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The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!

The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!
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Brisbane, AU-QLD


The Unashamedly Unprofessional Automotive Podcast Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!








Balls Deep, Getting Hard

We're back for episode 76 of the Gears and Beers Podcast! The first bit of news we talk about this week is the official launch date of Mitch's favorite car, the new Suzuki Jimny. We then talk about Volkswagen only committing to one more generation of cars with Internal Combustion Engines as they're focusing on electric, and we briefly talk about the new LIME scooters taking over Brisbane. Then we talk about Nissan starting to remanufacture a selection of parts for R33 and R34 GTR's, adding...


Distinguished Alpian

We're back with episode 75, and this week we start off with some bollocks and then we rattle off what we're going to talk about this week. Then Matt clarifies his 'No Porsche' rule, before we talk about the new Porsche 911 (992). Then Joseph explains our goal of having a 'Hooptie Fleet'; cars that a sub-$1500 and iconic vehicles for what they are. We then discuss Suzuki Jimny pricing, based on UK pricing, and transition to talking about GM cutting 14,000 employees across the US and Canada....


Take It How You Want

This week we start off with the boys giving Mitch crap about working retail, then Mitch tells his small story about a news company in New Zealand unknowingly using his/our image for the article cover image. Then Joel talks about his recent run of bad luck recently, specifically his receiving a parking ticket and a bad experience at a wrecker. We then talk about Sophia Floersh's crash in a spectacular Formula 3 crash in Macau. Then Joseph asks the panel what the last mod was done to our...


How Is That First Worthy

We're back for episode 73! This week starts off the rails immediately, with our return special guest Ben asking us what our favourite car-themed movies are, which insights some lively discussion about car movies. After 11 minutes, we finally move onto some news. We start off with a bit of news about Volkswagen's passenger vehicles no longer having manuals, including their performance range. We then talk about HSV's second go at the Colorado; the HSV Sportscat R. The Sportscat R features...


A little bit 'oh my car's not starting any more'

We are back for episode 72, and we kick off living up to our 'Unashamedly Unprofessional' motto before actually talking about anything worthwhile. This week we talk about carbon fibre conrods unveiled at SEMA 2018, then we talk a bit about SEMA in general and some of our favourite builds from the show. We then talk about class restrictions for some local racing series that Joseph competes in, we then talk a bit more about Joseph's racing. Then Mitch triggers Matt with a bit of a hot take...


The White Xzibit From Australia

This week, we start off by talking about ourselves. Then we outline what we plan to talk about this week, and our Rent-A-Crowd Joel talks about his new car... A Nissan Z32. We then argue, again, over what's better; Mk4 Supra or a Soarer, which then gets us talking about popular automotive YouTubers. We then discuss a topic raised by one of our listeners Seth, asking us what our thoughts are on the 400Z concept. We then continue to Nissan discussion by talking about Nissan's Clubsport 23...


Eighth Wanda Of The World

First off this week, we give a few shout-outs to a couple people. Emerson of Pakin Imagery, and Seth who recommended us on Facebook. Cheers lads! Then we answer a question, that contains 4 sub-questions. 1) Best 4 cylinder track car? 2) Best 4 cylinder drag car? 3) Best 4 cylinder for value for money 4) If you had all the money in the world, what 4 cylinder car would you buy? We then gracefully transition on to the News, and this week Joseph kicks off the news with Holden halting...


Sped Through The Meat - The World Time Attack Challenge 2018 Special

We're back from World Time Attack Challenge 2018! We start off this week with the usual rubbish, then we get into talking about our WTAC weekend. We talk about our arduous journey to the track, fighting our way through the marsh flies, our disinterest in the Show N Shine, and our love of the drift car garages. We then go on to talk more about the actual time attack cars, and the evening drifts. We cannot wait for WTAC 2019! Then Joseph talks about the extra-wet track day that he went to...


Pub (Lunch) With No Beer

Part two of our pre-WTAC recording session. When you're listening to this, we'll be somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane heading back from World Time Attack Challenge. We kick off this episode by talking, again, about the Cartastrophy365 podcast shoutout, then tangent onto talking about British television shows. Then, to mix things up, we actually talk about beer, albeit briefly. We then talk about why Ben joined us this week, and argue about soft-roaders. This one story took most of the...


The Pope Sailed on the Porsche Boat

We're back for episode 67! This week we're joined once again by Ben, and Rent-A-Crowd is back to his off-mic position. We start off with Chrysler being killed off in New Zealand, and their complete lack of 'damns' to give on their website and spell-check. Then we talk about Mazda confirming the return of the rotary, but not how we would have hoped. Porsche announces the 935, a retro-inspired track-only version of the GT2 RS; with custom bodywork and livery. The 935 splits the panel....


