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Gears and Beers is an Australian automotive podcast. Every week, Joseph Riga, Matt Morwood and Mitch Denham sit down to talk about car news, rumours, general car related topics, and beer. New episodes go live every Monday.

Gears and Beers is an Australian automotive podcast. Every week, Joseph Riga, Matt Morwood and Mitch Denham sit down to talk about car news, rumours, general car related topics, and beer. New episodes go live every Monday.
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Gears and Beers is an Australian automotive podcast. Every week, Joseph Riga, Matt Morwood and Mitch Denham sit down to talk about car news, rumours, general car related topics, and beer. New episodes go live every Monday.






The Problem with Aston Martin

Sorry we're late this week, life stuff and things got in the way! We start off talking about motivational speakers, like Gary Vee, before we actually talk about anything relevant to the show... But what else is new? The first piece of news this week is about the 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye. Then we talk about the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera which triggers Joseph hard, and we end up talking about James Bond actors. MG has said they're going back to their sportscar roots,...


Paint It Black

We're a day late due to State of Origin was on Sunday night delaying the upload (we weren't going to skip on Origin, don't be ridiculous!). This week is the return of Mr. Michael Trewsy Trew, who hasn't been a guest on the show for almost a year. There's not much news this week, so we talk about our eBay Spec Project Prado, dubbed 'Toohey Ringpull', and what we've done to it. Matt then talks about selling his first car, a Subaru GC8 Impreza over the weekend. We then talk about Joseph's...


Screwed The Pooch

Somehow, we're made it to one year of episodes! We'd like to give all listeners a huge thank you, whether you've been here from the start, or only yesterday. Thank you for joining us on our bollocks and shenanigans. We start off by giving an update on each of our respective vehicles from when we started the podcast, Mitch and Matt have named the Project Prado, and Joel has turned into a bogan with his acquisition of a VT Commodore. Joseph talks about the aero updates to Formula 1 for the...


Lively Young Horse

We made it to episode 50, it's hard to believe we've come this far, and still no end in sight. The first thing we talk about is Mitch's mistake from Tuesday night. While it wasn't fatal, it wasn't fun for Mitch. We then talk about video games, specifically Forza Horizon 4 following the E3 2018 announcement. Mitch then talks about the 70 Years of Porsche event at Porsche Centre Brisbane on Saturday. Then Joseph talks about the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept, which is absolutely...


Cars, Beer, and RM's - The Lost Episode

Matt managed to recover episode 49 after GarageBand's complete and utter failure, which is why this week's episode is late. We start off with Matt talking about his knee surgery, otherwise his weak excuse to not drink for the next few months. To change things up, we actually talk about beer this week, and this week the beer is Kirin Megumi. Joseph then brings up the first news topic of the week, which is Dodge Ram's 1500 Rebel TRX, and somehow this transitions into a discussion between...


Going The Full Rolf Harris

We're back to our regularly scheduled programming this week with episode 48! After the usual bantz, we start off with Matt giving Mitch the budget for this week's episode of 'Finder's Fee' - $7,500, but with a twist. The cars must be front wheel drive. While Mitch searches for cars, Joseph talks about a bit news. The first piece of news this week is that Dodge will be brining back the Viper in 2021. NSW gets new Highway Patrol cars The last piece of news is the new F150 Raptor being...


B-B-B-B-B-Bonus Round!

What the deuce? Two episodes in two days? Craziness! This episode is a continuation from the last episode, somewhat, and after a bit of nonsense, we start off with 'Finder's Fee'... After Matt incorrectly calls it 'What About This Car' a few times. The budget Joseph gave Matt for this week's episode of 'Finder's Fee' is $200,000. The 3, well 4 (kinda), cars this week are; Mack Trident (truck)Matt then goes on to talk about Ford Mustangs, and Joseph impresses all with his knowledge on...


The Bold and the Beautiful

We're late again this week, sorry about that, but to make up for it, there'll be a special bonus episode later this week as well. We start this week in the usual fashion, with an argument, and a discussion about 'The Bold and the Beautiful', for some reason. Then we break trend and talk about beer, and this week, it's a rather beer that raised mixed emotions. This week we're talking (arguing and yelling) about Holgate's Norton Lager. If you want to skip ahead past our bollocks, skip to...


Matt Fiddled With It

A few days late, but better late than never! This was take-two of episode 45 as Matt accidentally killed the first recording 30 minutes in. We start off with the news, or rather, what news there has been in the last few weeks since we last recorded. Joseph brings up HSV importing the Chevy Camaro, and how disappointing it is that we Australians will only get it with the 10 speed automatic. Mitch then rants about's bastardisation of Wheels, Motor, Street Machine, 4x4...


Don't Smoke Winnies, Kids!

