi to return to LeMans New format for F1 qualifying.... Ever heard of the NORRA Mexican 1000? Elon Musk is a 15 year old boy. Towing just got easier... The only rental car you can get in Hawaii right now is a Uhaul Toyota acquires Lyft Self Driving Division… Jake, do you want a Ferrari 250 GT SWB? You know I like guinness records.


Beyond the Trees - 4000 km Alone Across the Arctic

Adam Shoalts, author, filmmaker, and intrepid explorer, talks about his epic solo adventure across the Canadian Arctic. Please check out his book HERE or HERE! And if you'd like to see his film, you can see it on Amazon HERE Support Overcrest on Patreon.


LADIES and GENTLEMEN, We Have Ignition!!!!

The guys chat news, Harleys, Vespas, Melted Teslas, Legos, Chevy C10's, Porsche's, severed fingers, and much more. SUPPORT THE SHOW HERE! New Renault gearbox developed with Legos So you may have heard about a Tesla driving itself into a tree.... Man charged with car larceny after driving stolen vehicle to court Porsche's Electric Taycan Sales Nearly Surpasses Iconic 911 Model A Florida man... Getting fingerprints has never been easier


Streamlined into Oblivion

Jake rounds out our three-part series on automotive scandals with the history of a car so far ahead of its time, it was bound to fail. We dive deep into the making of the car, dig up old news audio, and hear from the president of the car club about what its like to drive one of these amazing automobiles today. Support the show on PATREON! Check out the club at: https://www.airflowclub.com/


Super Dangerous Bad Ideas, and Our Burden of Responsibility to the Future

The guys discuss projects, news, and how today's enthusiasts carry the water for the future. Support the show on PATREON! Production Safari 911? Look ma, no hands… Read my Lips, No New Gas Taxes (mileage tax out too?) Grandma is stupid, says she not. Evergiven now being held for ransom...


The Greatest (Even Worse) Automotive Scandals Ever - Part 2

Jake and Kris continue to delve into automotive scandals, with three of the most grave cases yet, with automakers analyzing the cost of life… Support the show on Patreon!


Flat Surface Inc, Wheelies, Vespas, Hardtails, Hummers, and more...

The guys talk about their projects, business plans, news, and Feder calls in to talk about the new HUMMER truck, and how Kris just wants it to be the future already. . Support the show!!!! Check out Feder's HUMMER article on Motor Authority here.


The Greatest (Worst) Automotive Scandals Ever - Part 1

Jake and Kris discuss two of the greatest automotive scandals of all time, and how it might have some parallels to a current manufacturer. Support the show!


The Great Supercar Reset Explained

The guys talk the evolution of supercars, why cars are just sandwiches, zillion dollar m5's, Voltswagens, the UAW, Mayor Pete, Lexus, Migs and much more. Support the show!!!! Hagerty thinks the m5 may be hotter than we ever thought.... VW renames itself, decides it was a bad idea.... Automotive Industry and UAW all over Biden to give them the free money they deserve. Lexus wants you to listen to vinyl. Speaking of records, we’re all about records... this one is super cool. Jake, what is the...


The E39 M5 - The Wrongest Jake has Ever Been

Trips to Miami, Kris' search for a new car, and how he found the e39 M5 he's always dreamed of. Please SUPPORT THE SHOW!


Joel Feder Guest Hosts - Ev's, Canals, Bond, Pennies, and more....

Feder takes Jakes seat and chats with Kris about the the weeks news, and some automotive philosophy. Support the show on PATREON! Check out Joel Feder on Instagram! U.S. senators press Biden to set end date for gas-powered car sales Suez Canal is blocked.... Still. NerdBear.com, a "nerd culture" website, said it is seeking someone to watch all 24 James Bond 007 films


Mike Burroughs - How to Build a Ferrari

Mike joins the podcast to talk about his controversial Ferrari 308 Project. Check out the Stanceworks YouTube here! Support our show for just $5 here.


Porsche, X Rays, Singer, Gimmicks, Semiconductors, and Everything is Green Green Green

The guys discuss Sabine Schmitz, The origin of the Semiconductor shortages, Evil roller coasters, Elizabeth Warren, Porsche Mob, and much much more Please support the show! Queen of the Ring, Dead, at 51 The Army has invented X ray vision Ford to partly assemble vehicles Chip shortage to blame Are we so desperate for hot hatches, that an SUV is now one? Elizabeth Warren and AOC hate you...r car. Porsche put the Smackdown on Singer.... No screaming allowed. Car makers are running...


The Unexpected Guest - F117 and the Gulf War

Skunkworks Series Part 7 - Captain Scott Stimpert joins the podcast to talk about his time flying the F117 over Baghdad. The guys also touch on a brief history of Iraq, Kuwait, and the Gulf War. Support the show and get exclusive content and more for just $5. www.patreon.com/overcrest


This Episode is Utter Garbage

With Kris out of the studio this week, we are releasing one of our Patreon exclusive episodes. In an effort to prove that just about everything in the automotive sphere has an interesting history, Jake recounts the origin of the garbage truck. From the history of trash itself, to the inventor of the dumpster, this episode is sure to reek of trash. Head over to Patreon.com/Overcrest to support the show and gain access to the entire library of exclusive content.


The Plane That Ended the Cold War - The F117 Nighthawk...

Skunkworks Series Part 6 - Jett Crouch, one of the original cadre of men tasked to take the F117 Nighthawk operational, joins the podcast to discuss his time pioneering the onset of true stealth technology, flying the F117, and how it ended the Cold War The guys also discuss the history of Have Blue. Please head to patreon and Support the show!