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Right Brain Left Brain is a fun, smart debate podcast about politics, philosophy and current events

Right Brain Left Brain is a fun, smart debate podcast about politics, philosophy and current events
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Right Brain Left Brain is a fun, smart debate podcast about politics, philosophy and current events






A Few Friendly Wagers on the Midterm Elections

In this special round, Mike and Kurt discuss a few friendly wagers they've got riding on the November 6th Midterm elections. Between the Senate race in Texas, the governor race in Florida, and the overall race for control of the House of Representatives, our fingers are so crossed they're fit to snap. Join us as we drink far too much sweet liqueur and debate who's gonna come out on top on this special elections episode of Right Brain Left Brain!


Trump Says He'll End Birthright Citizenship - What Are The Odds?

In this round, Mike and Kurt look at Trump's recent promise to repeal the 14th amendment; Specifically, the part that guarantees citizenship to anyone born on American soil. Was Trump serious? Will he actually try it? If he did, would it work? Did he have a different purpose for mentioning it? Join us as we debate these questions, the migrant caravan, immigration reform - and more - on this week's Right Brain Left Brain!


How Can We Stop Political Violence?

In this round, Mike and Kurt discuss political violence: What it looks like today, where it comes from, where it's headed if we don't address it, and ultimately, ways we can stop it. Between recording and publishing this episode, the most recent news broke - that several bombs were mailed to various politicians and political commentators. In a world where new acts of political violence are perpetrated and attempted nearly every day, is there any end in sight? And is there a way to have fun...


The Pocahontas Controversy Returns! Who's the Biggest Loser This Time?

In this round, Mike and Kurt have deja vu all over again. Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Donald Trump are at it again, and Jerry, the test results are in! What do Warren's DNA test results reveal about her indigenous ancestry? And - possibly more importantly - what do they reveal about her willingness to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on his own playing field? It's pretty clear this isn't a feel-good saga. In fact, full disclosure, we don't see any winners. But who's the bigger...


Is it Time to Do Away With Fleet Week and the Blue Angels?

In this round, Mike and Kurt discuss Fleet Week, the tradition of military celebrations in port cities like San Francisco. Every year, our nation's Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines drop anchor in the San Francisco Bay and make a week of it, with tours, presentations, and air shows. Tens of thousands line up for the festivities, but not everybody loves the event. For many, the cons outweigh the pros, with some calling to ban Fleet Week altogether. Join Mike and Kurt as they drink way too much...



In this round, Mike and Kurt give in to the pressure and talk about Brett Kavanaugh. We promised we wouldn't, but we're liars, so the joke's on you. Our format is a little different in this episode; Instead of debating a single question, Kurt and Mike ask and answer several questions relevant to the Kavanaugh hearings, sometimes agreeing, sometimes disagreeing, and always drinking. Because apparently, dialogue between the sides on this issue has never happened - until now! Grab a beer and...


Protesting Politicians - Where Should We Draw the Line?

In this round, Mike and Kurt and discuss the recent viral video of Ted Cruz and his wife being harassed in Texas restaurant by a group of protestors. The video is the latest in a long series of moments of intense heckling of politicians captured on film. Should this phenomenon be condoned an example of healthy free speech, or should it be frowned upon as a blight on our national civility? Join us as Kurt and Mike drink even more rum and debate this question and more on this week's episode of...


Do Voter ID Laws Do More Harm Than Good?

In this round, Mike and Kurt take on the issue of Voter ID Laws. Several states have adopted requirements to show photo ID before voting, and the trend doesn't show signs of slowing. Supporters say Voter ID Laws help prevent fraud at the polls, while critics say the laws exclude too many eligible voters. All things considered, do voter ID laws do more harm than good? Kurt and Mike drink far too much rum and wine and duke it out over this question and more on this week's episode of Right...


Shadow Resistance in the White House - The First Domino or the Last Straw?

In this round, Kurt and Mike discuss an anonymous Sept. 5 New York Times op-ed column which claims that throughout the Trump administration, officials work to undermine and control the president. But is the letter authentic? If so, is it accurate? Does it represent the views of a single person, or is there a greater mutiny afoot in the Oval Office? Is this op-ed the first of many public subversions to come from anonymous GOP elites? Or is it a fiction, created by a Trump-hater, or worse - a...


