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K&N Racing & Automotive, Motorcycle, and ATV Performance Air Filter Product Videos. Videos include K&N sponsored drifting, NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, rock climbing, X-Games rally car racing, motocross and monster truck action.

K&N Racing & Automotive, Motorcycle, and ATV Performance Air Filter Product Videos. Videos include K&N sponsored drifting, NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, rock climbing, X-Games rally car racing, motocross and monster truck action.


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K&N Racing & Automotive, Motorcycle, and ATV Performance Air Filter Product Videos. Videos include K&N sponsored drifting, NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, rock climbing, X-Games rally car racing, motocross and monster truck action.




2015-2018 Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima 2.4L Air Intake Installation - #69-5321TS

Watch how quick and easy it is to install the K&N 69-5321TS air intake system for the 2015-2018 Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima with the 2.4 liter engine. This intake system includes an aerodynamic mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube, oversized washable cotton High-Flow Air Filter™, and a custom heat shield to help isolate the intake air from engine heat. Increasing airflow will help improve acceleration, horsepower, and engine sound. Add an estimated 5.8 hp at 5,998 RPM and 8.4 lb-ft of...


ECI - Electronic Carburetor Injection by K&N

The K&N Electronic Carburetor Injection, or ECI, is a system that adds a supplemental fuel source to your engine. The system consists of a carb spacer plate with a fuel block and injector, ECU, and wide band O2 sensor. It works like an EFI system that reads the air/fuel ratio in your exhaust and feeds that to an ECU. Where this differs from EFI, is it is used in conjunction with the carburetor. Any time the system detects a lean condition, the injector will kick on to bring the AFR back to...


How to Find the Right K&N Part for Your Vehicle

Can’t find your vehicle’s make, model, or engine size? This video is full of useful tips to help you find the information you need to buy the right air filter. Still can’t find it? No problem! We’ll tell you how to find your VIN and use it to search for parts.


K&N Makes Filters Tough Enough for Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

The genesis of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational happened when Cam Douglas decided to challenge SEMA car builders to actually drive their cars on the street and on the track. 10 years later, Optima is still challening builders to prove that their cars are beautiful and functioinal. Many competitors run K&N filters because of the proven reliability that the products provide.


How to Make a Square Body Ford Pickup Cool - 2017 SEMA Unveil

When you're at SEMA, it's easy to get lost in a sea of Ford Raptors and Ram Powerwagons. Less common are "square body" Ford trucks, but Jason Tidiken set out to prove that this generation of trucks still has a place at the event.


Roadster Shop 1970 Camaro, Dubbed Split Second, Debuts at SEMA 2017

The world-renowned Roadster Shop debuts its latest creation at the K&N Booth 22755 this week during the 2017 SEMA Show. The 1970 Camaro named Split Second was constructed to the usual high Roadster Shop standards of ingenuity and quality. Featuring a Nelson Racing twin-turbo 427 small block making almost 1600 horsepower, this Camaro is a beauty and a beast!


Custom 2017 Ford Super Duty on Airbags Stuns at SEMA 2017

When a customer approached Jake McKiddie, of Phat Phabz, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to build a truck to haul his 1959 Cadillac from show to show, Jake started by cutting up a brand new $75,000 Ford F350 with a 6.7 L Power Stroke Diesel. First, Jake discarded the frame and built a new chassis from scratch to accommodate four 3800 lb. bags controlled by a Endo-VT tank with E-level. Jake says he’s been loyal to K&N from when he began building trucks and this platinum white beast has two of...

Jesse James' 1964 Dodge Polara by Roadster Shop Unveiled at SEMA 2017

Upon first viewing Jesse James’ 1964 Dodge Polara the exterior patina make the car looks more like the starting point for a restoration project, not the completion. But that’s all part of the design. The world-renowned Roadster Shop of Mundelin, IL cut the Mopar unibody apart and built an entirely new car underneath. The famous Jesse James collected parts for his build for 15 years until he was able to bring this dream project to life.


Sadistic Iron Werks Bags an Audi R8 and Drops it to the Deck at SEMA 2017

Bobby Martins from Sadistic Iron Werks explains what went into creating a fully dropped 2017 Audi R8. His beautiful creation was on display at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Even among the hundreds of amazing builds at the show, it still managed to stand out among the rest!


