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AAH #417 - Tesla Model 3: Inside and Out

SPECIAL GUEST: Sandy Munro, Munro and Associates, Inc. NEWS: 03:00 - Tesla Model 3 Teardown Analysis 14:55 - The Good Stuff: Model 3 Automatic Drive Modules 26:46 - Are the pieces good? Door Panels, Exterior, etc. 29:00 - Model 3 Battery: Intricate Magic 42:55 - Doctor Data 44:55 - Mechanics of the Model 3 1:11:10 - PHONE CALL: Automation Issues 1:14:29 - PHONE CALL: Model 3 Build Quality 1:18:30 - Johan de Nysschen out at Cadillac PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash,...


AAH #416 - 2019 Jeep Cherokee Is Way More Than A Refresh

SPECIAL GUEST: Rich Silbert, Engineering Development Mgr., Jeep Cherokee NEWS: - 2019 Jeep Cherokee?- Doctor Data?- Will the global Focus work on this side of the globe? - Seven years until the Bolt redesign. Is the timing right or too long? - NASCAR Cup sponsorship: Winston Cup from 1972 to 2003. Monster Energy from 2017 to 2019. Will NASCAR go the way of Winstons? PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Eric Lawrence, Detroit Free Press


AAH #415 - Autoextreme-ing All Over The Place

NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- What did they say at NADA??- New York, New York?- The NAIAS Meltdown?- Uber Accident Aftermath PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Peter DeLorenzo, The Autoextremist


AAH #414 - TourX: Why Is Buick Doing A Station Wagon?

SPECIAL GUEST: Doug Osterhoff, Marketing Manager, Buick NEWS: - Doctor Data - The Uber Accident: A little perspective on traffic fatalities - Lyft: Testing subscriptions and partnering with Magna—is it the transportation game-changer? - Ford Ready.Shop.Go. Will the dealer become a deliverer” PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, ADandP - Mike Wayland, Automotive News


AAH #413 - We Have A Winner, A Katzkin Winner

SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Clyde, President and CEO, Katzkin NEWS: - Katzkin Custom Leather Interiors - Katzkin Winner Announced - Ford bares all its Future Product Plans - New York Auto Show Preview - Will the Auto Industry get caught up in a Trade War? PANEL: - John McElroy, - Jason Fogelson, - Mike Austin, Hagerty


AAH #412 - Achates' Amazing Engine Breakthrough

SPECIAL GUEST: David Johnson, President and CEO, Achates Power NEWS:?- Doctor Data?- Geneva: The Cars We'll Never Drive Unless We Win the Powerball?- SXSW Conference: Sponsored by Bud, Capital One, Austin Chronicle and Mercedes??- Edmunds Finds Toyota, Subaru and Honda Buyers Most Loyal. Dodge, smart and Chrysler, Not So Much PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Frank Markus, Motor Trend


AAH #411 - Death of the diesel and Michigans move into Mobility

TOPIC: Planet M SPECIAL GUEST: Trevor Pawl, Group VP, MEDC NEWS:?- Can Fred Diaz save Mitsubishi in the US??- Are diesels doomed??- Geely Now Daimlers Largest Shareholder?- The Society of Cult Brands honors Jeep (seriously)?PANEL:?- John McElroy, Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- Dustin Walsh, Crain's Detroit Business


AAH #410 - Nissan Sprouts A New Leaf

TOPIC: 2018 Nissan Leaf SPECIAL GUEST: Christopher Reed, VP of Engineering, Nissan Leaf NEWS:?- Raj Nair, Ford: Top Ford Exec out after 'Inappropriate Behavior'?- Doctor Data?- Bosch Adds Mobility Services: A Tier One Redefined??- GM Korea and the Transforming GM Global Footprint?- The Cobalt Conundrum: The 21st Century Catalytic Converter Material Challenge?PANEL:?- John McElroy, Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- Doron Levin, In The Driver's Seat, SiriusXM,...


AAH #409 - NAIAS, NASCAR and NHTSA Numbers Hit the Skids

TOPIC: Reporter Roundtable NEWS: - Mercedes-Benz to skip 2019 NAIAS: Did Dieter just doom the Detroit show? - Did you know NASCAR’s new season kicks off this Sunday at Daytona? Maybe that’s the problem. - Doctor Data PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Stephanie Brinley, IHS Markit - Joe White, Reuters


AAH #408 - Corvettes, Teslas, The Super Bowl and Dalai Lama

SPECIAL GUEST: Don Runkle, Runkle Enterprises Hear his opinions on Autonomy, Achates, EVs and more NEWS: - Automotive Super Bowl spots: Who got the most bang for its buck? - The Greatest Automotive Publicity Stunt Ever? SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy and Tesla’s Original Roadster - FCA Executive Shuffle: Tim Kuniskis now runs luxury brands - Mercedes-Benz ad quotes the Dalai Lama: Big mistake in China PANEL: - John McElroy, - Chris Paukert, Roadshow by CNET - Phoebe Howard, Detroit...


