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From urban inspired Japanese J-Pop and the mega star ballads of Cantonese and Mandarin C-Pop, to the R&B rhythms of Korean K-Pop currently taking Asia by storm - PopAsia is SBS’s musical journey into the heart of Asia's pop music scene.

From urban inspired Japanese J-Pop and the mega star ballads of Cantonese and Mandarin C-Pop, to the R&B rhythms of Korean K-Pop currently taking Asia by storm - PopAsia is SBS’s musical journey into the heart of Asia's pop music scene.
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From urban inspired Japanese J-Pop and the mega star ballads of Cantonese and Mandarin C-Pop, to the R&B rhythms of Korean K-Pop currently taking Asia by storm - PopAsia is SBS’s musical journey into the heart of Asia's pop music scene.






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What K-pop Idols do on holidays

This week on the Fan Forum Kevin Kim, Beatrice and Jacques talk about K-pop artists making Christmas albums, the best songs to listen to on your holidays, what K-Pop Idols do when they go away and an EXO controversy...


Ep 39. Can You Spend Too Much On Merchandise? (Joey Says No)

This week, Joey and Aki talk about what they're looking forward to seeing in 2018, the fact Joey needs to play Kingdom Hearts, Citrus anime adaptation and how much you should spend on merchandise. ()


It's MAMA Time!

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum talk about MAMA; who they think will win (and who should!) It's all done and dusted now but see how well they did with their predictions. Also, they chat about the controversial wins, and some award categories they're super confused about. Can you help them out?


Tokyo's Best Ramen

Simon and Martina tell you about the best Ramen in Tokyo that (for once) doesn't make Martina sick! ()


The definitive K-pop history guide

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum go deep into the history of K-pop, wayyyyy back to 1992. Hear about first and second gen Idols. It's an interesting blast from the past!


Being an Idol backstage at an awards show; what it's like in the waiting room

This week Kevin Kim tells us what it's like being an Idol backstage at an awards show. You wake up at 3 a.m and go to the venue. You wait for your turn to rehearse; there's usually a lot of groups (nearly 20!) waiting for their turn to rehearse. First they do a 'dry rehearsal' just to test mics and audio, then a dress rehearsal with the camera and finally a full run-through. In the waiting rooms there are so many groups waiting that you don't always get your own room. They put the names of...


Who's the most underrated K-pop groups? We've got a long list

This week the fan forum and Kevin Kim talk about the most underrated K-pop groups. After talking about who they think will win in the SBS PopAsia Awards this year, they delve into the groups that don't get the recognition they deserve. There's a long list...CLC, Stellar, Nine Muses, 100 %, Ladies' Code, F.Cuz and so the list goes on. Who would you add?


What it's like to debut (from a K-pop star)

This week Kevin tells you what it's like to debut in a K-pop group. It's an amazing thing because you spend years training, competing against other trainees, and you never know when you'll get kicked out of the company. You sort of do auditions every weekend. Kevin was also the only trainee from overseas so he had to learn the Korean culture too. It's hard (but really rewarding when you debut). What makes a good rookie group? Always be polite to your seniors, greet them whenever you see...


Which K-pop sub-units have been the best?

This week the Fan Forum are talking to Kevin about sub-units. The successful ones like Orange Caramel and GD and TOP, and the less successful ones like Rainbow Pixie. Z:EA had three sub-units and Kevin was in three sub-units. He spills on how companies choose who's in what sub-units and what was different about working with girls.


Sam Hammington has a new baby

This week Kevin Kim talks to Sam Hammington about welcoming his second baby into the world. Sam says he couldn't be happier. His wife went into surgery at about 9:30 Korean time for a C-section. They now have a healthy new member in their family. He's two days old, everyone's happy and healthy. The couple are looking forward to the future with William and his new sibling. Happy times.