Nike Bets on Kaepernick - What's the Real Controversy?

In this round, Mike and Kurt thought they'd discuss the question, "Did Nike make the right decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th Anniversary?" But things don't always go as planned, and the conversation quickly turned to deeper questions about the meaning of the flag, intentions, and the value of communication - especially when you don't see eye to eye. Mike and Kurt mix cheap grape-drink with 18 year old scotch, and the rest is history.


Is Faith-based Discrimination OK?

Is Faith-based Discrimination OK? by Mike Epley and Kurt Wagner


The Russia Saga - Episode 1: The Unindicted Co-conspirator

In this special round, Mike and Kurt begin an episodic series chronicling the major developments in the Special Counsel's Investigation of Russian invlovement in the 2016 election. After months of waiting, the world sees the first, and certainly not the last, legal hammers drop as both the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen trials reach end points, one with a verdict and one with a plea. What are the implications of these developments for the Russia Probe? What comes next? Will Trump face...


Medicare For All - Should the US Nationalize Health Insurance?

In this round, Mike and Kurt discuss the state of healthcare in the nation and imagine the merits - and pitfalls - of adopting single-payer healthcare in the States. Would Medicare For All break the bank? Would health outcomes improve enough to outweigh the cost? Mike and Kurt drink enough whiskey to kill a moose while they debate these questions and more on this week's Right Brain Left Brain!


California Moves to Ban Plastic Straws - Should the US Follow?

In this round, Kurt and Mike debate the variety of recent plastic straw bans sweeping the west coast. Are the bans necessary? Are they effective? Do the disadvantages outweigh the benefits? Can paper straws ever not be terrible? Didn't think anyone could talk about straws for a solid hour? Don't @ us. Listen as Mike and Kurt mix tequila and Irish cream and descend into madness.


What Does Sacha Baron Cohen's "Who Is America" Reveal About the United States?

In this round, Kurt and Mike mix tequila and irish cream and discuss Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial new Showtime series, Who Is America. Cohen disguises himself as several new characters in order to fool various people into doing and saying...unexpected things. But what does the series reveal? Cohen uses deception to coax performances out of his unwitting targets; Is this tactic unfair and biased, or does it reveal a deeper - even darker - portrait of the people of the United States? We...


Did Peter Strzok Destroy the FBI?

In this round, Mike and Kurt drink a gallon of rum and debate the Peter Strzok Hearings. We all know about the text messages - but what do they reveal about the Mueller Investigation and the FBI as a whole? Is there a chance Strzok's actions could ruin the Russia Probe? And most importantly, which Hogwarts house does Trey Gowdy belong to? All this and more in this week's Right Brain Left Brain. We debate, you decide!


Is the Supreme Court Broken?

In this round, Mike and Kurt take on the Supreme Court. When Justice Antonin Scalia died in early 2016, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold confirmation hearings for President Obama's appointee. Consequently, Trump appointed Scalia's successor. Now, Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his imminent retirement. Will the Democrats manage to hold up confirmation hearings until after midterms, when they hope to gain some leverage in the Senate? Any honest observer...


Space Force! What?? Why??

In this round, Mike and Kurt discuss Trump's new Space Force initiative! What the hell is a space force? Is it needed? Will the US finally have Space Cadets? Set your phasers to kill, this episode is out of this world!


Does the North Korea Nuclear Deal Stand a Chance?

In this round, Mike and Kurt debate Trump's new nuclear deal with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Details of the deal are vague, but conservative talking heads are optimistic; Liberals are skeptical at best. Mike and Kurt think it's as good a reason as any to drink Tequila and compare head-of-state haircuts. Will the newest nuclear deal bring peace to the Korean Peninsula? We debate, you decide!


The Revolving White House Door - Why Don't Trump's Appointees Last?

In this round of Right Brain Left Brain, Mike and Kurt discuss the clown car that is the Trump administration. With so many of Trump's appointees coming and going, it's hard to make sense of what's really happening in the upper echelons of the executive branch - but that won't stop Kurt and Mike from getting a little too drunk and trying to remember all of their names! Why do so many seem destined for either indictment, firing-by-tweet, or resignation? We debate, you decide!