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Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.

Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.


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Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.






What the Hell Did Jake Just Buy!?

Jake spills the beans on his new project. www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


The Story That Will Never Die // Lee Raskin

Lee Raskin dispells the concept of a “curse”, instead offering an even more unbelievable series of events following the legacy of Dean’s 550 Spyder. http://leeraskin.net www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


The Brutal Curse of an Icon

Jake and Kris delve deep into the chilling story of an infamous cultural icon. For Early Access to Limited Merch and More, join the Drivers club! www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Aliens, Grandpa Cars, and Bourbon

Kris and Jake chat about the grandpa car, and bourbon. Join the Drivers club! www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Everything You’re Missing - The Overcrest Drivers Club

We wanted to give everyone a little taste of what our Driver's Club members get with an exclusive episode from last fall. In this previously unaired episode, Jake and Kris talk about selling the Escort and Pinto, Jake not buying what he should, the Trooper project, and much much more... Support us by joining the Overcrest Drivers Club, and get access to all of our private episodes!


Brandon McCarthy / The Religion of Cars and Exploration

Kris interviews Brandon about his trip to go get his 1969 AMC Javelin. Join the Overcrest Drivers Club! https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Yugo-ing to Definitely Love This Episode!

Throwback to one of Kris and Jake's favorite episodes. Kris buys a Yugo, and the guys randomly meets Lloyd, someone who would change his perspective on car buying forever. If you Listen on Spotify this one is new for you! Join the drivers club! https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps

Kris talks the philosophical train of thought that led him to purchase what might be his last internal combustion car... Join the Drivers Club! www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Jake’s Taste is... Ugly / The Ugliest Cars of All time

Jake talks about his (erroneous -K) list of the ugliest cars of all time. Join the drivers club! www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Being The Batman / Rick English - Stuntman

From Bond Films to Inception, and Fast and the Furious to DC and Marvel films, legendary stunt driver and performer Rick English joins the podcast to talk about backing up Robert Pattinson in "The Batman". The guys also talk about stunts in other films, exploring what it takes to be one of the most prolific stunt performers in the movie industry today. Check out Rick's Social! https://www.instagram.com/rickstunts/ Join the Overcrest Drivers Club! www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Joel Feder / What the heck is going on in the auto industry?!

The ever exuberant Joel Feder joins us once again to discuss the state of the auto industry today. Joel regails his experience driving some of the coolest new cars to hit showrooms, including the Lucid Air, and the last greatest sport sedan ever to be produced. We also discuss the Rivian debacle (and how it personally cost Joel thousands), along with Bring a Trailer's insane prices, Matrix headlight technology, and the US legalizing fully self-driving cars. Check out the Overcrest Drivers...


Battling Winter With Speed and Power

Jake brings a chilling history of our fight against winter, from speed records, to sleighs, massive train-mounted snowblowers, to the ubiquitous snow plow.


Nate Ferderer / Professional Endurance Motorcycle Racer

We are joined on the show by Nate Ferderer, a professional endurance motorcycle racer. He shares his experiences competing at the top level of the sport around the world. Check out Nate's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nferderer/ And the Overcrest Drivers Club! https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Motorsport Legend / Brian Redman

Mr. Redman joins to talk about the dangers of racing, his life, and some of his experiences with legendary cars, and legendary tracks. Check out Brian's Book: https://tinyurl.com/2zxh8k6j And the Overcrest Drivers Club! https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


An Impossible Dream / The Failed History of Flying Cars

The history of a stereotypical mainstay of every futuristic sci-fi movie, and the perennial dream of drivers everywhere... the flying car. From the turn of the 20th century, to continued efforts today, Jake and Kris take a look at the best made plans and worst failures of the flying car. Get cool stuff and support all Overcrest does by joining the drivers club... https://www.overcrestproductions.com/...


Master Picker and Hot Rod Builder: Matt Murray / Iron Trap Garage

Picking secrets and why REAL Hot Rods kick ass with Matt from Iron Trap Garage. Check out his YouTube channel here! https://www.youtube.com/c/IronTrapGarage Support the show and get some cool stuff for just 5 bucks! http://overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Beauty and The Beast / Exploring Antarctica in a 356

Renée Brinkerhoff joins the podcast to talk about driving her 356 in Antarctica to raise money for child trafficking. Donate now: https://www.valkyrieracing.com/project-356-1


Jim Goodall - Expert on the SR71, Area 51, and UFO’s

Earlier last year we interviewed Jim Goodall, retired Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He is a world-renowned Military Writer, Historian, and expert on the SR-71 Blackbird and Area 51. We had an in-depth, no-holds barred interview with Jim on the SR71 spy-plane, Area 51, nuclear submarines, UFO’s, and speculate on some of the government’s top secret “black” projects throughout the years. Join the Overcrest Drivers Club and Support the...


How Radioactive Kitties Could Save The World

Jake looks hundreds of thousands of years into the future to tell Kris about the epic and complex issues surrounding a seemingly very simple problem. Nuclear Waste. From gravitational forces in space, to a proposed Atomic Priesthood, and even cats, this is one of the most hilarious and ridiculous episodes we’ve produced. Join the Overcrest Drivers Club and Support the Show! https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub


Porsche At LeMans / Author: Glen Smale

Glen, the author of a fantastic book about Porsche's history at LeMans comes on to talk about growing up in South Africa, Writing, The Porsche Archives, hist interviews with legends, and Porsche's legacy at LeMans. Check out Glens book on Amazon here: https://tinyurl.com/2p92m2d8 And Join the Overcrest Drivers Club here: https://www.overcrestproductions.com/driversclub