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Gears and Beers: The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast


Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and talk about cars. New episodes drop every Monday!

Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and talk about cars. New episodes drop every Monday!


Brisbane, AU-QLD


Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and talk about cars. New episodes drop every Monday!








Almost Cromulent

It's late, blame Jesus.... After a bit of bollocks, we kick off the news. Joseph kicks off the news with the new Toyota GR86 being officially unveiled, and Melbourne's Albert Park racetrack getting a refresh/overhaul. Matt then talks about a spanish company turning ND MX5's into classic-styled Jaguars. Mitch talks about Porsche and Volkswagen's attempt at making funnies for April Fool's Day. [The audio spazzes out for a bit here; it comes good again] Mitch then talks about a bit of the...


Yankee Doodle

We are back for episode 187! This week, we kick off with the sad news of Sabine Schmitz losing her battle with cancer at the age of 51. We then briefly talk about some Toyota dealers charging up to $150,000 for new 200 Series orders, and a long wheel base Jimny being spied in camo-wrap fuelling rumors a 5-door variant might be on the horizon. We then talk about how the EPA in the United States are wanting to ban street vehicle "motorsport" modifications, and how SEMA is fighting back. We...


Thoroughbred Sportscar

We are back for episode 186 (though we say it’s 187, it’s not)! After usual bollocks, we talk about – and Mitch rants about – Subaru releasing a dual-cab ute called the Brumby, and seems like it’ll be based on the Toyota Hilux. Mitch then talk about Ferrari releasing the F171, a new 522kw ‘supercar’ powered by a hybrid V6, which is terribly sad, old man Enzo must be rolling in his grave, before talking about Ferrari making a return to LeMans in the new ‘Hypercar’ class (which replaces the...


Fit And Not Finished

This is probably our most left-of-field start to an episode ever... Joseph somewhat kicks off the news - what there is of it - this week with news about the Porsche GT3 RS (ps. we never came back around to Mitch's Porsche pick, we're not very good at our jerbs), and then Matt clarifies the Subaru Impreza/WRX/STi breakups. We then suggest what car Joseph should get to be a new daily driver, as the 86 is becoming a little too racecar for daily driver duties anymore. Matt then talks about...


Diesel Grunt Gets The Hmmmmmm

Late again. My bad, my bad. Matt isn't with us this week, but in his absence, we still managed to smash out a banger of an episode for your earholes. After some bollocks, Mitch kicks off the news with a bit more leakage from the Toyota marque around the 300 Series LandCruiser... And sadly, it does seem like the next Cruiser will have a 3.5L-hybrid V6 twin-turbo petrol, and potentially a 3.3L V6 turbo diesel... From which we talk about how it's time to move on from the 2JZ. Then we briefly...


Smashed By The Covid Tax

We are back! This week, Mitch kicks off the episode with a tale from his Saturday night concrete-sleeping adventure. Joseph then breaks into a real news topic by talking about the new 2021 BMW M5 CS. Matt then issues us a challenge by trying to find a 4x4 or a sports car that appears to not have been affected by the Covid Tax. Joseph then brings back the news by talking about SSC Tuatara actually breaking the high-speed record for real this time, by hitting 455km/h, and LMCT+ buying the...


Kia Potato

Yeah, it's late, but shhhh. We kick off the news this week with Joseph talking about the apparently 'new' Jeep Grand Cherokee, which looks a helluva lot like the old Grand Cherokee. Mitch then talks about FCA and PSA making it Facebook Official and forming a new group 'Stellantis'. Matt then talks about how 66% of Ford Australia's sales is the Ranger, which is causing some concern within the ranks of Ford Australia as the next Ranger is a shared platform with the Volkswagen Amarok, from...


Don't Let Your Dreams Be Memes

We are back! Happy 2021! We're sorry this episode is later than we had hoped, Corona decided to do an Empire and it striked back and buggered our plans to get back into your ear-holes last week. Anyways, we're back now. We had to re-record this week as GarageBand decided to F us and corrupt our first attempt at this episode, but we persevered. Matt then kicks off the news with a Finnish tyre company wanting to sell 'Lifelong tyres', and the new Ford Ranger has been spied in camo and it...


Thunder from Down Under

We did it, we managed to record an episode during the chaos of Christmas week! This week, we talk a little bit of news and Mitch has a small surprise. Mitch kicks off the news with the limited-run McLaren Sabre being launched. Matt then talks about the Apple car coming in 2024. Joseph then talks about Hyundai Australia officially killing off the Veloster in Australia due to lacking sales. Matt then talks about Ferrari's losing their rear windscreens and Toyota making a swan-song final...


Mucho Boato

We start off with Mitch talking about his plans for the Hilux, before we have a technical glitch (thanks Apple). Mitch then talks about news from the Toyota camp regarding the engines for the new 300 Series LandCruiser due early-ish next year, and updates for the Prado. We then talk about diesel engines and diesel pre/post filters. Joseph then talks news about the update to the Hoondai i30N. Then we take listener questions, and clarify our use of the word 'mate' and '/kʌnt/', and go on a...


