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#10-Jeremy Baye

On this episode we sit and talk Jeremy Baye. Jeremy Baye is a former pro snowboarder turned custom car builder, semi professional race car driver and entrepreneur. He is the owner of 1945 Speed and Custom in Troy, NY. This is also where the Cars and Caffeine meet is held every last Sunday of the month. Check out this episode and listen to how Jeremy was able to go from professional snowboarding at age 15 to building cars and eventually owning his own business. Thank you everyone for...


#9-History and Chris Lee Interview

On this episode we start off with a little more automotive history. We talk about the first cars and how basic they were. Again, we get off topic a few times while talking about some of the greatest years in the automotive world, but it was a lot of fun. We ended saving the best for last though. We interview Chris Lee, who had built an amazing rat rod from the ground up in his garage. He calls it Blasfamous. It's basically a rat rod consisting of numerous parts from many different vehicles,...


#8-Automotive History Part One and Off Topic Antics

On this episode Brandon and I talk early automotive history. This episode was a lot of fun. We learned about Karl Benz, Henry Ford, Lee Iacocca and a few other not so known car people like Rudolf Diesel and Nikolaus Otto. While we talk about the early days, we do get off topic many times, but it made for a fun episode. Thank you everyone for listening! If you enjoyed the podcast please subscribe to the Cars and Caffeine Podcast and rate us and review us wherever you get your podcasts iTunes...


#7-Charles Darmanjian

On this episode Brandon and I talk to a friend of ours, Charles Darmanjian. He is the who man organizes one of the biggest car shows in the area, The Capital Region Cars and Caffeine Meet. He is also a custom car builder at 1945 Speed and Custom, plus runs his own business called ESC Fabrications. Brandon and I talk to him about Cars and Caffeine, how it started and how it got to what it is today. We also discuss a little bit about what's in store for the upcoming season. Charles talks a...


#6-Accident Advice and Craigslist Fun

On this episode we discover some new facts while checking out this week in automotive history. We give our take on an article about Porsche looking into flying cars. Brandon and I check out a few new members of the 700hp club and he tells me all about RWB Porsches. We get some new updates on Brandon's All-Trac Toyota Celica and talk about a guest on the podcast episode. I ask Brandon what people should do after they get in an accident. We also search Craigslist to find some cool cars. I give...


#5-Car Shows and Barn Finds

On this episode Brandon and I discuss the local Cars and Caffeine Meet and the Great Race coming to Troy in June. We talk about Tesla launching a car into space and what kind of cars we would like to launch into space. I talk a little more about my Dad's Monte Carlo and what had to be done to it. We discuss some cool barn finds and Brandon tells us some childhood stories. Brandon talks about his love for square body Chevy trucks and we watch some supercar exhaust videos. We give our take on...


#4-Car Photography and Custom Builds

On this episode Brandon and I talk car photography and custom builds. We talk a little bit about what colors we like on a car. We also pick cars from the year we were born, that we like. We go off topic with a little Super Bowl talk and what our thoughts are on it. We talk about the helmet and seat belt law and what are take is on it. We go over drift car builds and other custom builds, including our favorite build from 1945 Speed and Custom and hot rod builds everyone should experience....


#3-Exotic Cars and Driving Music

I feel like we are getting the hang of this podcast thing a little bit. On this episode we break down our favorite exotic cars and why we like them. We also visit feet on the dash again and talk a little more about it. We discuss the best driving music and make a list of five bands or artists that we could listen to for the rest of our lives. Brandon gives me a "Would you rather?" question and I have a hard time following the rules. We pick our favorite Euro cars, which was another hard...


#2-Car Movies

On the second episode of the Cars and Caffeine Podcasts, Brandon and I talk about favorite car movies. We talk about the most popular ones like, the Fast and Furious movies and Gone in 60 Seconds. We also talk about some not so common ones. We also discuss car and motorcycle shows. We talk about horsepower and Russian cars. I didn't even know they existed, before doing this podcast. We are also big fans of comedy and the UFC, so even though it's not car related we talk a little about some...


#1-Pilot Episode: The Introduction

This is our first attempt at making a podcast. While we were far from perfect, I think we did ok. On this episode of the podcast, Brandon and I talk about who we are and why we started the podcast. We discuss the Cars and Caffeine car show and how we got involved with it. We talk about our future plans for the podcast, possible guests and all the car shows we will be doing a podcast about. We also discuss our favorite car shows from last year. Including the Cars and Caffeine show, we went to...


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