A day late, but for good reason you'll hear about next episode. This is the third, and last, episode in the three-in-one-night episode marathon to cover us while Joseph is in Japan. First topic, Joseph finally gets a chance to talk about the Netflix show 'Fastest Car', and on the whole he was positive about it. We then talk about car shows in general, particularly Top Gear. We then attempt to play our favourite game, 'What About This Car'. Matt completely failed to say what the budget...


His 'n' Hers

This week is part two of the 3 episodes in one night marathon we did to cover Joseph's absence while he's in Japan. Matt finally gives up blue-ballsing everyone and reveals the car he bought months ago... We talk about this for a while, among semi-relevant tangents. We then move onto 'Finder's Fee'. Mitch was given $25,000 with which to find 3 cars to 'sell' to Matt. The 3 cars on offer box Matt in, which causes Matt a bit of grief. The three cars this week are; And that's it this...


Crack A Tinnie and Neck It

Joseph is going to Japan for a few weeks, so we had to record 3 episodes to cover his time away. Episode 42 is part one of our 3 episode marathon we recorded in one sitting, needless to say, by the end of episode 44 we were pretty delerious... But you'll find out for yourself in a couple weeks' time. This week, we start off talking about what Joseph plans to while in Japan, and transition into talking about Honda S660's. Then Mitch wants to talk about birds, and specifically their...


The Dog's Breakfast

After a technical hitch with the upload, and better late than never, episode 41 is here! This week we discuss Pagani claiming they're ending Huayra production with the L'Ultimo. We then talk about official prificing for the Ford Ranger Ratpor being released for the Australian market, and we were a bit off with our guestimation of $85,000 the other week. This then births a conversation about other high-end utes, and a passionate debate about the new Mercedes X-Class. Then we talk about...



We've made it to the big 4-0! This week, we discuss the news, we play 'Finders Fee', and Joel (rent-a-crowd) has his motorcycle minute (which turns into more than a minute), a new challenge has been put forward by Matt, and of course our usual banter. Firstly, Mitch gives Joseph his budget for the 3 cars. This week, the budget is $85,000. Then, Mitch kicks off the news segment by talking about the pricing for the Ford Ranger Raptor being released for the Thai market, and price...


Milton Man-goes Down South

We are back for episode 39 of Gears and Beers. This week, we talk our usual shit, children's movies, cars, and beer. Mitch starts with wanting to discuss autonomous vehicles, and how the laws have a bit to catch up with the technology. This then transitions into talking about children's animated movies. Matt then gives Mitch a budget for the new segment 'Finder's Fee'. The budget this week is $7,500, and while Mitch finds some cars, we talk about the new Rav 4, Corolla, and Forester...


Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

This is an exciting episode for Gears and Beers, as we have upgraded our audio quality considerably. We have gone from a single Rode NT-USB with us 4 huddled around it, to a Rode Procaster each, connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 audio interface, recorded with Garageband. We're still tweaking the setup, but we think it is a considerable improvement over what we were doing previously. For a change, our first discussion this week is about beer, specifically Corona and why you must put a...


Tingle in the Pringle

Better late than never, here's episode 33. It's been a bit of a crazy week for the Gears and Beers crew... And not in the best way. I'm sure we'll discuss the events in episode 34. This week is tangent city, more so than usual, believe it or not. First topic of the blocks is Nissan's facelift of the aging 370Z... Keeping in mind the underpinnings of this car (350z) is about 15 years old. Joel, AKA Rent-A-Crowd, asks the panel what we think is the best car name ever. Toyota has teased...


Shrivel Factor is Real

It's a bit of a slow news week this week, but we persevere and end up with a great episode in the progress. Joel, AKA 'Rent-A-Crowd', is back and brings up a brief topic about a gentleman who bought a car from Pagani without receiving vehicle papers making it impossible to register his new Pagani. Joseph talks about Ford Australia following Ford USA and Ford UK in recalling the Focus RS due to the infamous head gasket issue plaguing the car. Matt brings back the much loved topic 'What...


Like an Old Marriage

We've made it to episode 30! It's hard to believe that we haven't killed each other by now, but here we are. We start off by talking about Hyundai's new Veloster Turbo and Veloser N, which were both announced at the Detroit Motor Show. Then, Joseph and Matt have an argument about turbocharging versus supercharging. Mitch brings up Sergio Marchionne's comments on the FCA group not going electric, or autonomous, any time soon. Joseph brings up the Toyota GR Super Sport concept car from...


A Beer in a Man's Hat

We're all here this week, Mitch, Joseph, Matt and Joel (AKA Rent-A-Crowd), and it's a properly interesting episode. We bring back talking about beer. We realise that we've dropped the ball in terms of the 'Beer' part of 'Gears and Beers', so we're making an effort to talk about beer more! This week, we drink Great Northerns, a trusty go-to for us lot. Joseph then brings up vehicle modification laws in Queensland, specifically in regards to emissions and vehicle lifts, and insurance...