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AAH #436 - Bob Lutz: Live and Unleashed (And Yes, He Talks About Tesla)

SPECIAL GUEST: Bob Lutz, Former Vice Chairman, GM TOPICS: 09:35 - Mid-Engine Corvette 31:47 - RAM: Thanks Lutz! 39:40 - Lutz's Daily Driver 43:19 - Pontiac Solstice 48:49 - Maximum Bob Talks Tesla 56:09 - Doctor Data 59:46 - Lutz loves Rick Wagoner, Lee Iacocca 1:04:44 - Will GM bring brands back to Europe? 1:17:32 - Who should buy Tesla? PANEL: - Henry Payne, The Detroit News - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy,


AAH #435 - It’s Not All About Ford

NEWS: - Doctor Data - What’s the outlook for Q4? More trucks and fewer cars? - What are this year’s most notable vehicles? - There was Ghosn. Mulally. Marchionne. Who’s next? PANEL: - Todd Lassa, Automobile - Joann Muller, - Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production


AAH #434 - ZF and ADAS: Safety Meets Autonomy

SPECIAL GUEST: Christophe Marnat, Executive VP, ZF TOPICS: - Doctor Data?- August sales: Bet you can get a good deal on a Fusion Or Camry Or?- Ford and VW in Europe: More than commercial vehicles??PANEL:?- Christie Schweinsberg, Doron Levin, In The Driver's Seat, SiriusXM, Ch. 121?- Gary Vasilash, AD and P?- John McElroy,


AAH #433 - SAE Takes Autonomy To The Public

SPECIAL GUEST: David Schutt, CEO, SAE International TOPICS: 06:49 - SAE: Autonomous Rides in Tampa 33:35 - Doctor Data 38:18 - Toyota Motor collabs with Uber on Autonomy 46:41 - Is Dyson the next Tesla? 52:57 - PHONE CALL: Should NASCAR be worried about Ford? 56:09 - PHONE CALL: Manual Transmission is Disappearing?PANEL:?- Sam Abuelsamid, Navigant Research?- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- John McElroy,


AAH #432 - RDXcellence in Engineering

SPECIAL GUEST: Stephen Frey Chief Engineer, Acura RDX Acura RDX cut body in studio TOPICS: - Doctor Data?- VW Diesel Scandal: Exhausting?- Monterey Car Week: Exotics Abounding?- Alex Zanardi Will Be Driving a BMW DTM M4: Unstoppable???PANEL:?- Lindsay Brooke, SAE International?- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- John McElroy,


AAH #431 - The Show About Shows, Auto Shows That Is

SPECIAL GUEST: Craig Erlich Senior VP, George P. Johnson TOPICS: - Doctor Data?- Is Tesla Going Private or Is This a Distraction??- Thompson Smashes Land Speed Record—Danny, Not Mickey?- Over 1 Million Attendees to Watch 40,000 Cars on Woodward: Who Says Driving Is Dead??PANEL:?- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- John McElroy,


AAH #430 - Why You Won't Call "Shotgun" In An Autonomous World

SPECIAL GUESTS: Andrew Lund, Chief Engineer, Toyota Motor North America Jeff Stout, Executive Director, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors NEWS: 01:30 - Toyota's Project Portal 2.0: A Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Semi 19:15 - Introduction to Yanfeng 21:35 - Doctor Data 24:00 - Yanfeng: Designing Autonomous Interiors 32:20 - Waymo, Ride-Sharing, and New Mobility 42:30 - Purpose-Built Ride-Sharing Vehicles PANEL: - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy,


AAH #429 - From Steam Cars to SEMA

TOPICS: - Concours d'Elegance of America?- AVs and EVs affecting aftermarket??- Doctor Data?- Sergio's Legacy?- Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC: What's that all about??- Steel tariffs hit GM profits: If farmers get 12-billion, what will OEMs receive??PANEL:?- Diane Fils-Schneider, Executive Director, Concours d'Elegance of America?- John Waraniak, VP, Vehicle Technology, SEMA?- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- John McElroy,


AAH #428 - Genovation GXE: The World’s Fastest electric Corvette

SPECIAL GUEST: Andrew Saul, CEO, Genovation In-Studio: Electric Corvette?NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- Auto Alliance doesn’t want tariffs. Will the Administration listen to 12 car companies??- BMW’s ReachNow car sharing service adds ride hailing in Seattle. The uber Uber??- Nissan’s UK plant builds 1-millionth Juke. Does that prove consumers’ tastes aren’t global??- Model 3’s 30 percent margin. Is Elon smarter than even he thinks???PANEL:?- Greg Migliore, Gary Vasilash, Automotive...


AAH #427 - The Last Panhard and the Genesis of Genesis

SPECIAL GUEST: Ken Nelson, Orphan Car Collector?NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- First Half Sales: Anything to learn beyond lots of crossovers??- Volvo Launches M: Why is it taking on Uber??- Why are scooter companies attracting such huge investments??- What will the effects of tariffs be on the industry??PANEL:?- Paul Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau?- Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- John McElroy,


AAH #426 - VW Jetta Mk7: This is an Entry Car?