Such A Maverick

We are back for episode 178! We were a bit loopy this episode, so prepare your ear holes for chaos. Mitch then kicks off the news this week with Honda potentially reviving the S2000 for 2024, based heavily on the FK8 Civic Type R, but rear-wheel drive, Mitch and Matt then argue over whether Mitch should get a 200 Series. Mitch then rants about a particular chinese-made trailer company that features often on a particular Australian four-wheeling YouTube channel, before Mitch talks about...


Here Comes The Wank

We're back for episode 177! This week we start off with a bit of bollocks, as per usual, before Joseph kicks start the News. The first bit of news this week is the wonderful announcement from Audi that they're dropping their Formula E campaign, and will be returning to Le Mans endurance and Dakkar. Mitch then talks about Porsche teasing the new (992) 911 GT3 RS! It will be a 4.0L naturally-aspirated flat 6, with an optional manual transmission, among other improvements over the out-going...


Better Doesn't Always Mean Better

Yeah, my bad, sorry this week's episode is late. This week, we kick off with Mitch getting mad at Matt for a take from last week, before breaking into a bit of news. The news this weeks kicks off with news that Toyota will be turning their 'Crown' sedan into a Crown front-wheel drive SUV, then Mitch rants about the oversupply of small SUV's in the market, and shitty drivers in general. We then talk about the new 'GWM' (Great Wall Motors) 'Canon' dual-cab ute, and then we talk about Mighty...


Mitch Spec News

Hey, would you look at that? This week we're up ontime! We kick off the news with the marketing release of the 2022 Subaru BRZ, larger engine, marginally larger body, no official word on pricing or availability. We then talk about Lotus coming out with a bloody SUV... Colin Chapman must be rolling in his grave, and Joseph talks about a new Hemi-powered Jeep Wrangler that will only be sold in America, and the GR Yaris is sold out until end of next year; not including the 'Rallye'...


The Iron Chef

When I said last week that we'd return to our regularly scheduled programming, I should have considered the fact that Matt would drop the ball and not send me the episode file to edit... So, blame him this week. After some usual bollocks, Joseph kicks off the news with Toyota talking trash about Tesla and Elon Musk, and World Time Attack Challenge 2021 might be held at night as Sydney Motorsports Park is fully illuminated. Joseph then talks about the new MG's new electric ZS SUV. We then...


Because of the Wuhan

Yeah, sorry it's late. Moving house is a complete kick to the balls. This week starts off with 10 plus minutes of nonsense, before we FINALLY get into gear and talk about some news, starting with the new Nissan Navara... Well, the facelift Navara. We then talk about the Australian economy, and Mitch filing a PayPal dispute over the Lokka he ordered, and Alibaba brands. We then ask you, our wonderful audience, for your best automotive 'hot takes'; tell us on out Faceballs! We then play...


That's What She Said

We are back for episode 172! This week we're a bit off the rails, and start off with talking some absolute nonsense that's not relevant to anyone outside of our city. Joseph kicks off the news with the conspiracy surrounding the SSC Tuatara claimed world record, with compelling claims from large YouTubers that SSC had faked the video, and then we talk about a Russian YouTuber setting his $160,000 AMG on fire, and Toyota providing a 10 year warranty on the DPF burn off 'fixes'. Matt then...


Scotty From The Block

We are back with episode 171! This week we kick off with talking absolute rubbish about being dusty, before breaking into a bit of news. We kick off the news with Team Penske confirming they will not be returning to the Supercars for the 2021 season, and Scott Mclaughlin going off to race in Indycar, from which we talk about the cluster that is the 'Supercars' series. We briefly then talk about the new electric Hummer, before we talk about the SSC Tuatura breaking the land speed...


We Are For Sale

We are back for episode 170! And not only that, Matt is back! We kick off this week with a quick shout-out to another car podcast; 'Shifting Through The Gears'; who you should all check out. Mitch then kicks off the news with Mazda confirming that they will be using a 0.3L single-rotor rotary range extender in the new MX-30 SUV thing, then breaks onto news that the Suzuki Jimny accounts for 1 in 4 cars Suzuki sells (in Australia) and there is still a 12 month wait if you want one. Matt...


One Giggity

This week it's once again just Joseph, Mitch, and Joel, as Matt is still hiatus-ing. This week Mitch talks about the #Shitegra, we answer a suspension question, and a bit of news, and we talk about the Yaris GR and argue about the F40 Vs. F50. Mitch then talks about the Integra, and the new bits and bobs he's done to it, and what still needs to be done, and we take a question from Andrew regarding what brand suspension he should get for his Mazda MPS6. Then we discuss the false economy of...