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Happy Anniversary Live and Let Diecast!!

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan are joined by Scott Nadeau, Jeff Simmons, and Philip VanDenHout. The topic of the podcast is celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Live and Let Diecast. We also discuss DNA Collectibles, and Disney Cars Movie Chase Cars. Our latest purchases or featured models: Jeff Simmons: Hot Wheels Batman Animated Series Batmobile Scott Nadeau: Universal Hobbies Eagle's Race Brand Porshce 917 LeMans Winner Philip VandenHout: 1971 911 Hot Wheels model - light gray Ryan: Spark Ligier...


A Special Interlude: ///M Cars, LeMans and Radwood

This is a shorter episode featuring Scott Nadeau, Lloyd and me. We discuss the results of ///M Week on Live and Let Diecast, LeMans, and Radwood NorCal. It's a fun episode and I think you'll really enjoy it! We discuss the LALD Post for the winners of ///M week click here to follow along!


The Italian Diecast Renaissance

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan are joined by Giovanni Dionori, aka TriDent_Special on Instagram and RunnerSp on LALD. Giovanni is an Italian collector from Florence, Italy. We had a great discussion of his collection, his cars, his Dad’s cars including a Ferrari 550 Maranello and Porsche 911, and the collecting scene in both Italy and London (where he went to university). Our latest purchases: Ryan: Tomica Limited Vintage Lancia Delta Integrale; GLM 1:43 Lincoln Town Car Hearse #54 out of 199;...


The Founder

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan are joined by The Founder of Live and Let Diecast, Jeff Simmons. We discuss the site’s beginnings and its future. We also talk about Ryan’s new Golf Sportwagen, scalping, and Chasing Diecast Cars. Our latest purchases: Ryan: 1:43 Autoart Mk V Golf Sportwagen; 1:43 Spark Mk VII Sportwagen; 2017 Mk VII Golf Sportwagen Lloyd: 1:18 2012 McLaren MP4-12C by Minichamps Dan: 1:43 -- 1920 Blitzen Benz by Brumm; 1937 Maserati 8CTF “Boyle Special Maserati,”; Ferrari 375...


The Model Car Hall of Fame

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan mostly go it alone on this episode, with an interview of the Model Car Hall of Fame’s John O’Neil included. We have a lively discussion on Hot Wheels vs Majorette. Does a collector need to have the best version of a model? When do you sell your models and what’s the best way to go about it, and we talk about Paul’s Hoarder House in New Jersey. We also discuss iScale. eBay vs HobbyDB Marketplace? Model Hall...


JDM with JediMario

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan welcome Rob S, known as JediMario on Live and Let Diecast. Rob just returned from a great trip to Japan where he immersed himself in Japanese car culture. The conversation is really fascinating. He brought home 41 diecast cars with him. We hear about getting an International Driver’s License, Japanese diecast shops, Kyosho Blindboxes, and the incredible Yodobashi Camera Department Store. Rob is ep3_lol on Instagram Be sure and join us...


Xin's Singapore

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan welcome Xin Choo, known as TE71 Xin on Live and Let Diecast. Xin, prounounced "Sin", is an artist, writer, and avid photographer who happens to be incredibly well educated. We hear all about Singapore and the Southeast Asian car and diecast scene. We learn about the incredible expense and difficulty in owning a car in Singapore. We also followup on the Prototype VW Hot Wheels Rockster. We also answer the most questions ever!! Our latest purchases: Ryan: Best of Show...


And Tubbed - Radwood Style

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan welcome special guest Brad Brownell. Brad is the other half of Hooniverse’s Cammed and Tubbed Podcast. Brad is a co-founder of Radwood, which has experienced explosive growth this year. Our diecast discussion centered on Radwood era cars. Dan was humiliated for not having a clue about Initial D. Brad is most definitely a huge diecast collector, even though at first, he didn’t really admit to it. Our latest purchases: Ryan: Autoart Corolla AE86 from Initial...



Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan welcome special guest Cameron Vanderhorst. Cam is one half of Hooniverse’s Cammed and Tubbed Podcast. Cam was a ton of fun to have on the show. There was a lot of JDM talk, Porsche talk, and he filled us in on his writing career. You can find him monthly on and he’s a drummer for the Lowsiders at The Lowsiders are a Psychedelic Garage Rock band. Cam’s Instagram: camvanderhorst Our latest purchases: Ryan: 1:64 Scale Tomica Mazda...


A Model Citizen

Ryan, Lloyd, and Dan welcome special guest Patrick Strong, the founder of Model Citizen. We had a great discussion on the state of diecast shopping in the US. Some great talk about Radwood. We looked at Autocult, a small but important German model maker, and really enjoyed learning about the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California. Partick told all about his real-life 1989 Toyota Panel Van (it’s a great story!). Our latest purchases: Ryan: Greenlight’s recast 1966 Cadillac...


Live and Let Diecast Inaugural Episode

Dan, Ryan and Lloyd discuss the models they recently purchased, different types of diecast models people collect, and why they collect. Ryan tells us about his Mazda Cosmo Police Car, Lloyd discusses his Lexus LC 500, and Dan talks about his Tootsietoys Porsche 959 and Carrera RSR. You can check out Lloyd and Ryan's writing, along with others at Ryan is on Instagram at Ricer_Cube Lloyd is on Instagram at Pillarless_coupe Dan is on Instagram at dan.mosqueda,...