AAH #407 - Visiting Kona… The Hyundai Crossover, That Is

TOPIC: 2018 Hyundai Kona SPECIAL GUEST: John Juriga, Director of Powertrain, Hyundai-Kia Technical Center NEWS: - Dr. Data - Samsung Sells More Chips than Intel—1st time in 25 Years: Will it be the player in advanced auto tech? - Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi: They’re Number 1. Does it matter? - German OEMs: First diesels. Now collusion on steel. Ach du lieber! PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Tom Murphy,


AAH #406 - CES, NAIAS, and Issues With Tesla's Model 3

TOPIC: Reporter Roundtable NEWS: - CES vs. SAE: is CES killing NAIAS? - Dr. Data - Tesla Model 3 Issues: What did Munro and Associates discover? - NAIAS: The Big Three's Big Bet on Trucks - Why Is Atlanta Suddenly So Popular?: PSA NA HQ and Waymo go to the ATL - Will Automobili-D Exist After Rick Snyder is Out of Office? PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press - Todd Lassa, Automobile


AAH #405 - How To Engineer A CUV

TOPIC: 2018 Buick Enclave SPECIAL GUEST: Rick Spina, Executive Chief Engineer, Crossovers, General Motors NEWS:?- Call from The Drive Home with Diane Fils-Schneider?- Softbank: Japanese telco to dominate autonomy??- Dr. Data?- 2017 Sales: End of the party??- 2018 NAIAS: any breakthrough products? PANEL:?- John McElroy, Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- James Amend,


AAH #404 - Tidings Of Discomfort and Joy

It's a Very Merry After Hours!?A PEEK AT SOME PRESENTS:?Lyft, Kia, Delphi/Aptiv, Lear, GM, Subaru?AND UNCOVERING SOME COAL: Uber, Dodge, Camaro, UAW, Trump, Tesla PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Mike Wayland, Automotive News - Mike Martinez, Automotive News


AAH #402 - Engineering Insights and Stories On The 2018 Mustang

TOPIC: 2018 Ford Mustang 01:07 – Carl Widdman, Mustang Chief Engineer, Ford and Tom Barnes, Mustang Engineer, Ford 25:36 – Mark Schaller, Mustang Marketing Manager, Ford 36:46 – Panel Discussion PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production - Roman Mica, - Nik Miles,


AAH #401 - The All-New Wrangler Is A Jeepster For You Love

TODAY'S TOPIC: JEEP WRANGLER and THE LA AUTO SHOW SPECIAL GUESTS:?- Scott Tallon, Director, Jeep Product Marketing?- Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Design?PANEL:?- John McElroy, Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production?- Aaron Gold, Freelance?- Tony Quiroga, Car and Driver


AAH #400 - Hyundai Wants A Pickup Truck For Women

SPECIAL GUEST: Mike O'Brien VP, Product Planning, Hyundai NEWS: - Hyundai's Fresh Product Lineup - Dr. Data and Happy 400th Episode - Geely to buy Terrafugia: Is Geely Going To Take Over Mobility? - 2019 Corvette ZR1 introduced in Dubai: Do Superchargers Like Sand? - IHS Markit Study: One third of Vehicles will be EVs by 2040 PANEL: - John McElroy, - Gary Vasilash, ADandP - Ron Sessions,


AAH #398 - Sales Still Rockin', Tesla Dropping, & V2V Vanishing?

NEWS: - October Sales: Trick or Treat? - Why is the Peugeot in the movie Blade Runner 2049 significant? - Dr. Data - SEMA and Tokyo: Polar Opposites of Automotive? - Waymo Shows Off: What Might Krafcik's Strategy Be? PANEL: John McElroy,; Gary Vasilash, ADandP; Jake Holmes,; Paul Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau


AAH #396 - Magna's Supermarket of Automotive Technology

TODAY’S TOPIC: Magna International?SPECIAL GUEST: Swamy Kotagiri, CTO, Magna NEWS:?- Polestar: Tesla isn’t the only company that needs to worry about this?- F Series: On Wednesday Named Truck of Texas and 1.3-million are recalled?- Dr. Data?- Daimler: Will breaking it apart make a better company??- Cruise Automation makes impressive progress PANEL: John McElroy,; Gary Vasilash, ADandP; David Welch, Bloomberg


AAH #395 - Wall Street Loves The OEMs Again

NEWS: - Auto stocks back in fashion - Porsche Adds Subscription: Will All Lux Cars Have Microleases? - EU Considers Carbon Credits for EVs: Is Tax Policy Required for OEMs? - GM Buys a LiDAR Company: Why? - US Post Office wants autonomous delivery trucks for rural routes PANEL: Gary Vasilash, ADandP; Keith Naughton,; Jeff Gilbert, CBS Radio; Sam Abuelsamid, Navigant Research


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