Full Stancenation

We start off our car podcast with a brief discussion about Bingo numbers and accents in movies. While Hairgel goes to fetch this week's beer, Mitch and Matt talk about the new Audi RS5 Sportsback due out in February 2019. The beer Joseph supplied us this week is Toohey's Old, and it is absolutely awful. We then talk about the crash rating for the new Suzuki Jimny. Joseph then brings up the now Officially Official (again) Toyota Supra, and Mitch talks about Porsche officially killing off...


I'm Surprised You Still Have A Face

We're back for episode 65! The first bit of news this week is Jesse's VW Jetta from 'The Fast And The Furious' has come up for sale for $99k. Then Joseph brings up Ferrari's new Monza SP1 and SP2's, based on the 812 Superfast. We then talk about the new BMW Z4's range being officially announced, then Matt confesses that he likes the Fiat 124 Abarth more than the ND Mazda MX5. Mitch then brings up news about the new Gazoo Racing Toyota Supra variant being confirmed for Australia, then Mitch...


Pancake And Flattened

It's a slow news week this week, but we still find a bit of stuff to talk about. This week we start off with some absolute bollocks before kicking off officially. Joseph kicks off the news this week with pricing for the HSV Camaro that has just been released and continues on to talk about Queensland Police cracking down on modified 4x4's, and Matt talks about what the current standards are for lifting a 4x4 in Qld. Mitch then talks about Lexus being the first to market with a camera side...


We're Not Opinionated

It's the original trio this week for episode 63. First this week, we talk about Ford and the 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500 dropping the manual from the options list. However, what really grind's Mitch's gears is the sloppy journalism from a particular online outlet. Mitch continues the bad news this week with the next Porsche allegedly putting a turbo on the next 911 GT3 (992)... Which turns into an argument. We then briefly answer a question from a listener as to what 'O/D Off' means. Joseph...


More Than You Can Afford, Pal

We kick off this week talking about Holden, and Holden's ridiculous number of SUV's being increased by yet another called the Acadia. We then talk about the size of new cars today, and that they're only getting bigger. We then talk about 'The Grand Tour' coming out with a video game, that preliminary reviews are saying is rubbish, much like DriveTribe. A Ferrari 250 GTO broke auction records at Pebble Beach for selling for $48million. This then transitions into a discussion about...


We're Sorry

We're back for episode 61, and we have a full house as this week we're joined by Rent-A-Crowd and Mr. Trewsy. It's a slow news week, but we start off with GM using Holden to focus on new automotive technologies (presumably to be used in other brand's cars). We talk about a beer supplied by Rent-A-Crowd, a beer called 'Blue Moon', and we agree that it is indeed terrible... But Mitch drinks them anyway. We then have an argument about the AMG GT and the Aston Marton DB11. Matt starts a topic...


Celine Dion - The One From Titanic

In spite of technical difficulties, we've powered through and we're back with episode 60. First up, we talk about the Camaro arriving in dealerships within a few weeks. Then we talk about an Aussie icon, the Ford Territory, making a return but not where you might expect it. Mitch then proves he is utterly incapable of doing accents. Joseph then talks about the highest sold vehicles for 2018, Ford's F-Truck being Number 1. We then talk about the youthification of Mercedes, specifically the...


General Hoonery

We're back for episode 59 this week, and our first topic this week is talking about Holden's worst sales month since 1948. We then talk about Hairgel's hair for some reason. Our next topic is about a British tourist racking up $47,000 worth of speeding fines in Dubai, which turns into a general discussion of fines and tickets. Then we talk about Seat wanting to compete with Alfa-Romeo and be known as the sportscar company of Volkswagen Automotive Group. We then have an argument about driving...


The Original OG Trio

It's just the original trio this week, which was a nice change of pace. We start off, after giving Hairgel some shade, with some conversation from Mitch, asking what's the point of non-RS and S Audi's. Joseph then talks about the X-Class Diesel pricing and specs being confirmed. We then play Matt's new game, 'Show Me What You Got', during which Matt talks about his Forester's bash-plate saving his bacon over the weekend. Then we briefly talk about our WTAC trip this year, before ending with...



This week, we're joined by the now regular guest Michael Trew, as well as Ben Sewell of the 'Pencil's Ballercast' podcast. This week we talk about the i30N Fastback Sedan, Lamborghini breaking Porsche's Nurburgring record by more than 2 seconds, the Ranger Raptor's anaemic engine, and comfortable daily hatchbacks, among our trademark banter and bollocks.