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The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. The Jeep Talk Show team entertain and inform you about Jeeps! We love going off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. Four episodes a week! Podcasting since 2010! Visit our site at


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The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. The Jeep Talk Show team entertain and inform you about Jeeps! We love going off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. Four episodes a week! Podcasting since 2010! Visit our site at






Episode 936 - Is Chuck Back?

News story(s) Jeep History! Gladiator Update; Motobilt Skid System featuring Bender! Must have for your jeep; Jeep Sport All-Terrain!


Episode 935 - Jeep Trend Concerns?

On tonight’s episode we’ll be asking you… Is there a trend in modern jeep vehicles that most concerns you? How do you prepare for winter or cold weather wheeling?


Episode 934 - Is Josh Back?

News story(s) Jeep Hybrid 32k recall. Newbie Nuggets; Moonless Run! Fabrication Frenzy; If i gave you $1000 what would you buy for your Jeep? And Our must have STUFF for your Jeep! ½” 29mm to 38mm socket set!


Episode 924 - CC - Natalie Schiavone

Natalie has been a Jeep lady since her 16th birthday when she got her first wrangler, a canary yellow TJ. She works with HighLift OffRoad in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is part of the HighLift Expeditions Team and Social Media.


Episode 932 - Greg Underground Graphics

Since our last conversation with Greg, we met him in Moab, his Gladiator has undergone a full recontruction, and his business (Underground Graphics) is driving a new Trail Guard product! And, Greg just finished his first Jeep Jamboree.


Episode 931 - Top 10 Mods!

On tonight’s episode… News story(s) 4xe Adventure Vehicle of the Year, Top 10 Wrangler Mods! Gladiator update; UConnect update and Morning Thunder! Must have for your jeep; Jeep Gladiator JT Front Camera!


Episode 930 - Small Rig Build?

If you've made something for your jeep, what is it? What’s your worst stuck or break off road solo, and how did you get back to civilization? Would you build a small rig for offroading? ie tj, cj, cj2a?


Episode 929 - Gladiator Production Halted!

News story(s) Gladiator Production Halted! Fabrication Frenzy {how does your rod identify?} And Our must have STUFF for your Jeep! Silicone Tape! Yes, it is available in RED!


Episode 928 - Don

Don has been in the automotive service industry for almost 25 years. For the last 10 years in the off-road industry as a builder and manufacturer. Don thrives on helping the off-road community, regardless of whether you buy parts from him or not. He simply wants the off-road community to experience the best ride capability that can be had based on their vehicle's build level.


Episode 927 - 4xe in California?

News story(s) 4xe in California? Is there another UAW Strike coming to Jeep? Guest host Chip; Jeep Addiction Progress! Must have for your jeep; Roll Bar Sunglasses Holder Storage Bag!


Episode 926 - Do You Smoke After Sex?

On tonight’s episode we’ll be asking you… First day you take doors and top off, what song do you play? Have you played a joke on another Jeeper? Who introduced you to jeeps? What is your favorite TV show Jeep?


Episode 925 - Top 10 Jeeps!

News story(s) Top 10 Jeeps of ALL Time! Newbie Nuggets; Bill Update! Fabricating Frenzy!; does your axle float? And Our must have STUFF for your Jeep! OEM PLUS! JL/JLU JT door pockets.


Episode 915 - SEMA Chic Chat!

Is SEMA a good place for women? Riley and Melissa (Oracle Lights received awards) Unofficial Use Only had aftermarket door pockets to replace the saggy nets on your JL/JT Pre-sale now!


Episode 923 - Mark "Zabo" Interview

Life long off-roader and explorer (40 years), trucks , mountain bikes, motorcycles, and of course Jeeps. Bought my first wrangler in 37 years in 2019. Got the rock crawling bug and been building it up since. I’ve been flying longer than driving , received my naval aviation “Wings of Gold” in 1991, flew the A-6 and F/A-18 off aircraft carriers, retired in 2009 (reserves). Been flying for a major airline for 24 years , Captain A-320. Interesting fact 3 time full ironman and 20 time 1/2 finisher and Bagpipe player. Moab is my favorite place in the world.


Episode 922 - Aluminum Windshield!

News story(s) Is this the end of the Jeep Wrangler? Have you heard about; Jeep Talk Show Morning Thunder! Gladiator Update; I want more stuff! Must have for your jeep; Transparent Aluminum windshield for your Jeep, Gorilla Glass can bite me!


Episode 921 - Interesting Product from SEMA?

On tonight’s episode we’ll be asking you… Do you have any Jeep related Thanksgiving traditions? Did you see any new product from SEMA coverage that you might want to pick up? What aftermarket part(s) have you broken or replaced with another upgrade?


Episode 920 - Back from SEMA!

News story(s) JTS Team SEMA update and the all electric Wrangler! Discussion; Headrest Safe, HotHead Headliners and more! And in our “Must have STUFF for your Jeep!” Go Rhino High Lift Hydraulic Jack


Episode 919 - Tony Pellegrino Genright

Tony is the Founder and President of GenRight Off Road which is an American Made aftermarket Jeep parts company. Born and raised in California, he has raced dirt bikes from age 5. Background in machining and manufacturing. Started GenRight Off Road in 2006 and is responsible for new product development. He has also driven in the Ultimate Adventure and podium'd multiple times at King of the Hammers. He is the only person from the off-road industry to be invited to Jeep's private "proving grounds" in Michigan. Can be seen in person all over the country wheeling or at Jeep events.


Episode 918 - Fat vs. Skinny

News story(s) 317 miles of trails closed. Gladiator Update; Fat vs Skinny tires. Radio Tech; Off-road communications! Must have for your jeep; Door sill protection!


Episode 917 - Facebook Groups

What is the one option or upgrade you said no to when buying your Jeep that you now regret not getting? How many Jeep related Facebook Groups are you following? That first day you take the doors and top off for the season, what is the first song you blast from the radio?