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Dynamic Narrative Astrology with A.T. Mann

A.T. Mann developed a unique approach to astrological interpretation when he devised Life Time Astrology several years ago. With the passage of time, he has come to rethink his method and has re-entered into the world with Dynamic Narraive Astrology, a derivation of his original thoughts. Listen as your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher, discusses this with Tad.


A Time of Reckoning with Eric Meyers

Ask any astrologer and they'll tell you the same story. We are due for a time of reckoning as we approach the next several years. We are collectively experiencing a Pluto return in the United States. None of us has lived one before and this is an event that is clearly obvious as we stare out at the current landscape. Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this transit with astrologer Eric Meyers.


Crossing Over

How many of us would like to be able to connect with someone from our past that has left this earthly plane? Psychic Daria Justyn has done just that as discussed with your host, Chris Flisher from this archived show from December of 2011.


C-O-L-O-R with Betsy Karp

We all know color. It surrounds us in every aspect of our daily lives. And yet, how many of us actually acknowledge its presence? Do you know that color can affect our moods? It can speak volumes about a person and how rthey view themselves. Are you a black and white person or a flamboyant expression of color and life itself? In this segment, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with the Color Coach, Betsy Karp about the power of tone, hue, and color.


50 Years Ago ~ Chiron in Aries with Elisabeth Grace

Chiron is located between Saturn and Uranus and it represents the wounded healer. Depending upon your view point this can symbolize a time to heal your wounds or revisit them. Additionally this transit represents a return to a time frame roughly 50 years ago. Historically it was a volatile time where the world was struggling with the hot topics of the 60s, including assassinations or MLK and RFK, the Vietnam War, racial divide and other meaningful social shifts. Could we see a retun of...


A Change is Gonna Come ~ with Erin Sullivan

The great singer, Sam Cooke wrote the song "A Change is Gonna Come" at a time when society looked as if it could never recover. Racial strife, inequality, sexism and other social mores were being tested. We find ourselves in another momentous time of great change as Saturn and Pluto start to form a conjunction over the coming months into 2020. Listen as your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher discuses this prospect with the one and only Erin Sullivan, astrologer extraordinaire.


Aspects to America's Chart with Mitchell Lewis

As we analyze the coming aspects in the chart of America we see a startling array of meaningful and profound shifts that are clearly evident. Using the Sibley chart (7/4/1776, 5:08 PM, Philadelphia, PA) which gives the U.S. an ascendant of 11 degrees, 56 minutes, Sagittarius we are able to see what is on the horizon for the country. In this dicsussion with notable astrologer, Mitchell Lewis, your host Chris Flisher seeks to understand the weight and impact of the changes that lie ahead. The...


The Ascendant ~ What We Project

The ascendant, or rising sign is a crticial piece of the astrology puzzle. It is determined by the moment of birth and sets the orientation for the remainder of the planets by house. The ascendant is also an outward representation of the inner personality. Often referred to as the mask we wear, the ascendant is the way in which we project our personality to the outer world. Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this subject with astrologer and author, Jodie Forrest.


Pondering the Logic of Astrology with Bruce Scofield

Astrology is a complex art and science modality that offers great insight into the historical cycles we see unfolding in our lives. As a measure of time and event we can corelate patterns. In this discussion with host, Chris Flisher, astrologer Bruce Scofield offers insights into foundational characteristcs of astrology.


Astrological Highlights of 2019 with Arielle Guttman

2019 began with a bang as Mars stepped into the sign it rules; Aries. Although Mars' time in Aries is a mere six weeks it does portend a degree of activity for the year to come. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Saturn is in Capricorn, and Neptune is in Pisces. All three planets are in the signs that they rule, giving them an added boost and visibility. These are troubled times and it is best if we prepare accordingly. Listen as your host and astrologer Chris Flisher speaks with author and...


52 Cards of Destiny with Mary Anne Costerella

How many of us know that the standard playing card deck holds the promise of our destiny? The standard 52-card draw, found in casinos and most modern homes, is also a divination tool that dates back thousands of years. We all have a card based on our birthday. Much like astrology, the Cards of Destiny portray, with uncanny accuracy, the characteristics of each of us. What is your card? How does your birthday map to a particular card? What is your number? What suit are you? You may be...


2020 ~ A New Era Ahead with Michael St. Clair

We are deep in the midst of a historic shift. Pluto, Saturn, and eventually Jupiter will all gather in Capricorn. We can clearly see the changes unfolding as we look to institutions, governments, countries, and important individuals pivot to address the reconstruction of a new world order. Join your host, astrologer, Chris Flisher as he speaks with astrologer and visionary, Michael St. Clair in this ARCHIVED show.


The Planet in Evolution with A.T. Mann

Astrology is the best tool for understanding where we are headed as a species and as a planet. In this ARCHIVED (2013) show astrologer, A.T. Mann shares his deep wisdom about what potentially lies ahead. Recorded in November of 2013, we can see if what we saw then has come to light now.


Running the Numbers ~ 2019 and Beyond

Numerology and astrology have always been closely linked. They are supportive of each other and complementary modalities. Using a different set of rules and guidelines, the numbers can reveal much of the upcoming themes that we will encounter as a nation, a planet and as a civilization. Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses the numbers for the coming years.


Talking with The Leo King

David Palmer, also known as The Leo King, has taken astrology to a new place in the world of social media. His videos, seminars, tours, and television appearances have rocketed him to the top of the list of emerging astrologers. His young, hip, California style has brought new relevance to what many call "pop-astrology." While old-school astrologers may belittle his presence, his popularity and status continue to rise. Some love him, some dislike him, but he is a force to be reckoned with...


Chiron's Calling with Michael Lutin

Chiron's role in our personal astrology is how we find our hidden pains and try to repair and heal them. Every fifty years Chiron returns to the place in your life where you need to find healing and solace. Listen as your host Chris Flisher, speaks with astrologer Michael Lutin. NOTE: Michael had a bad cold but persisted in coming on the show. Kudos to you Michael.


Jupiter in Sagittarius ~ Possibility Arrives

Jupiter represents possibility, optimism and expansion. As it steps into the sign that it rules, the possibilities become greater as we try to achieve what's best for us all. How will this impact you? How can you use this time to gain control and conquer your challenges? Sagittarians are adventurerers. Where does this appear in your personal journey? How can you use it? Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with astrologer, Jackie Slevin about this great potential for all of us.


Dreams : Our Subconscious Guide

We all dream. What do they tell us about ourselves? Is the answer to be found in a dream? Why are some more powerful and memorable than others? How can they help to guide us? These and many more questions are the topic of this discussion with acclaimed dream analyst, Layne Dalfen. Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this fascinating topic with dream expert and author, Layne Dalfen.


The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes

We have all spent time wondering about the great mystery of what happens when we die. We've heard of the great white light; the sense of peace and calm; the welcoming presence of spirit. But what really happens? Scientist and religious skeptic, Nancy Rynes faced such an event and lived to tell her story. What was it like? Is she still leery? Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses this remarkable experience with Nancy.


Psyche and Singularity with Timothy Desmond

We have all had moments where we felt as if events unfold in uncanny sequence. Synchronicity, as coined by C.G. Jung, forms a backdrop for the modern spiritual movement and the interconnectedness of all things. Have we been here before? Why do events tumble into each other with remarkable similarity? Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this new book by Timothy Desmond.