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We Reveal The Truth Behind The Motorcycle Mystique. Where Bikers & Non-Bikers alike #FindTrueFreedom!

We Reveal The Truth Behind The Motorcycle Mystique. Where Bikers & Non-Bikers alike #FindTrueFreedom!
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We Reveal The Truth Behind The Motorcycle Mystique. Where Bikers & Non-Bikers alike #FindTrueFreedom!








EPISODE #042: WCFR Bike Night - Thunder By The Bay - Ride Hard - Rider Coach Deb

In this week's episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb learn about all the place you want to be in the coming weeks. This week is the West Coast Florida Riders Bike Night at Stottlemyer's Smokehouse in Sarasota which takes place every 3rd Thursday of the month. Then next month Biker Life Radio will be at the Thunder By The Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival in Sarasota, Feb 14th - Feb 16th. Everyone's invited to join us and help us support the Suncoast Charities For Children. 5:18 - Chicken!...


EPISODE #41 Biker Eats - Marketing Motorcycles - Paying It Forward

In this jam packed episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll be mesmerised. It starts off with Chuck & Deb telling of their phenomenal dining experience at El-Melvins in Sarasota Florida. 16:00 "Raw & Unapologetic" with Dutch Van Alstin the author of "Demons Rising The Story Of The Wayward Scout". Dutch discusses the ten best ways to market motorcycles to millennials. Also, hear one of his motorcycling stories that was actually featured in his book. Dutch goes into detail about Bubbles...


EPISODE #040: Happy New Year - Do Your Resolutions Have 2020 Vision?

In this unique episode of the Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll get a completely new outlook on new year resolutions and so much more. 1:37 Dutch Van Alstin starts his weekly segment and of course he's "Raw & Unapologetic". After listening to this segment you'll learn what Dutch has in store for his new year and also learn a very important bible verse that all bikers need to know. Find out why Dutch is the most perfect human being on earth. Don't miss this! This segment is rated R. Follow...


EPISODE #039: Season's Greetings - Motoclectic Magazine - New Mystery Guest

In this short Special Episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb. We want to thank all our listeners for their support and wish each and everyone of you a happy holiday season. You'll also learn about Motoclectic Magazine and why you'll want to get a copy. On our next show, we will be having a mystery guest who is going to get you thinking different about your new year resolutions. This is going to be one show for the record books, so you absolutely do not want to miss this show on January 1,...


EPISODE #038: HOG Christmas Party - Wreaths Across America - Long Way Up

In this Episode Of Biker Life Radio listen to Dutch Van Alstin in his "Raw & Unapologetic" segment to find out what this old biker thinks of Santa and Christmas….you might be surprised. Hear about Dutch's negative experience with mistletoe at work! And why he thinks Charlie Brown needed a beat down! He also arranged for Bubble’s Christmas bonus….she earned it! See if you can figure out how. Then Chuck & Deb share about their escapades at the Manasota HOG Chapter Christmas Party. Find out...


EPISODE #037: Some Get Back On, Some Don't, Some Can't

In this episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll be entertained as Dutch Van Alstin will be on the entire show. Dutch does his weekly segment "Raw And Unapologetic" and its jam packed full of whit, humor and biker experience that you'll want to hear. After "Raw And Unapologetic", the trio have a discussion about numerous topics. The main focus is what happens after an accident and whether or not you can get back on and ride after a crash or even after witnessing a crash. Some get back...


EPISODE #036: Island Ride - Rush Goes Camping & Swims with Manatee's

In the Episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll be taken a journey that leads absolutely nowhere. Chuck & Deb share about some of their rides over Thanksgiving weekend with a stranger they call Rush. Chuck & Deb phone this Rush character live on the air, only to find Rush doesn't like these people and even says "this is not a good time". But do you think it matters to Chuck & Deb? No, not even in the least bit. These jokers are so hell bent on getting ratings, they will do whatever it...


EPISODE #035: Biker or Not - Someone Sitting On Your Bike? The Livewire

In this Episode of Biker Life With Chuck & Deb you'll hear from author Dutch Van Alstin in his "Raw & Unapologetic" segment. Learn how your can protect yourself from stupid people and so much more! There's a special guest on the show this week with Chuck & Deb and his name is... Possum Gut. But you know Chuck, he won't let anyone get a word in edgewise. This guy is full of himself, he's expected to burst that "el grande" head of his any day now. These posers take off to the St. Pete Bike...


EPISODE #034: Ride To Key West - Ain't No Party Like a West Coast Party

In this episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you hear from author Dutch Van Alstin in his Raw and Unapologetic segment which actually keeps this show on the air. Chuck & Deb talk about their ride to Key West with the West Coast Florida Riders. You'll hear how these two repelled fellow bikers right from the get-go. It's amazing these two came back from Key West alive. When you hear the stories, you'll be amazed that these two weren't just left on the side of the road to rot. This is one...


EPISODE #033: Motorcycling in Aruba - Raw & Unapologetic - K9 Partners For Patriots

In this episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll hear about their motorcycling experience in Aruba. Can you believe anyone would rent motorcycles to these two posers? Unbelievable! The show really starts to kick in to gear with "Raw and Unapologetic" by Dutch Van Alstin who is the author of Demons Rising The Story of The Wayward Scout. Dutch says he's is now on the "soon to be world famous Chuck & Deb Show" what Dutch may or may not know is that the only way that's going to happen,...


