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The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!

The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!
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Brisbane, AU-QLD


The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!








Like Stallone Light

We are back with episode 107! We start off this week talking about the next-gen Golf GTI Performance, which delves into a bit of an argument about Volkswagens and Audi, and whether the Golf R still needs to exist. Mitch then gives an update about a listener Adrian, who asked us whether he should turbo his XH XR6, or get an 3.0L Liberty. Adrian got back to us and gave us an update about his plans for his cars, however Matt goes on a tangent about his plans to go to Uluru. Joseph then talks...


You're Not You When You're Sober

We're back for episode 106, and we start off with Matt and Mitch talking aout them doing Dry July, before introducing our special guest for this week, Tim Griffiths. Tim starts us off this week with talking about his car history, starting with a Mk4 Volkswagen Golf which had all sorts of gearbox issues. Tim replaced the Golf with a Kia Rio, which also had gearbox issues. The Rio was briefly followed by a BMW 735i, before getting a Ford Ranger which had 4WD issues, and replacing it with his...


Half-Cocked As Usual

We're back for episode 105! This week we start off talking about the burping properties between Heineken and Great Northern, before sending out condolences to Mr. Ben Sewell who tore his ACL (rip). Then, Mitch breaks into a rant and argument about Matthew's comments from last week's episode about Porsche and turbocharging. Then Mitch goes onto another rant about BMW / Mini, and their false British-ness, then Matt rants about Mini, but about their ridiculous range - when all they need is...


Beyond Kardashian

We're back for episode 104! Mitch is away camping, and Michael Trew is in the hot seat. Matt kicks off this week's episode with a bit of Mk5 Toyota Supra news; with the first 100 Australian allocations presale selling out in 50 minutes. Then the boys wax on about how great V8 Supercar Driver Scott McLaughlin is as a driver, having being the first to ever score a ''Triple Crown' at Darwin. Joseph bring up Porsche announcing 2 new cars, both with naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engines, and...


The Keith Richards of Cars; with Macca Greene from Grip Runner

We're back for episode 103, and this week we have a special guest; Macca Greene from Grip Runner! This week we talk about Macca's extensive car history, flaccid gear shifters, the best driving roads in S.E. Queensland. We then talk about Grip Runner and how it came to be. Grip Runner is an automotive YouTube channel, specialising in automotive culture in Brisbane, as well as an online publication. Matt then cuts in and has a rant about people drifting past his house most Friday nights,...


Speaking of the Germans...

We start off this wee by giving listener Adrian Pierce a shout out, and answer his question about what he should do with his current XH XR6 Falcon Ute; Barra Swap, swap it out for a BF or FG Falcon ute, or go for a mid-2000's Subaru Liberty Wagon 3.0. Joseph then talks about RAM celebrating their 1,500 vehicle sale in Australia, and starting 24-hour production in Australia too, then we talk about utes on the market, and our mate's NP300 Navara having nothing but issues. We then give...


Save Manuel!

We're back for episode 101, with a new intro! This week, we start off by talking about hair cuts and fashion, of all things. Mitch then does a quick review on the Holden Astra VX, before transitioning into talking about Ferrari's new $1M-plus Supercar; the SF90 Stradale with 736Kw from a combination of a turbocharged V8 and 3 electric motors. We then briefly talk about Aston Martin and argue about naturally aspirated Vs. turbocharging. Matt then talks about Australian pricing for the...


Machine Dab - The Drunken 100th Episode Special

We made it. This is Gears and Beers Episode 100! ### Pre-warning, we were anything but sober for this one! You have been warned! ### We start off with a bit of a montage from the last 100 episodes, before we kick off with Episode 100. Firstly, thank you to all of you for putting up with us for the last 100 episodes, we really appreciate it. We attempt to try and cover some actual news, starting off with Joseph talking about Toyota remaking parts for the A70 and A90 Supra, and clumsily...


Back To The Supra

We're nearly at episode 100! But before that, we have episode 99! Mitch is back this week from gallivanting around Broken Hill. We start off by talking about doin' deeds on the company dollar, and general bollocks, before eventually breaking into the news. Mitch kicks off the news with Mazda, and their goal to become a 'luxury' brand with the introduction of an inline 6 and possibly a rear wheel drive sportscar, before we transition into talking about the media embargo lifting on the Mk5...


The Good Ship Tomfoolery

We're back for episode 98! This week, Mitchell is away in Broken Hill for work, however Matt and Joseph have roped in our good mate Alex Fitzpatrick to fill Mitch's shoes this week. Joseph kicks off the news this week, starting with news about the new Mk5 Toyota Supra, specifically the two trim levels available for Australia; base and TRD both offered with the BMW 6 cylinder. There will be no 4-banger variation in Australia. Then, Joseph talks about the new manual-only $605,000 Porsche 911...


