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The Rollye James show on Chicago's Very Own, WGN Radio 720.

The Rollye James show on Chicago's Very Own, WGN Radio 720.


Chicago, IL


The Rollye James show on Chicago's Very Own, WGN Radio 720.




Rollye James and listeners share some of their most cherished Chicago memories

WGN Radio’s Rollye James welcomes listeners on the show to share some of their most cherished Chicago memories. Listen in while Rollye and listeners share stories about some beloved Chicago radio personalities, musicians, commercials and some unforgettable Chicago media stories. To get the list of the songs used as bumpers on the show or to […]


Rollye James chats with diverse musical legend Frank Stallone

Grammy and Golden Globe nominated artist and brother of Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stallone, Frank Stallone joins Rollye James on the show to talk about an eclectic blend of topics. Frank and Rollye kick off the show by talking about Frank’s career as a whole and the work Frank has done in movies alongside his brother and […]


‘Quiet Mind Epic Life’: Author Matthew Ferry encourages us to escape the status quo

Matthew Ferry is an executive life coach and spiritual teacher. For the last 26 years, Ferry has coached thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity. His books, videos, audios and seminars utilize his street tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process. He joins Rollye James to share his thoughts on enlightenment, prosperity and how […]


Consumer advocate Jeff Arnold talks about how to beat your insurance company

Author of How To Beat Your Insurance Company and founder of the highly awarded Rightsure insurance technology firm Jeff Arnold joins Rollye James to offer tips on how to get the best insurance deal without getting ripped off. Throughout the conversation Jeff answers the questions why are we paying the same amount for car insurance when there’s not a […]


Doo-wop is back with Philadelphia artist Philly Cuzz

Philly Cuzz brought his special brand of Neo Doo-wop music to the airwaves back in 2004, scoring great success on satellite radio and launching his Vegas career as well. He joins Rollye James to talk about his inspirations as well as why doo-wop music has stood the test of time.


‘The Geator with the Heater’: Jerry Blavat shares his insights on music, radio and more

Philadelphia radio icon Jerry Blavat is known for his legendary dances, introducing the Four Seasons and Isley Brothers to a wide audience and, most of all, having fun. Jerry joins Rollye James for a full hour of conversation about his career and takes your questions about the music and radio business.


Al ‘Caesar’ Berry dives in to the sound of The Tymes

Hailing from Philadelphia, The Tymes were beloved in their hometown and hitmakers both in the U.S. and U.K. where their 1974 song, “Ms. Grace,” made its way to the top of the charts. Tenor Al ‘Caesar’ Berry joins Rollye James for an in-depth look at the group’s history and music, including stories you won’t hear […]


Looking back on classic radio with entertainment insider Kevin Gershan

Kevin Gershan, accomplished producer/director at CBS Television Distribution, joins Rollye James for some Monday night fun as they look back on some classic radio and share stories from inside the business.


Going beyond the veil with ‘The Original Ghost Whisperer’ Mary Ann Winkowski

Mary Ann Winkowski has made a reputation for herself as one of the foremost experts on the paranormal. Working from her hometown of Cleveland, she has helped individuals across the globe and consulted on the CBS hit television show Ghost Whisperer. She joins Rollye James to discuss what could be waiting on the other side […]


The power of radio with Bob Crane of CCrane Company

Rollye James welcomes Bob Crane of CCrane Company to talk about the ins and outs of producing radios and takes listener questions about how to up their radio listening experience.


Mental health and the classroom with school psychologist Dr. Rebecca Branstetter

Navigating school with a mental health issue is far from uncommon; 1 in 5 students have a mental health issue that keeps them from learning. Though school psychologists are an excellent resource for students, they too are faced with an immense amount of pressure. In public schools, there is only one school psychologist for every […]


Music insider Leroy Phillips shares the stories behind some huge R&B hits

Rollye James welcomes Leroy Phillips for a look back on his time working in the music industry with the likes of The Main Ingredient, the Edwin Hawkins Singers and more.


Searching the stars for guidance with psychic astrologer Joseph P. Anthony

2020 has been a tough year, and we’re all wondering what next year will possibly bring. Luckily, Joseph P. Anthony may be able to provide some guidance. Joseph is a professional astrologer with twenty five years of experience. Using astrology, he can help individuals with issues related to identity, relationships, children, finances, occupational concerns, relocation, […]


The continuing mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Since its disappearance six years ago, the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has remained unknown. Rollye James welcomes David Soucie, a 35-year veteran of the aviation industry and a former top FAA flight accident inspector who has systematically investigated, studied and analyzed hundreds of transportation accidents. He breaks down his thoughts on what happened […]


Get a whole lot of soul with Chicago soul scholar Robert Pruter

Robert Pruter’s Chicago Soul chronicles the emergence of Chicago soul music out of the city’s thriving rhythm-and-blues industry from the late 1950s through the late 1970s. The performers, A&R men, producers, distributors, deejays, studios, and labels that made it all happen take center stage in this first book to document the stunning rise and success of […]


Reclaiming critical thinking with Dr. Judy Wood

With the flood of information we receive on a daily basis, we put a great amount of trust in those supplying that information. But are we giving up our critical thinking skills for the easier path of being told what to think? Dr. Judy Wood joins Rollye James to discuss the ways that we can […]


The art and collecting of ‘Depression glass’

The distinct translucent glassware known as “Depression glass” has been a collectible item for many for the last 60 years. As pieces become more rare over time, the National Depression Glass Association is preserving these pieces of distinct American art in their museum. President of the NDGA Pam Meyer joins Rollye James for a look […]


LGBT icon Buck Angel talks about his gender transition and empowerment through self-acceptance

Buck was born female in 1962 but never felt female and struggled through life until he had the life-changing opportunity to transition. In a time with little information on female to male transition, it took the help of compassionate doctors and his own courage to live his truth. Now, Buck can help others like him […]


Laziness is one big lie!

Rollye James is joined with author, social psychologist, writer, activist, and professor at Loyola University of Chicago’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies Dr. Devon Price to talk about the “laziness lie”. In Dr. Price’s new book titled Laziness Does Not Exists you can find science-based reassurances that productivity does not determine a person’s worth. […]


Rock radio royalty John Landecker gives a behind the scenes look at his decades-long career

If you love rock radio, you know the name John Landecker. Over the course of his career, he’s become one of the most well-known and beloved voices on the air. He joins Rollye James for a look back on radio stations past and an exciting look ahead at what’s next here on WGN.