EPISODE #032: Dutch Van Alstin Raw & Unapologetic

On Biker Life with Chuck & Deb they finally bring the show to life by introducing Dutch Van Alstin's new segment "Raw and Unapologetic". This is one show you do not want to miss because as you'll see Dutch Van Alstin really shines and might just keep Biker Life with Chuck & Deb on the air. After Dutch it's back to the same old boring Chuck & Deb. They share about their adventure to LA and how they went to a restaurant and Chuck got frisked. Chuck makes it sound like this was common...


Episode #031: Iron Butt Ride - Dream Come True - The Bully Butterbean

In this wacked out episode of the Biker Life Radio™ with Chuck & Deb be prepared to take a ride down insanity lane as these two freaks of nature mesmerize you. Learn about the Iron Butt Ride and who won this year and why you should care. Hear the story of a 96 year old woman in hospice that has her dream come true and you can too. Rider Coach Deb shares about her certification class and what's involved. Be prepared for the new and upcoming segments with Dutch Van Alstin Biker and Author...


Episode #030: Splitting Lanes On The Highway Cause Trouble For Deb

In this rare episode of The Biker Life with Chuck & Deb you'll hear Deb blow a gasket about a sports bike that blew past her on the interstate and pissed her off. Learn why Deb let off some steam on the show and you decide, was Rider Coach Deb justified in her explosive anger or not? Hear about events and where you need to be this week. Find out where Chuck & Deb are going to be so you can find another place to go. Learn about their upcoming series "Work Less Ride More" and the special...


Episode #029: Living on the Wild Side of Therapy

After listening to this episode, will you agree with Chuck or Deb regarding Wind Therapy? You’ll have to listen to discover Chuck’s oddity for just about everything. You won’t want to miss the challenges Deb faces, other than dealing with Chuck. After struggling with “All of The Moving Parts” of riding. Chuck provides excellent leadership for this ride. Catch several announcements; one Big Announcement from Indian Motorcycle sponsoring the lady riders, how the AMVETS are stepping up...


Kick-starting at the World Famous Ride Hard Saloon Another Broken Egg Cafe

Find out where bikers go, to be bikers. In this astonishing episode of the Biker Life with Chuck & Deb they are going to take you on a road trip off the off beaten path. As usual Chuck is in rare form and decides he needs to let people know more about himself (as if anyone really cares). He then goes on to share about his adventure that led him to the World Famous Ride Hard Saloon. You'll want to listen to see if he makes it out alive. Chuck tries to impress Deb and anyone listening...


Episode #027: Crushing The Motorcycle Mystique At Biker Night

In this episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb, you'll hear about the West Coast Florida Riders Bike Night at Stottlemyer's Smokehouse in Sarasota Florida. Learn how the motorcycle mystique was crushed in a very special story that was shared by a lady that provided her and her mother a wonderful memory. This is one story you'll want to hear and will hopefully inspire you to look at life and riding in a whole new way. Chuck gets really pissed (well what else is new) about an article that...


Episode #026: Interviews with Bikers Doing Good

In this special feature episode, you'll learn about bikers doing good. Listen to Biker Life Radio with Chuck & Deb as they interview outstanding individuals that are making a difference in the community for causes they believe in and are passionate about. We encourage you to participate and lend your support to these causes. You can start by sharing this podcast with your friends & family. Thank you! Deb interviews SnowQueen (KJ Smolarek) about the 2020 All Female Ride April 3rd - 5th in...


Episode #025: Biker Life Thunder On The Strip

In the special 9/11 episode of the Biker Life with Chuck & Deb, they remember the events that took place on September 1, 2001 and pay tribute to the victims of the first terrorist attack on the USA. You'll also hear about their trip to 13th Annual Thunder on the Strip - Geneva-on-the-Lake. Which is known to be Ohio's Largest 4 Day Motorcycle Party. Harley Davidson Rider Coach Deb gives some tips on riding your motorcycle on gravel roads. Subscribe and Share with your Friends. Follow us...


Episode #024: Interview with Demons Rising Author Dutch Van Alstin

In this Featured Episode of The Biker Life with Chuck & Deb. Learn about the new book Demons Rising: The Story of the Wayward Scout by author Dutch Van Alstin. In this interview you'll get a inside personal view of the authors personality and what inspired him to write this book about the Demons Rising MC. You'll get a glimpse of what's in the book, and why you need to get it today. You'll also get and inside perspective of what it was like to be part of an MC - Motorcycle Club. This Is...


Episode #023: A Future Biker Baby Is Born - Flashback Segments

On this episode of The Biker Life with Chuck and Deb you'll learn about these sick bikers and hear about there new grandsons birth. You'll be able to hear flashback segments including there first biker event and how Chuck must be hand-held every step of the way while Deb keeps the whole act together. In the final flashback session you'll learn about Kill22 and what exactly it is and how you can support them. Subscribe and Share with your Friends. Follow us...