The Full John Howard

We're back for episode 97! Getting closer to the big 1-0-0! This week it's just the OG trip again, we start off by talking about what beer we're drinking, and to the surprise of literally nobody, it's Great Northern, and we talk a bit about State Of Origin. Joseph kicks off the news this week with Ford inventing a product that literally nobody asked for, and Kim Jong Un rocking a Mercedes S600 and Mercedes doesn't know how he got it. Matt talks about the camo'd-up new Land Rover Defender,...


There's More Ways To Skin A Cat

This week it's just the original trio, and we kick off the news with Joseph talking about Kia adding a 'Drift Mode' to a special edition North American exclusive All-Wheel-Drive Stinger GT. Then, we talk about V8 SuperCars, specifically the Ford Mustang SuperCar and how it keeps getting nerfed due to it dominating the Holden Commodores and Nissan Altimas, then we transition to talking about Bathurst 6 hour, and modifying Euros. We then talk about Ford and their Barra engine, and how Matt...


Cavill Ave Fat Laps

We're back with episode 95! This week, to mix things up, Joel has emerged from under his rock and has joined us this week. This week, we start off with a usual bit of bollocks before breaking into a bit of news, starting with Nissan celebrating their 50th Anniversary with some vinyl chucked at their GTR and the 12 year-old 370Z. Then we talk about the new Focus RS tuned Ford Mustang from Ford. Mitch then briefly talks about a new luxury 4-door Ute from Great Wall/Haval, before Matt talks...


Reach Out And Reach Around

We're back for episode 94! This week we're joined once again by Ben, and we've had a few bevs before recording this one, so we talk a bit of bollocks before breaking into the news. Joseph brings up a bit of news about our favourite Chinese auto maker, MG, with them expanding in the Australian market with opening up more dealerships and overall strong sales results. We then talk about Toyota Australia deliberately withholding the Mk5 Supra from being able to be pre-ordered in dealerships,...


Now We're Getting Personal

Alright, we're back on-form this week for episode 93! This week we're post all-you-can-eat-meat platter from the Bav, beered-up, and back on-form! This week we're joined once again by Ben of the Pencil's Ballercast, and we talk a bit of shit before breaking into this week's news! Joseph kicks us off with Uber introducing a 7-year age cap on vehicles used to Uber, then Mitch talks about the NRMA wanting the Australian Government to ban the sale of all internal combustion engines by the year...


Just Not Cricket

We're joined once again by Ben from Pencil's Ballercast, and Joel is once again absent (as usual!), and it's a bit of a shorter episode this week 'cause we were all a bit off the rails this week. It'll be getting back to our normal 1 hour of pure bollocks next episode for sure. We then get into a discussion (argument) about Porsche, and whether the 911 is still a 'sports car' or a grand tourer that can play a sports car. Then we have a bit more Porsche news, regarding the new 911-ish...


The Best Shag Of All Time

We're back for episode 91! This week we start off with a bit a throwback to our older episodes, before we break into a bit of news and conversations. We start off with Matt telling us that he's finally sold his Subaru Forester to a dealership that buy people's cars off CarSales. Then Joseph talks to us about how we can get ourselves a free 911 GT2RS.... That has some water damage. Then Joseph shares that Audi engineers are pushing to keep the TT and R8 in production. Then matt asks for a...


Rust Is Lighter Than Carbon Fibre

We start off this week with Matthew and Joseph talking about rum, specifically Bundaberg Rum's Banana and Toffee flavoured rum, and Mitch continues to drink Great Northern. We then start off the news with the new Ferrari F8 Tributo, which Matt doesn't care about, and Mitch and Joseph agree that Ferrari's phoned this one in. Mitch then briefly talks about Subaru's recall on the brake light sensor/port for the WRX, XV, and Forester. Then we talk about pro-drifter Daigo Saito already...


Mexican Hoon Cartel

We are back with episode 89! And this week, if we're honest, is a bit of a clusterfuck of bollocks, but that's okay because we're unashamedly unprofessional! This week, we're joined once again by Benjamin of Pencil's Ballercast, and after a bit of banter and beer talk, we finally start on some news from Geneva. Mitch then starts off the news about Pininfarina's new Battista, a 1,415kw (1,900hp) hypercar, and the 11,000RPM Aston Martin's Valkyrie which causes a panel divide. Then Joseph...


Toyota Twin Fist

We're back with episode 88, and after our useful bollocks, we start off the news from the world of Toyota and their plan to compete against the GTI, RS, and Type R in the Hot Hatch market with a go-fast 1.6L Turbo'd Corolla. Then Joseph brings up more news from the world of Toyota, with them announcing the new HiAce, a vehicle that hasn't had an update since 2004. Matt then brings up some news (for a change), about Volkswagen Australia dropping $3,000 from 2018-plate Golf R's and...