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An off the cuff & laid back conversational take of IMCA Racing & motorsports related topics.


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An off the cuff & laid back conversational take of IMCA Racing & motorsports related topics.



Episodes DirtCast | S2 E 7

Central California Clash with Doug Lockwood, drivers relocating to race more, stock car springs, hobby stock tires, season continue to slowly open in the Midwest.

Duration:01:17:51 DirtCast | S2 E6

Frozen peas, IMCA Frost Busters, Special guest Tim Ward, & JVan from Marshalltown.

Duration:01:20:58 DirtCast | S2 Ep5

New rules for the MLB, should racing incorporate something similar with time limits? Guest: Chris Morris. New sponsor for the Modified Race of Champions at Super Nationals. Early racing in the Midwest.

Duration:01:31:10 DirtCast | Breakout Episode 1

Introducing our "Breakout" shows. The Breakout Series will be special shows here and there that will have discussions & content that's not normally included in our regular DirtCast shows. All about streaming! Brett sits down with Chris Graner, co-founder of the Riivet streaming platform and the Executive Director of, to discuss and answer frequently asked questions regarding streaming and how chooses to operate, along with some side conversations about digital media, video & marketing.

Duration:01:10:29 DirtCast | S2 Ep4

St Patrick's Day special! Guests Chris Graner with & Austen Becerra.

Duration:01:28:33 DirtCast | S2 Ep3

Clash on the Coast recap, Track Sizes, Hub/Spacer/Spindle assembly, & Doppelgangers.

Duration:01:13:37 DirtCast | S2 Ep2

"The TikTok'er," Valentines Day, The Super Bowl, and guests; Rob & Libby Poor from Abilene Speedway.

Duration:01:12:01 DirtCast | S2E1

We're back with Season 2 of the DirtCast! Holiday recap, Winter Nationals, CLASH on the COAST with Peyton Taylor, looking ahead at 2023.

Duration:01:25:30 DirtCast | Ep 27

Season 1 Finale! We wrap up the 2022 racing season with this season finale DirtCast and set the stage for 2023. Christmas/Holiday season, brief banquet & PRI recap, & 2022 "favorites."

Duration:01:22:29 DirtCast | Ep 26

"LIVE" from the IMCA National Banquet reception at the Speedway Motors American Museum of Speed in Lincoln, NE. We chat with a number of guests as the reception took place the evening before the 2022 IMCA National Banquet.

Duration:01:39:48 DirtCast | Ep 25

National Banquet, Sound Effects, Points Funds, Replay Driver Bonuses, & Pre-Entries for the Winter Nationals.

Duration:01:14:52 DirtCast | Ep 24

Ep 24 & Jerry's back for more! The IMCA National Banquet, Closing out 2022, Rules for 2023, Central Arizona Re-Opening & Winter Nationals at Cocopah.

Duration:01:07:23 DirtCast | Ep 23

#23 and Jerry Free! Brett's Triathlon, 2022 Points, National Banquet, Remaining events in 2022, Rules for 2023.

Duration:00:58:18 DirtCast | Ep 22

Unclaimed Super Nationals purse money, Brett's triathlon, IMCA National points wrapped up.

Duration:01:16:59 DirtCast | Ep 21

First ever LIVE show. Q&A with Facebook viewers.

Duration:01:21:08 DirtCast | Ep 20

Super Nationals Recap.

Duration:01:18:39 DirtCast | Ep 19

Participation stickers, in the Wal-Mart, Tami Stark, & words we can't say on the show.

Duration:01:15:31 DirtCast | Ep 18

Roger Hadan, Fire Hose Rodeo, Eagle Raceway & the RaceSaver Nationals, Whack-a-mole, & Pill Draws.

Duration:01:18:48 DirtCast | Ep 17

Brett's a grandpa, Carburetor's, IMCA Class/Racing Licenses, Super Nationals Top 10 lists.

Duration:01:17:16 DirtCast | Ep 16

Sweet 16! Super Dave, "playing the game," & tech talk.