The MAMA's detected illegal voting; how fans have reacted

This week on the Fan Forum we chat about the MAMA's illegal voting controversy. Millions of votes have been removed, it's affected the top results and fans are not reacting well. Mnet hasn't clarified what an 'illegal vote' means yet. There is still plenty of time to get proper votes in though, so you can keep voting for you favourite artists! The fan forum are hoping for a Western and K-pop collab at the MAMAs....who would you want to see on stage together?


Kevin Flies To Korea For 24 Hours To Hang With Celebs

Lots of stuff happened this week! Kevin visited Korea over the weekend for a big event, where he rubbed shoulders with some celebrities, including his ZE:A members! Who else did Kevin catch up with during his visit in Korea? It was also Halloween this week, and K-Andy decided to go for a spot of trick or treating! With Kevin dressed as a tiger and Andy as a bat(?), they got up to some no good this week! And last but certainly not least, Kevin has a chat and catch-up with his fellow ZE:A...


K-pop idols in a CF; what happen behind the scenes

This week Kevin Kim talks about being in advertisements (CFs). The Fan Forum talk about how funny some idols, like Hyeri, are in CFs. They also say how if you're in a chicken or mobile phone CF then you know you've made it. Kevin's been in heaps of CFs, once he went to Thailand to do a jelly commercial. Beatrice loves the CF that ZE:A did for chocolate bars. Kevin says filming a CF is really different to an MV because all the members have different characters and you have to do different...


Sam Hammington's favourite experience on Korean TV

This week Sam Hammington chats to K-Andy about how he ended up in Korea, his fave TV experience and what he still finds challenging about living there. Sam says he 'fell' into what he does now. He started off being a reporter in Korea, then did a skit show (in front of an audience of 1500 people), then he hosted a radio show in English, did a show called Real Men and now he has a show (with his son) called The Return of Superman. His journey is an interesting one, that starts with him...


Kevin Kim's MAMAs experience

This week Kevin Kim talks about what it's like going to the MAMAs! He went in 2009 and the funniest thing to happen was all nine members from his group, and a manager, were squished in to a small van getting to the red carpet. When they arrived the reporter announcing them thought it was hilarious, how many boys fitted in the vehicle. Prepping for the MAMAs takes a while because usually the managers want something news so they prep remixes or collabs. There's lots of funny stories from...


How a K-pop album is made

This week Kevin Kim spills on how a K-pop album is made. It starts with thinking about what song they want. They have huge meetings with producers and staff where they think about the concept and music genre. They listen to a bunch of demo songs and decide which one they want to use. Sometimes, after the pre-recording, it won't sound right so they'll change their mind on the song. It can sound really different after the recording.Once they decide on the songs they want to promote, they...


ZE:A singing Girls' Generation in karaoke; Kevin's slightly embarrassed

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum are talking Girls' Generation. You get to hear the time ZE:A covered Girls' Generation in karaoke (Kevin is slightly embarrassed). You'll also find out which member of Girl's Gen Kevin would be, and what he said when asked which member was his idol type...


How Kevin Kim got in to the K-pop industry to become a K-pop star

This week Kevin Kim tells us how he got in to his company, which led him to become a K-pop star. He sent a resume with all his details and profiles and things he'd done. He filmed on a video and cassette tape, which makes him feel old because people don't use those anymore. He sent everything in a package to Star Empire; they liked him so he went in and did a little 'audition' where he sang 'Bright Midnight', and they wanted him to stay in Korea and do training with the other trainees, and...


Fan Forum: Which Survival Show Will Be Better? The Unit Or Mix 9

This week, the Fan Forum discuss what they would say if they got to meet their idols, the petition online about Wanna One's disbandment. Also, which idols are tall and which of the new survivial shows will be better. ()

Which survival show will be better: 'The Unit' Or 'Mix 9'?

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum talk about which survival show will be better - 'The Unit' or 'Mix 9'? They're slightly different, and the forum think a boy band will ultimately win because fan girls are powerful! The idol line-up is really interesting, they discuss who the most interesting contestants are and who they're most looking forward to seeing. They also explain why having an EXP Edition member on the show is extra interesting....