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The Diesel Performance Podcast is a conversation, debate, and everything else about the three main domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover topics every diesel owner wants to know. If you love diesel engines and light duty pickup trucks - you've found the perfect podcast.


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The Diesel Performance Podcast is a conversation, debate, and everything else about the three main domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Powerstroke, and Cummins. Hosts Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke cover topics every diesel owner wants to know. If you love diesel engines and light duty pickup trucks - you've found the perfect podcast.




8.9L Big Block Cummins RISES AGAIN

Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke are joined by Jaden McKinley to discuss how his weekend went with the BEAST known as the Big Block Cummins at the Paw Paw Sled Pull. It was hot, 15+ pounds of ice were consumed by the cooler, and how'd it far on the track? Well, find out here!


F*ck It, Send It - Robby Garcia

Paul Wilson and Alex Hogue are joined by Robby Garcia to discuss climbing his way up the standings board with his truck. Robby started competing in 2020 at King Of The Streets and has been going to events ever since. He discusses the progression, what it's like to do these events, and just sending it!


Big Turbo Things Coming

Paul Wilson and Alex Hogue want to let listeners in on a pre-launch secret regarding an STR turbo for the 2019-2023 6.7L Cummins, how a turbo gets certified for emissions standards, and they discuss another charger development that is about to be released by Calibrated Power / Duramaxtuner.


*REBROADCAST* The LBZ Budget Build Wildness

With Tim's LB7 project truck/budget build/DIY 'til I Die coming close to completion (be on the lookout), we thought it'd be a great time to reshare when we had an LBZ budget build with our buddy Tyler Franzen. Paul Wilson, Chris Ehmke, and Tyler discuss the truck and everything on this episode.


DIY Is A Learning Process With Colin King

Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke talk with Colin King about his 2006 5.9L Cummins. He has made a few mods and in the process has seen issues arise throughout the build. He discusses that journey with his 5.9L on today's episode


Breaks? Issues? Corn Dog Consumption? Sled Pull Season Check-In

Paul Wilson and Jaden McKinley discuss how sled pull season is going for Jaden with the Calibrated Power 2017 6.7L Powerstroke so far. Dry weather, tracks being beat down, and other factors have had Jaden rethinking his strategies this season; He discusses that on today's episode!


History Of The 2.8L Duramax

We have a research episode! Paul, Chris, and Alex get into the history of the 2.8L Duramax. They breakdown it's origins, what made it so unique, and ultimately it being done in lieu of the 3 liter. They have all the info on the 2.8L featured on this podcast!


County Fairs, Corn Dogs, And Trying Not To Break - Sled Pulling Season!

Paul Wilson and Alex Hogue are joined by Jaden McKinley, shop tech at Calibrated Power/Duramaxtuner. They had Jaden on the show to discuss the first sled pull of the season with the 2017 6.7L emissions-equipped Powerstroke, what it's like putting the truck through that much stress, what to look out for, and much more!


Gas Vs. Diesel *Rebroadcast*

Paul and Chris welcome Nick Priegnitz on the show to discuss Gas Vs. Diesel! It's one of our biggest downloaded episodes so we figured it would be a good time to reshare. Have a great one!


How To Get 30 MPG With Your Diesel Truck!

Paul Wilson, Chris Ehmke, and Alex Hogue tackle a topic everyone wants information on: fuel economy. Is 30 MPG obtainable or is it a myth? How do you increase fuel economy? Is there a secret to it? They tackle the question on this episode.


1967 GMC c1500 Diesel, Burnouts, And Having Fun With Robert Rowley

Paul Wilson and Alex Hogue are joined by Robert Rowley on today's episode! Robert is an enthusiast through and through. Between juggling tons of projects, his 1967 GMC c1500 with an LB7 chassis, his passion for burnout competitions, and just finding new things to wrench on or fabricate, the man has a passion. This one is interesting and fun, enjoy. Happy 4th of July to you all!


2022 Cummins Tuned Ride Along..... What's The Big Deal?

Chris Ehmke and Alex Hogue take you with them for a ride along in a tuned 2022 Cummins. They give you why you may want to finally tune your newer 5th gen, what it takes to have it done, and the benefits of the tuning!


Leaving It All Out There - Josh McCormack

Josh McCormack joins Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke to discuss the weekend at UCC 2023. Josh Missed out on 1st by a mere 15 points, but threw down one of the best pulls of the weekend and put up a number of 2,879.6 HP on the dyno. He discusses the toll this weekend takes on every competitor, the camaraderie, and how he juggles being a shop owner and Youtuber amongst all the chaos. Always a blast having Josh on, hope all the dads had a great Father's Day!


Run Your Truck, Not Your F*cking Mouth - UCC 2023 Winners The Burkhards!

They'reeeee back.... And they return to the show with the title of Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023 Winners! Tony and Tyler Burkhard join us after taking 1st at this year's UCC event. The boys join us to discuss their big weekend, what happened on the drag strip to Tyler, and being the FIRST Duramax to win the Ultimate Callout Challenge. Two of our favorite guests do not disappoint.... Take a listen


*Rebroadcast* UCC Winner Justin Zeigler / Sled Pulling & Drag Racing Madmen Tony & Tyler Burkhard 2021

UCC 2023 is a wrap! Huge shout out to Tony & Tyler Burkhard for taking home first place. We are currently trying to catch up after the madness of the UCC weekend, so we are bringing back an episode from 2021. It was after Justin Zeigler's first win and the wild weekend the Burkhards had. Enjoy, new episode next week.


Thoroughbred Report

Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke discuss Chris' jaunt down to the Thoroughbred facility for the event last weekend! Chris discusses how the dyno day went, the vendor side of things, and how Thoroughbred is one of the top diesel aftermarket distributors around!


Lift Kits With Jeff Kelderman

Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke are joined by Jeff Kelderman of Kelderman Manufacturing to talk about their industry-leading lift kits. Jeff breaks down what goes into developing these lifts as tracks add more electronics, where they all started, and a lot more!


ODSS, UCC, And The Grind Of Diesel Competitions With Tony Burkhard

Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke have longtime guest Tony Burkhard on to talk about ODSS and UCC coming up very shortly. Tony does it all. Shop owner, family man, competitions, EMT/Firefighter, and just a guy who wants to help his fellow enthusiasts. He sits down to talk about how his team are getting the feel for a different truck, what the UCC and ODSS in Indianapolis will shape up to be like, and more!


Diesel Army!

Randy Bolig, Editor-In-Chief of Diesel Army, sits down with Paul and Chris to discuss how Diesel Army is tackling hot topics in the world of diesel. Diesel Army covers all topics, but they are leaning heavily on DIY and the utilitarian side of the diesel world. Randy breaks down Diesel Army on this episode!


Lift Pumps Are Evolving With Josh Thornton Of FASS

Josh Thornton of FASS Fuel Systems joins Chris Ehmke and Paul Wilson to discuss lift pumps. Josh has been a significant part of FASS for a while working in the research and development side and if you want to understand how these systems work truly, Josh is the guy. Josh sat down to discuss the evolution of newer products with newer truck models, how FASS continues to pump out what we believe are the industry-leading lift pumps, and many more topics are discussed!