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Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.

Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.


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Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.






How to (not) Die in Mexico - Brandon McCarthy

The true story of how a down and out man got buried, found redemption and then solace on a Honda X650R in Mexico. As told by the man himself. This episode is a top tier Overcrest interview, and will go down in podcast history. Enjoy. Support this show: www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Drag Cars, Batmobiles, Robocop, Knight Rider, and the longest Limo Ever Made

Jay Ohrberg is a car builder and collector that built some of the most famous movie cars of all time as well as the longest and most absurd limousine ever created. We delve into this 100-foot long, 26-wheel, helipad-carrying beast, and where it is today. Check out the Overcrest Drivers Club and SUPPORT Overcrest! https://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Racing 356 Miles in Antarctica - Renee Brinkerhoff

Renee takes us along on a journey through her leap of faith against fear, and her exploits to rally, and win, on every continent in her Valkyrie Racing Porsche 356. The guys also talk about her Charity Valkyrie Gives which has set its sight on the pinnacle of human evil, Child Trafficking. Her charity donates 100% of proceeds to fight it. Please donate at the link below. https://www.valkyrieracing.com/donate356


Home Built By Jeff - Why DIY Matters...

Jeff is a self proclaimed backyard hack car builder with a youTube channel. But it's so much more than that. Kris and Jeff talk about why DIY matters, and how social media can be a tool to inspire people out of their comfort zone. Check out Jeff's Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/homebuiltbyjeff Join the Overcrest Drivers Club for Exclusive stuff! http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Time Attack Legend - Amir Bentatou / How to Be Fast!

What are the keys for driving fast? Why are Honda K series engines SO good? What is time attack? Amir Bentatou answers these questions and more.... Check out RS Future here: http://rsfuture.com/ Join the Overcrest Drivers Club! http://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


What do you Snow about Tires?

Do you really need snow tires? In this flashback episode we revisit Wes from Nokian Tire as he calls in to discuss the merits of winter tires, and what makes a good tire in general. Afterward Jake and Kris geek out on what appears to be worthless UTQG ratings. Support the show! Join the Overcrest Drivers Club! http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Harrison Schoen - Living the American Dream, in a Cayenne

Harry Schoen joins the podcast to talk about living and exploring in his Cayenne, and what led him down the path to where that was something he wanted to spend his life doing. Check out Harry here: https://www.tiktok.com/@harryschoen? https://www.instagram.com/harry.schoen/ Support the show! join the Drivers Club! http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


True Grit - The Epic Adventure of the Abernathy Brothers

Jake spins the tale of the Abernathy brothers, both under 10 years old, and their insatiable love for crisscrossing the Wild Wild West. Support Overcrest! Join the Drivers Club: http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


A Ferrari in the Arctic and other Questionable Decisions with Brian Whalen

Brian Whalen joins the podcast to chat about driving his Ferrari 308 to the Arctic Ocean. check out his instagram: @briansquestionabledecisions Join the Overcrest Drivers Club Here: http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


The Hole In Lincolns Head & Rally Recap

Kris and Jake talk about their journey's and discoveries. Rallista joins to talk about their experience on the rally. Check out Rallista here: http://rallista.app And the Overcrest Drivers Club Here: http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


The Dakar - The History of One of the Greatest Motorsport Events of All Time

Overcrest Flashback: Jake dives deep on the Paris Dakar rally, discovering its roots, and recounting harrowing tales. The guys also discuss their projects, and what's next for Jake's C10, and Kris' 911. Support us, join the drivers club! http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub Primary sources: https://news.dreamracer.tv/featured/the-origins-of-the-dakar-spirit/ https://advjoe.ca/2015/12/the-story-of-the-first-dakar-rally-1979/


Robert Bryce - How Electricity Explains the World

Robert Bryce is an author, journalist, film producer, and podcaster. He has been writing about energy, power, innovation, and politics for three decades. He’s a research fellow at the Austin-based Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, a contributing writer at Forbes, the host of the PowerHungry Podcast, and the author of six books. His new feature-length documentary, Juice: How Electricity Explains the World is available now. https://robertbryce.com/power-hungry-podcast/ Join the...


She‘s a Reeeeeaaaaal Trooper

Kris talks about discovering his trooper, and his plans for it. Support the show and join the drivers club! www.overcrestprodutions.com/driversclub


Overcrest 1 on 1 with Big Mike - How to Positively Affect The World Around You

Kris interviews Big Mike, an Automotive builder/designer, event host/emcee, show judge, photographer and journalist. He's also the founder of the Think Bigger Project, a brand and movement built to benefit the community and the people who are a part of it. https://www.thinkbiggerproject.com Support the show! https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


What's Gold, Wood, and Burns ATF?

Kris and Jake chat about Kris' cross country back roads trip in his Ford Pinto Wagon. Support the creators you love. Join the Overcrest Drivers club! https://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Patreon Exclusive - Join Jake's Pen15 club

This week we're releasing a sneak peak into the Overcrest Driver's Club, with one of our exclusive episodes. Jake recounts the storied history of the most widespread official us government device. Join the Driver's Club: www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub/


Throwback episode - Don't be a Fliverboob and Turn-turtle...

With Kris out of town, we wanted to release a throwback episode from years back. In this weeks episode, Jake takes us on a deep dive through the annals of automotive history, looking at the interesting, sometimes downright weird history of automotive safety features throughout the years. Kris also recounts his trip to Checked It Out, Chicago, and reveals his new winter car, to Jake's disapproval... Source:...


The Greatest Secret Project You've Never Heard Of: Operation Starfish Prime

Jake and Kris talk about Starfish Prime, a top secret government project that really put the aurora in aurora borealis. Join the Overcrest Drivers club and Support the show! www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


It's a F*****g Shooting Break, OK!?

Kris buys an American shooting break, and the guys discuss a couple of sweet cars and news of the day. Join the Overcrest Drivers Club and immediately feel especially good about yourself: https://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Ace in a Day - The Incredible Story of Ace Pilot: Bruce Carr

This is the unbelievable true story of bravery and sheer audacity of an untold American hero: Bruce Carr - the only pilot to ever leave base flying an allied aircraft and return in an enemy plane. Join The Drivers club here: https://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub Source: https://www.trivia.com/view/bruce-carr-story/&page=19