SPECIAL GUEST: Daniel Shapiro, Product Manager, VW Jetta, Volkswagen NEWS: 02:45 - 2019 Volkswagen Jetta 43:17 - Doctor Data 50:58 - Tesla assembly tents 54:28 - May Mobility to run autonomous shuttles in Detroit 1:00:36 - Ram offering the Ram 1500 Classic: What’s the rationale for new/old vehicles? 1:04:38 - Midget track and NASCAR PANEL: - Mike Austin, Hagerty - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy,


AAH #425 - Creating the Atomic Car Seat

SPECIAL GUEST: Chuck Cauchy, President and CTO, Thermavance NEWS: - Doctor Data - Collaborations Rising: VW and Ford, Audi and Hyundai - Launching a Rocket Is One Thing, But Building Cars in a Tent? - Colorado Joins CARB on EPA Pushback - Volvo Opens a U.S. Factory and Still Struggles With Care by Volvo PANEL: - Sam Abuelsamid, Navigant Research - Gary Vasilash, ADandP - John McElroy,


AAH #424 - Ford's Transit Gets Hit By a Bolt of Lightning

SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Reeser, CEO, Lightning Systems NEWS: - Doctor Data - Tesla Faces Reality and Layoffs - The Consequences of Tariffs - IIHS Tests: Ouch! PANEL: - Todd Lassa, Automobile - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy,


AAH #423 - Look Ma, No Hands! Here Comes Cadillac Super Cruise

SPECIAL GUEST: Jason Ditman, Chief Engineer, Cadillac Super Cruise NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- Sergio Plans the Future: So Long Sedans?- May Sales: What Happened to Ford’s SUVs??- Mark Reuss Demonstrates the Value of Traction Control PANEL: - Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy,


AAH #422 - The Electric Future of the Internal Combustion Engine

SPECIAL GUEST: Brian McKay, Director, Powertrain, Continental North America NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- Tesla Fixes Brakes Over-the-Air?- Will FCA Drop Fiat in the U.S.?- SoftBank Invests $2.25-Billion in GM Cruise PANEL: - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Lindsay Brooke, SAE - Greg Migliore,


AAH #421 - The Amazing World of 3D Printing

SPECIAL GUEST: Jon Walker, Area Sales Manager, EOS North America NEWS: 05:13 - Straight Talk On The Future of 3D Printing 40:30 - Doctor Data 43:21 - The Politics of Auto: The Detroit 3 Go to Washington 56:27 - Gas Prices Inflate: Will Iran Result in Reduced Summer Driving? 1:02:21 - Executive Churn at Tesla: Much Ado About Nothing? PANEL: - Gary Vasilash, ADandP - Chris Paukert, Roadshow by CNET - Joe White, Reuters - Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit


AAH #420 - 2019 Ram 1500: From Top to Bottom

SPECIAL GUEST: Rob Wichman, Director, Ram Truck Engineering NEWS: 03:07 - Ram 1500 Engineering Deep Dive 34:05 - Doctor Data 37:40 - 100 percent Electric Buses in China 44:50 - AAA Indicates 20 percent of Americans will likely go electric 48:25 - Uber Elevate: Annual Flying Car Summit 53:28 - The number of Pedestrians killed by vehicles is up since 2009. Why? 55:40 - Port of LA Now with Natural Gas Powered Drayage. What Happened to Natural Gas Cars? 59:53 - Automakers headed to D.C. to talk...


AAH #419 - Steve Miller on Tesla, Ford and Being a Supplier

SPECIAL GUEST: Steve Miller, President and CEO, IAC NEWS:?03:15 – Toyota Sold 70K Cars in April. Ford 40K. Are Cars the Problem or Is It Ford??07:06 – Gas Tax: Helpful or Harmful??20:48 – GM Has Taken Itself Out of the Sales Conversation. A Bad Move In a Media-Saturated Age??28:06 – Flexibility of Manufacturing in Japanese Plants?29:36 – Doctor Data?38:40 – Sailing Into Uncharted Waters: Talking Tesla?49:37 – Autonomous Passenger Drones?50:55 – Autonomy and Ride-Sharing PANEL:?- Todd Lassa,...


AAH #418 - From Ford to Tesla to Mahindra

SPECIAL GUEST:?Rick Haas, President and CEO?Mahindra Automotive North America NEWS:?- Doctor Data - Electric Vehicles: will the Range Anxiety ever end? - Payne Races a ZR1?- Ford discontinues its cars: Only Mustang and Focus crossover Survive PANEL: - Henry Payne, The Detroit News - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - John McElroy,


AAH #417 - Tesla Model 3: Inside and Out

SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro and Associates, Inc. NEWS: 03:00 - Tesla Model 3 Teardown Analysis 14:55 - The Good Stuff: Model 3 Automatic Drive Modules 26:46 - Are the pieces good? Door Panels, Exterior, etc. 29:00 - Model 3 Battery: Intricate Magic 42:55 - Doctor Data 44:55 - Mechanics of the Model 3 1:11:10 - PHONE CALL: Automation Issues 1:14:29 - PHONE CALL: Model 3 Build Quality 1:18:30 - Johan de Nysschen out at Cadillac PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash,...