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Jupiter in Sagittarius ~ Possibility Arrives

Jupiter represents possibility, optimism and expansion. As it steps into the sign that it rules, the possibilities become greater as we try to achieve what's best for us all. How will this impact you? How can you use this time to gain control and conquer your challenges? Sagittarians are adventurerers. Where does this appear in your personal journey? How can you use it? Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with astrologer, Jackie Slevin about this great potential for all of us.


Dreams : Our Subconscious Guide

We all dream. What do they tell us about ourselves? Is the answer to be found in a dream? Why are some more powerful and memorable than others? How can they help to guide us? These and many more questions are the topic of this discussion with acclaimed dream analyst, Layne Dalfen. Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this fascinating topic with dream expert and author, Layne Dalfen.


The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes

We have all spent time wondering about the great mystery of what happens when we die. We've heard of the great white light; the sense of peace and calm; the welcoming presence of spirit. But what really happens? Scientist and religious skeptic, Nancy Rynes faced such an event and lived to tell her story. What was it like? Is she still leery? Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses this remarkable experience with Nancy.


Psyche and Singularity with Timothy Desmond

We have all had moments where we felt as if events unfold in uncanny sequence. Synchronicity, as coined by C.G. Jung, forms a backdrop for the modern spiritual movement and the interconnectedness of all things. Have we been here before? Why do events tumble into each other with remarkable similarity? Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this new book by Timothy Desmond.


The Financial Horizon ~ Boom or Bust with Mitchell Lewis

We have been riding a wave of financial prosperity that has been strong and consistent. Yet, despite the growth there may be a lingering clue that much of what we are seeing is a false front. Astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis sees a dark presence ahead and it bears noting due to its historical context. Listen as your host Chris Flisher and Mitchell discuss this.


The Magic of Eidetic Imagery with Wendy Yellen

How many of us have images of events, people, or places that are unpleasant to remember? What if we had a method to revisit these events and recreate them in a happier mode. The Eidetic Imagery process allows us to do just that. Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses this subject with Wendy Yellen.


Saturn Direct ~ Doing the Right Thing

The great planet Saturn stationed direct recently and will begin in forward motion. Responsibility, duty, and diligence are the key attributes we use to describe Saturn's presence in our daily lives. This is an opportunity to step up and be accountable for what has transpired. Often deemed a malefic planet, Saturn actually holds us accountable. And what's wrong with that? Your host, Chris Flisher, discusses this topic with Michele Avanti.


The Logic of Astrology

Astrology has been around a long time. During its tenure it has had numerous detractors. Yet, despite all the sophism, the accuracy and precision continue to amaze people who turn to it for guidance with regard to timing significant life events. In that regard it is incredibly accurate. Why? In this segment, your host discusses this topic.


The Kabbalah and Astrology

The Kabbalah is an ancient divination tool used by people of the Jewish faith to help provide guidance for our time on earth. The simple fact that this tool incorporates astrology, numerology and other widely-used tools is remarkable in itself. However, do people use this? What does this tell us about ourselves? Listen as your host Chris Flisher discusses this topic with Linda Clark.


Botanical Magic

Our senses are one of our natural defense mechanisms. They are also the key to our stimuli. In this segment, your host, Chris Flisher, speaks with green witch and aromatherapist, Amy Blackthorn about how fragrances can alter our lives in the most meaningful manner.


The New Astrology

Even though this book is 32 years old, it still resonates. Suzanne White wrote this unique approach to astrology interpretation in 1986 and it continues to hold great knowledge of both Chinese and Western astrology. She breaks down each possible permutation of both systems. In this podcast your host, astrologer, Chris Flisher speaks to Suzanne to discuss her work.


Karma and the Twelfth House

We have come from the past. What we may have done or been in our former lives can be quite revealing about our journey through our current lives. Do you feel as if you are on the right track? Are you waiting to come into your own? What can the twelfth house and the signs on the cusp reveal about your true purpose this time around? Does life seem planned? Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this subject with fellow astrologer Marguerite Manning.


Twins: Astrology Tested

Twins are a basic mystery of astrology. How can two people born in close proximity share similar life journeys? Do they? Maybe two people share certain attributes but live their lives differently and yet similarly? Is that possible? Listen as your host, Chris Flisher speaks with fellow astrologer and twin, Suzanne Keating about this conundrum.


The Psychic Realm

What does it take to become psychic? Can anyone learn to read people? What skill set does it require to delve into another's psyche? These and many other questions are posed by your host Chris Flisher to psychic, Katherine Glass.


When Astrology Met the Computer with Michael Erlewine

Prior to the 1970s the only way an astrologer could read a chart was to construct it manually. Using empherides and house tables, a skilled astrologer literally drew the charts by hand. This time-consuming process involved hours of research and calculations. It wasn't until astrologer Michael Erlewine devised a method to have the calculations performed by a computer that life got much easier for the community. Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this topic with Michael.


The Cosmic Gyroscope

The universe is a swirl of geometry and astrology completely fits that model. The angles, degrees, and inter-relationships of planet to planet is the bedrock from which astrology is based. the logic is clear and the rationale is authentic. Listen as your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer, Michael Elliot of the Sabian Assembly.


Rambling with Caroline Casey

Astrologer and author, Caroline Casey is a veritable fountain of knowledge. Her range covers everything from the birth of LSD to the death of JFK. Using ancient symbolism, metaphors, and cosmic logic she peels back the veil of mystery and sheds new insights into the order of our evolution. In this fascinating discussion with your host, Chris Flisher, Casey is in true classic form.


Talkin Pluto Blues with A.T. Mann

Astrologers have long regarded Pluto as the harbinger of change-of the highest order. Since this planet's transit is roughly 248 years no human experiences a Pluto return. However, the United States is undergoing a Pluto return currently and has been for the past 8 years. What does this mean? Transformation? Destruction? Reconstruction? All of the above. In our personal charts this holds great meaning as well. Listen s you host Chris Flisher speaks with noted astrologer, A.T. Mann.


The Astrology Code with Michael Bergen

While astrology is incredibly powerful tool for self discovery, there are gaps in its credibility that come from a lack of empirical evidence. The conundrum comes from reproducible events that predict an outcome. Many back into astrology trying to find the aspects for an event. And yet the aspects are not the same each time for specific events. Are they accurate? Perhaps. Are they reproducible? Possibly. In this discussion your host Chris Flisher discusses the work of astrologer and...


Infinite Possibility with Katherine Jegede

Neville Goddard was a man of great complexity and purpose. He was a mystic, philosopher, optimist, and a teacher. In his work we find a logical path to our chosen destiny. In this segment your host speaks with author Katherine Jegede about her interpretation and application of Goddard's work in her book, "Infinite Possibility."