K&N Cabin Air Filters - "Vaughn Gittin Drift"

K&N Washable Cabin Air Filters are build to help keep dirt, dust, debris, and even tire smoke from entering the cabin of your car or truck. If they can keep this inside of this car clean, you can breathe easy knowing yours will be too! Even better, K&N cabin air filters are washable and easy to clean using the K&N Refresher cabin air filter cleaning kit. Get yours today and keep the tire smoke from your burnouts outside where it belongs!


What is a cold air intake system and how does it work?

K&N Air Intake Systems are guaranteed to add horsepower to your car or truck by completely replacing the stock intake track in your vehicle. They are easy to install using basic hand tools, usually in about 90 minutes. They come complete with a custom intake tube and washable K&N cotton air filter. They are even backed by the famous K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty!


K&N Cabin Air Filters for Cleaner Smelling Air and Increased Air Flow

Replace the dirty cabin air filter in your car or truck and enjoy the benefits of cleaner air and increased air flow through your HVAC system. K&N cabin air filters are washable and come with a 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty! They are even electrostatically charged to help stop dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, spores and other germs from entering your car's interior. Get one today!


K&N Cabin Air Filters Help Make Your Drive More Enjoyable

Replacing your dirty cabin air filter can improve the air quality and air flow in your car. K&N cabin air filters traps dust, pollen, and other foreign particles to keep them from entering your vehicle a/c system. Even better, they are washable, reusable and come with a 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty! Get yours today!


Powersports Oil Filters Product Overview

Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Watercraft have different requirements than your pickup or family sedan. K&N manufactures our powersports oil filters to meet these unique demands and enhance the performance of your bike's engine. Take a look inside these performance filters and learn what makes them different from the inside out!


Cabin Air Filters "Dairy Farm"

Trucks are essential tools for millions of working Americans. They get us through some of the dirtiest environments around and need to be taken care of in order to keep doing their dirty jobs. Keeping a clean cabin air filter in your truck is a great way to ensure your truck stays clean inside, even if the outside is covered in mud. Get a washable K&N cabin air filter and keep the dirty smells outside your truck where they belong!


K&N Cabin Air Filters "Sand Storm"

Dust and sand can create a pretty messy situation, particularly if you are trying to breathe through it all. Thankfully, K&N Washable Cabin Air Filters help clean that dust, sand, debris, and dirt before it gets into your car. Keep the inside of your car fresh and clean and get a K&N cabin air filter today!


Cabin Air Filters "Stinky Gym"

K&N Washable Cabin Air Filters are designed to help keep those unwanted smells out of your car where they belong. They help remove germs, dust, pollen, allergens, and other odor-causing particles from the air entering your car to keep your family safe, and your car smelling fresh. Keeping the sweaty people out of your car is up to you! Get a K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter today!


Cabin Air Filter Installation on a 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro - Part #VF3017

Muscle cars aren't just about power. They're also about driving enjoyment and part of that enjoyment is having fresh, clean air inside the cabin. A K&N Washable cabin air filter helps clean and freshen the air coming into your car's cabin. Keep the germs, allergens, dirt, dust, and likely some tire smoke from all those muscle car burnouts where it belongs...outside your car! VF3017


K&N Cabin Air Filters "Off-Road Race Truck"

Our trucks take a beating from time to time. Sometimes they are the only thing standing between us and a pretty messy situation. With a K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter, you can stay safe and avoid breathing that dirty air that is covering your truck. They are designed to help stop dirt, dust, debris, and other particles in the air from getting into your truck, and your lungs. Get yous today!


K&N Performance Oil Filter Product Overview

K&N performance oil filters are made for virtually every vehicle on the road. From mopeds to semi trucks, K&N oil filters will help keep your engine running clean. The complete line includes Wrench-Off performance gold oil filters, performance silver oil filters, motorcycle and ATV performance canister and cartridge style oil filters, Heavy-duty wrench off oil filters, and washable lifetime oil filters. They are trusted in virtually every form of motorsports around the world and the same...