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Eat Sleep Drive Repeat Episode 0005

Eat Sleep Drive Repeat — Big, luxurious & German. That’s basically what this episode of firsts is about! Dr. Dieter Zetsche talks about Mercedes-Benz's first production electric vehicle, the EQC. Not to be outdone, Audi have also launched their first EV, the e-Tron. We chat about both before jumping into our first ever test car for a review of the BMW 640i xDrive GT.


Eat Sleep Drive Repeat Episode 0004

Eat Sleep Drive Repeat — On this episode, we spend time at the SA Festival of Motoring, the closest thing South Africa gets to a bona fide international motor show. Most of the big manufactures pitch up, showing off their current cars, revealing new ones, and even putting some on track. Amongst the acres of shiny metal (which also included classic cars and race cars) we chose a few highlights. We also had a chat with a car collector who isn't one of those people who believes that classic...


Eat Sleep Drive Repeat Episode 0003

Eat Sleep Drive Repeat — From "Fast & Loud" to Singer, restomod is big businnes - and South Africa has its own shop crafting world class restored classic Porsches. It’s called Dutchmann, and we sat down with the owner to find out about their history, their future and their love for olde time Porsches… We also chat about the new Renault Megane RS and Mercedes-Benz A Class, plus a new take on the old Jaguar E-Type.


Eat Sleep Drive Repeat Episode 0002

Eat Sleep Drive Repeat — We all love new cars, but it's often pre-owned cars that we’re shopping for. In this episode, we hear the story of one guy who was sold a lemon dressed as a peach, how he fought to bring a dodgy dealer to book, and how you can avoid the same hard lessons. Plus a look at the short-term future of Audi, an Alfa Romeo from the near future and how self-driving cars aren't quite the future…Yet.


Eat Sleep Drive Repeat Episode 0001

Eat Sleep Drive Repeat — Our first episode focuses on the phenomenon that is Classic Cars, and takes a look at the upcoming Concours South Africa. We've also got news on some updated Toyota models, the arrival of the Lamborghini Urus, South African car sales figures and a very rare Ferrari up for auction… Check out our Facebook page for more, and find us on Instagram and Twitter!